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This tutorial is about how to set up the crash reporter to send the reports to your own server.

The explained method is based on this post on answerhub


You must download the UE4 repository as is explained in the readme. And remember to run Setup.bat each time you checkout to another branch in git.


Getting Started

Creating The Page

The first step is to create the page for your new tutorial. The easiest way to do that is to first come up with a name for your page and convert it to a URL friendly format. The name of this tutorial is "Wiki Tutorial Template". To convert it to a URL friendly name, simply replace all spaces with underscores. An underscore is this character here: _

If you accidentally used a bad URL, go ahead and create the page anyway. Once the page is created, view the source and at the top right of the page you will be given the option to Move it to a better fitting URL which will give it a new name.

Using This Template

To get the layout of your new tutorial done quickly, simply Edit this page and copy all of this page's content to your new page.


Embedding Images In Your Tutorial

Images are a great way to simplify tutorials. Sometimes a simple screen capture of a dialog box or blueprint graph can be invaluable. To embed an image, simply create a link to a file of a name of your choosing and save your page. View the source for the above paragraph as an example on how to create this link. Once your page is saved, your link will appear as blue clickable text.

  1. Clicking this link will prompt you to upload your file.
  2. Choose your image to upload
  3. Click Upload Image at the bottom!
    ImageEmbedExample Upload.png


Create More Sections As Needed

You might not need many sections to convey your tutorial. 'Big Steps' such as 'Getting Started' should begin with a level 2 heading, or a 'double equal sign'. 'Small Steps' should begin with a level 3 heading, or a 'triple equal sign'. If you need a large amount of 'Big Steps', it may be worth creating a series of smaller tutorials instead. Please use Camel Case (Capitalize every word) for these headings. Never create a level 1 heading, or a 'single equal sign', as this conflicts with the page title.

As you can see at the top of this post, using proper headings will result in a nicely generated Table of Contents.


After the above steps, you should now have a beautifully created Wiki Tutorial for the Unreal Engine 4 Wiki! Make sure you proofread it a few times. is a great free way to have a machine do so, but the best proofreading of a new tutorial is done by yourself. Be sure to check out more information on how to Get Involved!

CRR port permission

Is quite probably you'll need to run the following command in PowerShell (as admin) in order to allow the port 57005 to be used by .Net applications.

netsh http add urlacl url=http://*:57005/CrashReporter/ user=Everyone

Start the CRR and CRP at boot

In order to start the CRR and CRP processes automatically and in background without having to login, you need to create a windows service with:

sc.exe create <new_service_name> binPath= "<path_to_the_service_executable>"