Movement Mechanics (Unreal Tournament)

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The most basic movement options available to a player.

Input Trigger Action Description
W Hold Move Forward Holding forward for a short time activates Sprinting.
S Hold Move Backward
A Hold Strafe Left
D Hold Strafe Right
Space Bar Tap Jump The character changes from walking mode to falling mode until it lands.
Shift, C Hold Crouch


After moving forward for a short amount of time, the character automatically starts sprinting, increasing the forward movement speed until the player changes direction.


Dodging is a quick directional leap with a sudden deceleration on landing.

Input Trigger Action Remarks
W Double Tap Dodge Forward Tap the Crouch input before landing to trigger a Dodge Roll shortly before landing.
S Double Tap Dodge Backward
A Double Tap Dodge Left
D Double Tap Dodge Right
V Tap Dodge Immediately dodge in the direction the camera is facing.

Dodge Roll

Players can perform a roll after landing from a dodge by activating the dodge roll input (Shift, C) before landing.

Wall Dodging

Players can dodge off walls while in the air by performing a dodge move away from the wall or other vertical structure.

Jump Boots

Double tap jump to get a boosted vertical jump while wearing the jump boots (powerup).

Wall Slide

Hug a wall and hold the Crouch (Shift, C) input to slide down the wall.

Movement Modes

Physics Action
Walking The character moves at Running Speed.
Walking (Crouched) The character moves at Crouching Speed.
Walking (Sprinting) The character moves at Sprinting Speed.
Walking (Rolling)
Walking (Sliding)
Falling The character moves at Air Control Speed while in the air.
Falling (Dodging) The character moves at Dodging Speed in the dodge direction and may slightly tweak movement based on the Air Control Speed.
Falling (Wall Sliding)
Swimming The character moves between [Running Speed, Max Swim Speed] (?).

General Movement Factors

Concept Description
Running Speed In the past it has been the same forward/back/strafing.
Acceleration How fast you change direction when moving.
Air Control How much you can affect the direction of your movement while in the air.
Jump Height
Gravity Affects how floaty the game feels. With higher gravity, even if the jump impulse is modified to result in the same jump height, you’ll spend less time in the air.
Dodging Fast low jump in any of the 4 cardinal movement directions, with a sudden deceleration on landing.
Double Jump Past titles only allowed the double jump to occur at the apex of the jump. UT2004 allowed double jump during dodge, UT3 did not.
Wall Dodge Ability to perform a dodge while in the air away from a nearby vertical surface.
Impact/Rocket Jumping Ability to jump extra high by jumping while point impact hammer down or using other splash/impulse providing weapon at cost of some health.
Team Boosting Ability to provide impact/rocket jumping benefits to teammates, who take no damage in normal team games.

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