Game Information
Defendion for UE.png
Developer DillyFrame
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms PC, VR
Release Date 7 May 2018
Genre Tower Defense


Orcs will not leave in captivity the beauty captured by you. She is now in your castle, and the Orcs are going to liberate her. Defend the castle and your captive from their hands.


Defendion is tower defense strategy game in VR.

Buy weapons to shoot your enemies, freeze and set them on fire. Collect gold from enemies to improve weapons. Improve weapons to deal more damage, improve the castle to make it stronger. Build labyrinths so that enemies go longer to the castle and perish from your traps. Do everything to win.


  • he availability of training, where you can see how weapons work and simulate protection on a small map
  • infinite waves, with each wave the level of mobs and the number of gold increase
  • the ability to buy, sell and improve weapons
  • possibility to repair and improve the castle
  • the enemies are not following the specified path - you can change their path by putting obstacles in the form of weapons (guns, walls with stakes, etc.)
  • you can place all weapons both before the wave and during the attack
  • enemies can detroy your equpment if it blocks the way
  • the captive in the castle can carry out some commands

Cinematic Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

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