Game Information

8-lines Studio

Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms Windows (other platforms TBD)
Release Date TBA
Genre Puzzle / Discovery / Language
Lead Designer David Henry


David Somerset, a family friend, has now been missing long enough to be declared dead and his lawyer has just notified you that you have inherited his estate in France. David, former co-founder of Beyond Sight, was an engineer that pioneered InfinityWear. InfinityWear is a technology that can fully scan and capture an environment that can then be fully experienced by using reality augmenting glasses. Though you two were close when you were a child, it has been over 20 years since you've seen him. Not wanting to move and needing the money, arrangements are made with a realtor to sell the place. But this process is interrupted when the house security system locks down the entire estate. You have to make a trip to the estate in order to disable the system. With a working prototype of InfinityWear, you unlock the house piece by piece and discover David's past while discovering the man he really was, the life he lived, and even insight into what happened to him.


Closer is a 1st person puzzle and discovery game based on Unreal Engine 4


Gameplay takes place through the lenses of the InfinityWear reality augmenting glasses. These glasses, whose most impressive feature is the Snapshot augmentation technology, was initially built to augment context based text to help language development. Snapshots are based on augmented reality software on the game’s set of wearable technology glasses. The idea is that an environment can be recorded, then later augmented into a special set of glasses to relive that environment at a later time.

Video Example:


An added challenge to the game is that most notes and context to the game is not in English. Use the translation engine along side the snapshots for game progress

Video Example

Update Information

9/10/14: A game demo is in the process of being made that will include two separate puzzles and a demonstration of key features and mechanics of the game.