Pneuma: Breath of Life

Pneuma: Breath of Life is an enthralling first person puzzler putting gamers' minds to the test in a visually stunning world using Unreal Engine 4 and Physically Based Rendering. It was released on Xbox One and Steam with Oculus Rift support on February 27th 2015. Pneuma provides players with an unrivalled sense of adventure and a relentless determination to solve each puzzle and progress through a story of self-discovery, exploring the fundamental nature of being. Pneuma is developed by Deco Digital and Bevel Studios in Derby, England.

Game Description

Play as Pneuma and hear his comical self-obsessed inner monologue whilst he takes you on a journey exploring and traversing his world. Progress through a series of challenging puzzles that require perception, observation, and lateral thinking skills to succeed. This game isn't about your skill with a controller, it's about how you perceive and analyse situations. Pneuma's story is one that can only be told through the interactive medium of video games.

Push your brain to its limits in this exciting new first person puzzler as Pneuma contemplates the nature of reality and you explore the ontological mystery of the Breath of Life.


-Become immersed in Pneuma's story and discover the genesis of the universe through his eyes as he wrestles with the nature of reality. This story is one that can only be told through the interactive medium of video games.

-Take on the challenge in the world of Pnuema and manipulate unique lateral thinking puzzles based on perception, observation, and attention to detail.

-Witness the most visually stunning generation of games as Pneuma unleashes the power of Unreal Engine 4 and Physically Based Rendering.


Kotaku RECOMMENDED "One of the most interesting IPs of 2015"
Gamerstyle 90 / 100 "A wonderful entry into the first person puzzle solving genre and whilst other games do individual elements better, Pneuma nails it as a package"
Gaming Age 83 / 100 N/A
Cheat Code Central 78 / 100 "Pneuma: Breath of Life provides an interesting male lead, a gorgeous backdrop, and unique puzzles solved through the powers of perception"
Mondo Xbox 70 / 100 N/A
3d Juegos 70 / 100 "An interesting reflection, though somewhat pretentious. Pneuma shines with fast intensity"
PC Gamer 63 / 100 N/A


Pneuma was developed by a team of six 21 year olds in an astonishing 6 months. Deco Digital and Bevel Studios teamed up after discovering a lack of jobs in industry and decided to take a leap at setting up their own studio. The team would work in a tiny closet of an office from 9AM - 5PM then from 7PM - 4AM they would turn to their night jobs to pay their rent. 6 months of development and 3 months of porting work lead up to the official release day on February 27th 2015. Exact figures are not published but the overall reception was positive with the game receiving 4/5 stars on the Xbox Store. The team has stayed together and has began work on their new title.