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Code Author: Rama (talk)

Dear Community,

In this tutorial I am giving you a fully functional HUD class that is 800+ lines of UE4 C++ code.

Features of this sample HUD class include:

Multiple convenience functions for

  • drawing textures
  • drawing materials
  • drawing lines
  • drawing rectangles
  • drawing text

The functions use the new UE4 method of using CanvasItems.


Every HUD element I show in my sample has at least some transparency!

The main HUD menu graphic is actually mostly transparent, except for the edges!


  • how to draw stuff centered in the screen (used by confirm dialog)

Rest of Game Code Integration

I have code in the tutorial to show you how to get a reference to your custom PC or Character class from within the HUD.

From your PC reference you can get access to your custom Game Mode and Game State classes (using the Cast<> code I show in tutorial PostInit)

Player Keyboard,Mouse,Controller Input

How to capture player key presses for ANY key,mouse,controller that you want from within the HUD

Key Controls used in this tutorial code:

  • ESC: clears the screen lock so camera will move with cursor.
  • F: Toggle screen lock so only the cursor moves as player moves the mouse.
  • H: Toggles hiding the HUD
  • LMB: Clicks on buttons
  • Y: Confirm yes if confirm dialog open
  • N: Cancel if confirm dialog is open

Text Size

How to measure text, accounting for scaling and font size, to size backgrounds,buttons,tooltips appropriately


A button system and corresponding USTRUCT


How to draw cursor that player can move in-game

How to change cursor when hovering over button


Button tooltips

Drawing Images/Textures/Materials

Drawing custom button and menu backgrounds that come from textures/materials


Here is a video of this exact code in action!

Customizing the Appearance

Note that I made my own fonts and cursors and materials as seen in video, you can make your own appearance using same code :)



Feel free to use this as a template/foundation for making a c++ HUD-based GUI for your game!

Please do give me credit in some appropriate way for this base-line code contribution.

 All of this code is of my own creation, and I am using functions made only by Epic.

Why Did I Do All This?

I have implemented a very featured GUI for my game using only UE4 C++ and the HUD class!

I was able to create from scratch everything I wanted, including scrollable panels and an in-game file system.

I wanted to demo for you how this can be done, so that you can do this in your game too!

Constructing this tutorial for you took me about 5 hours, 2 hours of which was just documation / video

Adding buttons and such to this code should only take you minutes.

Integrating this code with your game engine will be easy, you can get a reference to the owning Character or the player controller from within the HUD class itself.


Make at least one font of your own, right click and make a new font asset.

I recommend a large default size like 36, as explained in the code below.

C++ Code

The code below assumes you have created a now Class named "JoyHUD". If you "add code to project" from the Editor, then you will need to replace the default files with the code below.


<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp"> // Copyright 1998-2013 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

//VictoryHUD extension by Rama

  1. pragma once
  1. include "JoyHUD.generated.h"


//Vars int32 type; FString toolTip; float minX; float maxX; float minY; float maxY;


//default properties

FJoyButtonStruct() { type = -1; toolTip = ""; minX = 0; maxX = 0; minY = 0; maxY = 0; } };


// Font // I recommend creating the font at a high resolution / size like 36 // then you can scale down the font as needed to any size of your choice

/** Verdana */ UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=JoyHUD) UFont* VerdanaFont;

/** Put Roboto Here */ UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=JoyHUD) UFont* UE4Font;

/** Font Scaling Used By Your HUD Code */ UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=JoyHUD) float DefaultFontScale;

/** HUD Scaling */ UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=JoyHUD) float GlobalHUDMult;

// T2D /** Cursor */ UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=T2D) UTexture2D* CursorMain;

/** Hovering */ UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=T2D) UTexture2D* CursorHoveringButton;

/** Button */ UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=T2D) UTexture2D* ButtonBackground;

// Materials /** Events */ UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=Materials) UMaterialInterface* MaterialBackground;


/* Draw Hud? */ UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=Options) bool DontDrawHUD;

//Cursor public: FVector2D MouseLocation; void DrawHUD_DrawCursor();

//Buttons public: TArray<FJoyButtonStruct> ButtonsMain; TArray<FJoyButtonStruct> ButtonsConfirm;

//Cursor In buttons void DrawHUD_CheckCursorInButtons(); void CheckCursorInButtonsMain(); void CheckCursorInButtonsConfirm();

const FJoyButtonStruct* CurCheckButton; int32 CheckCursorInButton(const TArray<FJoyButtonStruct>& ButtonArray); int32 ClickedButtonType; //States bool ConfirmDialogOpen; bool InMainMenu;

int32 ActiveButton_Type; FString ActiveButton_Tip; bool CursorHoveringInButton; //Colors public: const FLinearColor * ColorPtr;

//Colors static const FColor FColorBlack; static const FColor FColorRed; static const FColor FColorYellow; static const FColor FColorBlue; static const FColor FColor_White;

static const FLinearColor LC_Black; static const FLinearColor LC_Pink; static const FLinearColor LC_Red; static const FLinearColor LC_Yellow; //FString public:

//`Titles static const FString S_Title_Main; static const FString S_Title_Confirm; //`Button Text static const FString S_Button_Restart; static const FString S_Button_Exit;

// Utility

//Stop Camera From Moving With Mouse FORCEINLINE void SetCursorMoveOnly(bool CursorOnly) { if(!ThePC) return; // ThePC->SetIgnoreLookInput(CursorOnly);


//DrawLine FORCEINLINE void DrawJoyLine ( const FVector2D& Start, const FVector2D& End, const FLinearColor& TheColor, const float& Thick ) { if (!Canvas) return; //

FCanvasLineItem NewLine(Start,End); NewLine.SetColor(TheColor); NewLine.LineThickness = Thick; Canvas->DrawItem(NewLine); }


FORCEINLINE void DrawJoyRect( float X, float Y, float Width, float Height, const FLinearColor& Color ) { if(!Canvas) return; //

FCanvasTileItem RectItem( FVector2D(X, Y), FVector2D( Width, Height ), Color );

   RectItem.BlendMode = SE_BLEND_Translucent;

Canvas->DrawItem(RectItem); }


//DrawText FORCEINLINE void DrawJoyText( UFont* TheFont, const FString& TheStr, const float& X, const float& Y, const FLinearColor& TheColor, const float& TheScale, bool DrawOutline=false, const FLinearColor OutlineColor=FLinearColor(0,0,0,1) ) { if(!Canvas) return; //

//Text and Font FCanvasTextItem NewText( FVector2D(X,Y), FText::FromString(TheStr), TheFont, TheColor );

//Text Scale NewText.Scale.Set(TheScale,TheScale);

//Outline gets its alpha from the main color NewText.bOutlined = true; NewText.OutlineColor = OutlineColor; NewText.OutlineColor.A = TheColor.A * 2;

//Draw Canvas->DrawItem(NewText); }

//~ //Draw Full Size Tile FORCEINLINE void DrawFullSizeTile(UTexture2D* tex, float x, float y, const FColor& Color) { if (!Canvas) return; if (!tex) return; //~~


//Draw Canvas->DrawTile( tex, x, y, 0, //z pos tex->GetSurfaceWidth(), //screen width tex->GetSurfaceHeight(), //screen height 0, //texture start width 0, //texture start height tex->GetSurfaceWidth(), //texture width from start tex->GetSurfaceHeight(), //texture height from start BLEND_Translucent ); }


FORCEINLINE void VDrawTile(UTexture2D* tex, float x, float y, float screenX, float screenY, const FColor& TheColor) { if (!Canvas) return; if (!tex) return; //~


//Draw Canvas->DrawTile( tex, x, y, 0, //z pos screenX, //screen width screenY, //screen height 0, //texture start width 0, //texture start height tex->GetSurfaceWidth(), //texture width from start tex->GetSurfaceHeight(), //texture height from start BLEND_Translucent ); }


//Draw public: void DrawHUD_DrawDialogs();

//Menus void DrawMainMenu(); void DrawConfirm();

//Buttons void DrawMainMenuButtons(); void DrawConfirmButtons(); public: void DrawToolTip();

//Core public: APlayerController* ThePC; void PlayerInputChecks(); protected: //Draw HUD void DrawHUD_Reset(); virtual void DrawHUD() OVERRIDE;

/** after all game elements are created */ virtual void PostInitializeComponents() OVERRIDE;

}; </syntaxhighlight>


<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp"> // Copyright 1998-2013 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

//JoyHUD extension by Rama

  1. include "VictoryGame.h" //Replace with a reference to the header file of your own project
  1. define CANVAS_WHITE if(Canvas) Canvas->SetDrawColor(FColor_White);

//Cursor Draw Offset // use this to position texture over the point of your cursor, // if the point is not at exactly 0,0

  1. define CURSOR_DRAW_OFFSET 3

// //Static Consts //

const FString AJoyHUD::S_Title_Main = FString("Joy!"); const FString AJoyHUD::S_Title_Confirm = FString("Exit Game?");

const FString AJoyHUD::S_Button_Restart = FString("Restart"); const FString AJoyHUD::S_Button_Exit = FString("Exit");

// Colors const FColor AJoyHUD::FColorBlack = FColor(0,0,0,255); const FColor AJoyHUD::FColorRed = FColor(255,0,0,255); const FColor AJoyHUD::FColorYellow = FColor(255,255,0,255); const FColor AJoyHUD::FColorBlue = FColor(0,0,255,255); const FColor AJoyHUD::FColor_White = FColor(255,255,255,255); // Backgrounds const FLinearColor AJoyHUD::LC_Black = FLinearColor(0, 0, 0, 1); const FLinearColor AJoyHUD::LC_Pink = FLinearColor(1, 0, 1, 1); const FLinearColor AJoyHUD::LC_Red = FLinearColor(1, 0, 0, 1); const FLinearColor AJoyHUD::LC_Yellow = FLinearColor(1, 1, 0, 1);

AJoyHUD::AJoyHUD(const class FPostConstructInitializeProperties& PCIP) : Super(PCIP) { //Draw HUD? DontDrawHUD = false;

//States ConfirmDialogOpen = false; InMainMenu = true;

//Scale GlobalHUDMult = 1; DefaultFontScale = 0.7; //scaling down a size 36 font

// I recommend creating fonts at a high resolution / size like 36 // then you can scale down the font as needed to any size of your choice

// this avoids needing to make multiple fonts for different sizes, but have a high // resolution when you use larger font sizes



void AJoyHUD::PostInitializeComponents() { Super::PostInitializeComponents();

//Establish the PC ThePC = GetOwningPlayerController();

//How to get a ref to your custom PC //AYourPlayerController* YourChar = Cast<AYourPlayerController>(ThePC);

//How to Get The Character //AYourCharacterClass* YourChar = Cast<AYourCharacterClass>(GetOwningPawn());


//=============== // Draw Dialogs //=============== void AJoyHUD::DrawHUD_DrawDialogs() { DrawMainMenu(); if(ConfirmDialogOpen) DrawConfirm(); } //Menus void AJoyHUD::DrawMainMenu() { //Background DrawMaterialSimple( MaterialBackground, 10, 10, 256, 512, 1.3 );

//Menu Title

//Draw buttons DrawMainMenuButtons(); } void AJoyHUD::DrawConfirm() { //Blue rect with alpha 50% DrawJoyRect(Canvas->SizeX/2 - 100, Canvas->SizeY/2 - 50,200,100,FLinearColor(0,0,1,0.2333));

//Confirm Title

//Draw buttons DrawConfirmButtons(); }

//Buttons void AJoyHUD::DrawMainMenuButtons() { //Start Point float xStart = 100; float yStart = 110;

//Background VDrawTile(ButtonBackground,xStart,yStart,150,80,FColor(255,255,255,120)); //alpha 120/255

//Text DrawJoyText( VerdanaFont,"Restart",xStart+30,yStart+20, LC_Black, DefaultFontScale, true,LC_Red );

//Struct //Add Button If Necessary // could be cleared and need refreshing if using a different menu // clear buttons with ButtonsMain.Empty() if (ButtonsMain.Num() < 1 ) { FJoyButtonStruct newButton = FJoyButtonStruct(); newButton.type = BUTTONTYPE_MAIN_RESTART; newButton.toolTip = "Restart the Game!"; newButton.minX = xStart; newButton.maxX = xStart + 150; newButton.minY = yStart; newButton.maxY = yStart + 80;

//Add to correct array ButtonsMain.Add(newButton); }

xStart = 100; yStart = 410;

VDrawTile(ButtonBackground,xStart,yStart,150,80,FColor(255,255,255,120)); //alpha 120/255

//Text DrawJoyText( VerdanaFont,"Exit",xStart+55,yStart+20, LC_Black, DefaultFontScale, true,LC_Red );

if (ButtonsMain.Num() < 2 ) { FJoyButtonStruct newButton = FJoyButtonStruct(); newButton.type = BUTTONTYPE_MAIN_EXIT; newButton.toolTip = "Exit the Game!"; newButton.minX = xStart; newButton.maxX = xStart + 150; newButton.minY = yStart; newButton.maxY = yStart + 80;

//Add to correct array ButtonsMain.Add(newButton); } } void AJoyHUD::DrawConfirmButtons() { float xStart = Canvas->SizeX/2 - 100; float yStart = Canvas->SizeY/2 - 40;

//Highlighted? if(ActiveButton_Type == BUTTONTYPE_CONFIRM_YES ) ColorPtr = &LC_Pink; else ColorPtr = &LC_Yellow;

//Text DrawJoyText( VerdanaFont,"Yes",xStart+30,yStart+20, *ColorPtr, DefaultFontScale, true );

if (ButtonsConfirm.Num() < 1 ) { FJoyButtonStruct newButton = FJoyButtonStruct(); newButton.type = BUTTONTYPE_CONFIRM_YES ; newButton.toolTip = ""; newButton.minX = xStart; newButton.maxX = xStart + 75; newButton.minY = yStart + 20; newButton.maxY = yStart + 60;

//could use GetTextSize to streamline this

//Add to correct array ButtonsConfirm.Add(newButton); }

xStart = Canvas->SizeX/2 + 20; yStart = Canvas->SizeY/2 - 40;

//Highlighted? if(ActiveButton_Type == BUTTONTYPE_CONFIRM_NO) ColorPtr = &LC_Black; else ColorPtr = &LC_Yellow;

//Text DrawJoyText( VerdanaFont,"No",xStart+30,yStart+20, *ColorPtr, DefaultFontScale, true );

if (ButtonsConfirm.Num() < 2 ) { FJoyButtonStruct newButton = FJoyButtonStruct(); newButton.type = BUTTONTYPE_CONFIRM_NO; newButton.toolTip = ""; newButton.minX = xStart; newButton.maxX = xStart + 75; newButton.minY = yStart + 20; newButton.maxY = yStart + 60;

//could use GetTextSize to streamline this

//Add to correct array ButtonsConfirm.Add(newButton); } }

//=============== // Cursor In Buttons //=============== int32 AJoyHUD::CheckCursorInButton(const TArray<FJoyButtonStruct>& ButtonArray) { for(int32 b = 0; b < ButtonArray.Num(); b++) { CurCheckButton = &ButtonArray[b];

//check cursor in bounds if (CurCheckButton->minX <= MouseLocation.X && MouseLocation.X <= CurCheckButton->maxX && CurCheckButton->minY <= MouseLocation.Y && MouseLocation.Y <= CurCheckButton->maxY ) {

//Active Button Type ActiveButton_Type = CurCheckButton->type;

//Tool Tip ActiveButton_Tip = CurCheckButton->toolTip;

//Change Cursor CursorHoveringInButton = true;

//Mouse Clicked? if (ThePC->WasInputKeyJustPressed(EKeys::LeftMouseButton)) { return ActiveButton_Type; //~~ //no need to check rest of buttons } } }

//No Click Occurred This Tick return -1; }

//Check Confirm void AJoyHUD::CheckCursorInButtonsConfirm() { //Check Confirm Buttons ClickedButtonType = CheckCursorInButton(ButtonsConfirm); //fills global ActiveButton_Type

if(ClickedButtonType == BUTTONTYPE_CONFIRM_YES ) { ThePC->ConsoleCommand("Exit"); return; } if(ClickedButtonType == BUTTONTYPE_CONFIRM_NO) { ConfirmDialogOpen = false; ButtonsConfirm.Empty(); //Buttons not needed anymore return; } }

//Check Buttons void AJoyHUD::CheckCursorInButtonsMain() { //Check Confirm Buttons ClickedButtonType = CheckCursorInButton(ButtonsMain);

if(ClickedButtonType == BUTTONTYPE_MAIN_RESTART ) { ThePC->ConsoleCommand("RestartLevel"); return; } if(ClickedButtonType == BUTTONTYPE_MAIN_EXIT) { ConfirmDialogOpen = true; return; } } void AJoyHUD::DrawHUD_CheckCursorInButtons() { if(ConfirmDialogOpen) { CheckCursorInButtonsConfirm();

//Take Focus Away From All Other buttons return; //~ }

//Main CheckCursorInButtonsMain(); }

void AJoyHUD::DrawToolTip() { //if mouse is too far to right, draw from left instead float xStart = MouseLocation.X + 150; float yStart = MouseLocation.Y + 5;

//out vars float RV_xLength; float RV_yLength; //Text Size GetTextSize( ActiveButton_Tip, RV_xLength, RV_yLength, UE4Font, DefaultFontScale * 2 );

// Decide Draw to Left or to the Right

//Draw to the Left if (xStart + RV_xLength >= Canvas->SizeX - 40) { xStart -= 150 + 140 + 64 + RV_xLength;

//If Text is too long, bring it closer to the cursor if(xStart < 33 ) xStart = 33; }

//Background DrawJoyRect( xStart, yStart, RV_xLength + 70, 80, FLinearColor(0, 0, 1, 0.7) //alpha 0.7 );

//Tool Tip DrawText( ActiveButton_Tip, LC_Pink, xStart + 32, yStart + 20, UE4Font, DefaultFontScale * 2, false //scale position of message with HUD scale ); } void AJoyHUD::DrawHUD_DrawCursor() { //Tool Tip if(ActiveButton_Tip != "") DrawToolTip();

//Cursor Hovering in a Button? if (CursorHoveringInButton) { //pointer tex found? if (!CursorHoveringButton) return; DrawFullSizeTile(CursorHoveringButton, MouseLocation.X - CURSOR_DRAW_OFFSET, MouseLocation.Y - CURSOR_DRAW_OFFSET, FColor_White ); }

else { //cursor tex found? if(!CursorMain) return; DrawFullSizeTile(CursorMain, MouseLocation.X - CURSOR_DRAW_OFFSET, MouseLocation.Y - CURSOR_DRAW_OFFSET, FColor_White ); } }

void AJoyHUD::PlayerInputChecks() { //check out this tutorial of mine for a list of all EKeys:: //

if(ThePC->WasInputKeyJustPressed(EKeys::Escape)) { SetCursorMoveOnly(false); return; } if(ThePC->WasInputKeyJustPressed(EKeys::F)) { SetCursorMoveOnly(!ThePC->IsLookInputIgnored()); return; } if(ThePC->WasInputKeyJustPressed(EKeys::H)) { DontDrawHUD = !DontDrawHUD; return; }

//Confirm if(ConfirmDialogOpen) { if(ThePC->WasInputKeyJustPressed(EKeys::Y)) { ThePC->ConsoleCommand("Exit"); //could replace with function based on confirm context

return; } if(ThePC->WasInputKeyJustPressed(EKeys::N)) { ConfirmDialogOpen = false; ButtonsConfirm.Empty(); //Buttons not needed anymore //Cancel Confirm

return; } } }

void AJoyHUD::DrawHUD_Reset() { ActiveButton_Type = -1; ActiveButton_Tip = ""; CursorHoveringInButton = false; }

void AJoyHUD::DrawHUD() { //============================== //============================== //============================== //Have PC for Input Checks and Mouse Cursor? if(!ThePC) { //Attempt to Reacquire PC ThePC = GetOwningPlayerController();

//Could Not Obtain PC if(!ThePC) return; //~~ }

//Multiplayer Safety Check if(!ThePC->PlayerInput) return; //not valid for first seconds of a multiplayer client //~~ //============================== //============================== //==============================

//Player Input PlayerInputChecks();

//Draw HUD? if(DontDrawHUD) return; //~~

//Super Super::DrawHUD();

//No Canvas? if(!Canvas) return; //

//Reset States DrawHUD_Reset();

//================ //Get New Mouse Position //================ ThePC->GetMousePosition(MouseLocation.X,MouseLocation.Y);

//Cursor In Buttons DrawHUD_CheckCursorInButtons();

//Draw Dialogs DrawHUD_DrawDialogs();

//### Do Last ### //Draw Cursor DrawHUD_DrawCursor();

//Debugging Info //ThePC->ClientMessage("HUD Loop Completed!"); } </syntaxhighlight>

Compile and Make BP

After you get the above to compile, you need to go into the editor and make a blueprint of this JoyHUD

Then you need to go to your GameMode.cpp file and add this line:

<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp"> AYourGameMode::AYourGameMode(const class FPostConstructInitializeProperties& PCIP) : Super(PCIP) { // You can obtain the asset path of your HUD blueprint through the editor // by right-clicking the Blueprint asset and choosing "Copy Reference". // You should then add the "_C" suffix so that the class finder properly // points to the actual class used by the game, as opposed to its Blueprint // which is an editor-only concept). // // For instance, given a blueprint named BP_JoyHUD, the class path would be // "/Game/Blueprints/BP_JoyHUD_C" static ConstructorHelpers::FClassFinder<AHUD> TheHUDOb(TEXT("/Game/Blueprints/BP_JoyHUD_C")); if (TheHUDOb.Class != NULL) { HUDClass = TheHUDOb.Class; } } </syntaxhighlight>

Adding The Graphics

Open the defaults of your new HUD BP and set the various assets!


Now you have the code to make your own button system, with tooltips, and draw textures and materials of any size and shape to the screen during game time!

Using the DrawMaterial function you can make fancy effects in your game's GUI as you see in my video!

You also have a solid foundation for a mouse/pointer driven GUI that responds to hover as well as click events!


Rama (talk)