Daybreak: Ashes of the Insane (Demo)

                                                                                 Daybreak: Ashes of the Insane

*QUICK NOTE* Daybreak: Ashes of the Insane will be first be released as a 1 hour long demo letting the player play through the very first mission and then if we get good feedback, then we will continue development and will make Daybreak: Ashes of the Insane a Full-Game. After we release the demo we will also be starting up a Kickstarter to see if we can get some funding to help us develop the Full-Game of Daybreak: Ashes of the Insane. (The demo will give people an hour long experience so they can see what The BES Team is capable of and we hope to bring you guys the best horror experience we can!)


You play as a seventeen year old boy named Aiden McCelland, who is attempting to rekindle his relationship with his father after the tragic divorce of his parents nine years ago. So, he decides to go on an investigation with his father to Bronze Hill Asylum, along with his team of paranormal investigators. But what lies behind the front doors of Bronze Hill is something much more dangerous than spirits. The patients that once lived here still lurk the empty hallways and quickly make their presence known by knocking Aiden and everyone else unconscious. Aiden awakens in a room, drunken by confusion and surrounded by the unforgiving stench emitting from the dead and rotten bodies, he starts to panic and stumble throughout the room quickly realizing that his father is no where to be found. As Aiden is panicking he hears a voice coming from one of the security guards walkie-talkie. This mans voice will be Aiden's only guide as he pushes himself through pain, suffering and all of the horrors that await him in order to find his father and escape Bronze Hill Asylum alive.


Daybreak: Ashes of the Insane is an FPS, Survival Horror game where players will have a horror experience like never before. As the player starts the game, he or she realizes that they are able to interact with the environment. As they learn clues to explain the events that have transpired recently and in the past, he will embark on something dark and inhuman in nature. To delve further into the mysteries of the Bronze Hill Asylum, the player needs to use his or hers wits to fill in gaps of understanding what happened there. As the player solves the puzzles, he or she may advance to new areas that will also bring new horrific encounters in order to find his father and a way out.

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