Game Information
Developer Lithic Entertainment
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms PC
Release Date
Genre Third-Person Action Adventure/Town-builder


In this peaceful Town-building, Adventure game, take control of three uniquely skilled characters to leave the confines of the town, explore the lush forest surrounding it, and work together to solve puzzles. Gather resources to build your town, invite the wandering elves to join it, and discover treasures within the ruins of a forgotten civilization.

About the Game

The Wood-Elves need a new home. With their land destroyed, the Elf Queen of the commonwealth has enlisted her finest colonizers to assist them in relocating and building.



Dusken Woodlands
Vigil Pines
Resource Gathering - Chopping Trees
Resource Gathering - Mining Stone
Town Building - Placing Windmill
Town Building - Placing House
Dungeon Crawling - Puzzle Room
Characters - Dialogue
Structure Designing - Unlocking Log Cabin
Building - Market


  • Explore, quest, and puzzle through a peaceful and atmospheric world
  • Play as three uniquely skilled characters
  • Discover new town structures, characters, and treasures
  • Build your town and balance resources and expansion
  • Gather resources to supply your town and townsfolk to live in it
  • Use ancient artifacts to boost character abilities and town productivity
  • Unlock new structures for your town by combining blueprints

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