Game Information
Developer Tectonic Studios
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms Windows
Release Date TBA
Genre Online / Real Time Strategy / First Person Shooter
Lead Designer Matt Chapman


Barrage is a combination of several different genres, from real time strategy to first person shooter and artillery games. You take on the role of your planet's leaders - economic, scientific and military - deciding what to build, research and when and what to shoot. Your goal? Kill everyone in a race for survival.


The game is focused around multiplayer deathmatch (or team deathmatch.) There are 3 main things to do. Firstly, you need to research new technologies, opening up new and exciting ways to kill people. Secondly, you must manage your economy, balancing between building turrets and restocking the old ones with research and expansion. Lastly, you need to shoot people out of the sky. This is done in a first-person perspective, where you fire, in real time, everything from missiles and lasers to moons, black holes and even solar flares at your enemy around your star's gravity well. Will you be able to land that perfect shot? Or will your missiles swing around the star and hit you in the back?


Menu Screen
Missile Launch
Missile in Flight
Black Hole Launcher

Update Information

2014/05/20: The game is approaching an alpha state. We're expecting a release before the end of the year.