Sky Scraper

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Game Information
DOGEcrash August 6 2014 gameplay.png
Developer Game Builder Club and Building 3d Game Birds Gameapp Maker Co.
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Release Date idk lol
Genre FPS / Platformer / Procedural Death Labyrinth
Only person working on the game SF


You are a nameless cyberthief staging a cyberheist in the cyberheart of the cybercity. A mysterious benefactor has sent you on a mission to steal 51% of the cryptocurrency of the future, DOGEcoin. Your reward is retirement to a life of opulence on the moon. Will you scrape the skyscrapers of their scratch, or will they be scratching you off the skyscrapers with a scraper? (Todo: write less awful summary)


Sky[]Scraper is equal parts action platformer and procedural art generator. The player uses a rocket launcher for movement rather than combat, blasting themselves through a surreal forest of randomly generated buildings, stealing cryptocurrency while avoiding hostile quadrotor drones. The player is killed instantly if they are knocked into the thick layer of pollution and high-speed traffic beneath the rooftops.


DOGEcrash August 6 2014 gameplay 2.png
DOGEcrash August 6 2014 gameplay 3.png
DOGEcrash August 3 2014 playable area.png
DOGEcrash August 5 2014 gameplay.png
DOGEcrash August 2 2014 gameplay.png
DOGEcrash July 27 2014 player death.png

Update Information

This game is not yet complete, so please check out the Work In Progress thread on the Unreal Forums for updates and details! A public beta will be made available prior to release with no strings attached.


As of the time of this writing, we plan to release Sky[]Scraper for free as a promotional tool for future Game Builder Club and Building 3d Game Birds Gameapp Maker Co. games. Future content updates will add the likes of additional environments, movement options, and game modes, and bump the cost by a dollar or two probably.

All of Sky[]Scraper's source material will be made available for fans to experiment with, learn from, and modify.


  • Sky[]Scraper was originally conceived on the Unity engine for the Cyberpunk Jam. Submitting it from the distant future is part of the artistic statement.
  • Sky[]Scraper was originally named Doge Runner and then DOGEcrash. The name was changed because it was awful.
  • Sky[]Scraper is pronounced "Sky Scraper" and the thing in the middle is two square brackets. This is a metaphor for real skyscrapers, which are traditionally square shaped.
  • Sky[]Scraper is created and maintained by a single person. Everything in the game is either an original asset, a modified Unreal Engine 4 example asset, or an openly licensed asset found online.

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