Game Information
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Developer GravTech Games
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms PC
Release Date Act 1: 2016, Acts 2-3: TBD
Genre Sci-Fi Adventure/Psychological Thriller
  • Brandon Carboni
  • Kevin Gray
  • Neon Mancinelli


NORA is a psychological thriller game that takes place in a spacefaring science fiction universe where the relationships between you and your crew are the only things keeping you from complete chaos. Captain Abigael Blake and her ragtag crew of smugglers have been tasked by the iron-fisted Drakulich Empire to retrieve an envoy from a mysterious alien race in the hopes of securing exclusive trade agreements.

The NORA’s crew is…eclectic, to say the least. Tempers can fly on even the best of days, and Abigael is the center of the hurricane. This is a mission that could change their lives forever, so it has to go right. But something strange is happening aboard the NORA. Things are going missing. People are hearing noises when they shouldn’t. And after a tense run-in with an enemy ship, Abigael can’t deny that someone on board is trying to sabotage the mission. But it couldn’t be one of her loyal crewmen…could it?

A possible mutiny isn’t the only thing Abigael has to worry about. There are things in deep space older and more terrifying than the enigmatic alien envoy that’s about to get on board her ship. If Abigael wants to make it home safe and sound in less than six weeks, she’ll have to handle it all without any help for light years around her.


The crew of the NORA is a diverse group of men and women. Each of them hide troubles and secrets of their own, and if Abigael has any hope of completing her mission successfully, she’ll have to be more than their captain. She’ll have to argue with them, reason with them, fight with them, play with them, and figure out just how each man and woman works, and who’s most likely to be a ticking time bomb. Because they’re all starting to act a little more unhinged than normal lately.

The gameplay for NORA is built around two robust simulation systems: one for simulating character emotions, and the other for the relationships between each and every character in the game. These systems are connected to virtually every aspect of gameplay, from the conversations you have with the crew of the NORA, to the day-to-day actions you perform as her captain.

As captain of the NORA, the player has their hand in every aspect of ship life. It’s your responsibility to help your crew solve problems as they arise, either by talking it out with them, investigating leads, solving puzzles, or playing minigames. There’s a lot to do on board the NORA, and players who take the time to explore everything the ship and its crew have to offer will become more capable captains with a loyal group under their command.

However, it’s not as easy as just making the rounds every day. Captains have to make tough decisions, and it’s impossible to make everybody happy. The crew is made up of men and women with their own wants, needs, and emotions, They’re not obligated to like you just because you’re in charge, and doing their job doesn’t necessarily mean playing nice with the rest of the crew. Players must navigate the relationships the men and women of the NORA have with each other as well as with the player, all while trying to keep the most important mission of their lives from going off the rails.

Screenshots and Concept Art

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Abigael Promo Mirror
Screenshot from Ship Promo

Update Information

  • 4/28/2015: Alpha access planned for Fall 2015.