Game Information
HERO: Relight
Developer Samac Studios
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms PC
Release Date Unknown
Genre Third-Person Adventure Game


You, the HERO, must venture across the lands to the very edge of the earth, to relight the sun... and save the world. Your magic staff will always be by your side, and will be your tool to gain access through the massive and ancient dungeons that block your path. You will run among the lovely plains, struggle through the heat of the desert, blindly climb the great mountain, and meet many interesting characters along the way - many of which would love to kill you


Using your staff, you will need to figure out complex puzzles and slowly make your way across the epic dungeons. Along the way, you'll meet several bosses that will need to be defeated by wit and skill


  • Adventure through a atmospheric and beautiful world
  • Research the and Explore the deep and interesting lore
  • Defeat bosses with your brain, not brawn
  • Collect the four shards to relight the sun
  • Interact with interesting characters
  • Find your brother, Aro, who ventured off not too long ago


The Plains
The Mine
Plains Dungeon
Magic Carpet - Desert