H.M.H (Hit Me Hard)

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H.M.H (Hit Me Hard)
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Developer Inner Dream
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms PC
Release Date 2016
Genre Fighting Game
Web Official Page
Twitter Inner Dream Team
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About H.M.H


Year 2514. Ark positioned itself as a new modern civilization. In Ark club fight started in the lower levels of the city, a few years later this tournament gained popularity within you the entire population of the city, becoming a legal event universally known: HMH League with unique fighters of all the world.

The lightness of the rules is what makes it so attractive to the big brands now sponsoring the tournament and use it as a means to test new technologies in the human race. To stay true to its roots, the event showcases several locations Ark, in areas where illegal fights were held before being now legal.


In the Ark, the "HMH" takes place once a year, a fighting league that once started as an underground fight club and eventually got legalized, thus quickly turning into the most important event of the city. The strongest people of the solar system participate in it for money, fame, and/or just the joy of throwing punches and the feeling of pain.

As the event gained popularity, more enterprises chipped in for multiple benefits - from the sponsorship, to the possibility of field testing their gear and products. The Ark´s council collaborates with HMH to regulate the event; enclose the fighting areas, broadcast the fights, manage the bets, and ensure that the gear used is safe for both the fighters and the spectators...


A 2.5-D Fighting game

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HMH - Hit Me Hard