Request Tutorial

Request Tutorial

The idea of this page is pretty simple, for people to add to the request list as per their tutorial requirements the more information you can provide about what you need the better.


  • Translation tool: How to setup and use the translation tools to translate our games.


  • Game Design & Unreal Engine Terminology 101

Simple game

  • 3D Sidescroller: How to set up a basic 3D sidescroller game, camera, animation, and sample enemy AI.


  • Monetary Systems: How to setup and use various monetary systems, avoiding maximum type allowances as well as doing conversions between monetary systems.
  • Player Physics: Sprinting, Aiming and jumping showing details such as audio, particles and animation blueprints.
  • Basic Bot Movement: A simple introduction on putting something in the level that can walk around using it's own controller BP vs Level BP as shown in UE4 content examples.
  • Grabbing ledge: Player can grab the edge of floor while jumping or running or can grab beam etc
  • Menu/HUD/UI: Make a basic HUD, and a loading screen
  • Matinee Multiplayer: Show how to make a matinee movie display server-wide
  • Blueprint vs Code: Show how to make the same game from two perspectives: 1. Artist/Designer wanting to do everything in blueprint with minimal/no code. 2. Coder wanting to do everything in code with minimal/no blueprint. This will allow teams new to Unreal to evaluate how much of each they wish to use/learn.
  • Local Multiplayer Shared Screen: Dealing with multiple player controllers, input, health and collision damage


  • Should I learn C++: A FAQ styled guide aimed at helping people decide if they are right for programming, if they are content to sit on the design fence and the benefits to using C++ over Blueprints.
  • Stealth Systems: How to implement a basic stealth system (using shadow to conceal the player, noise and visual detection) in C++.
  • How to implement a standard AI in C++: An overview of AI-Classes and their functions and how to use them to write your own custom AI in C++.
  • Input: An explanation of how to set up and handle user input using C++.

C++ & Blueprint

  • Weapons Systems: How to define core weapon functionality in C++ and using Blueprint to create extensions of the core code for weapon specific functionality.
  • Clothing: Being able to change clothing of player character and have it completely follow movments of player, not just the socket to which it is attached.


  • Landscape layer painting: How to create target layers for painting landscapes.
  • Fur/Hair Shader: How to create fur with shells and fins approach.


  • Sample Idea: Information about the idea so that people can create what you're requesting.
  • Sample Idea: Information about the idea so that people can create what you're requesting.


  • Sample Idea: Information about the idea so that people can create what you're requesting.
  • Sample Idea: Information about the idea so that people can create what you're requesting.


  • Tutorial Serie: A complete tutorial serie about the sound engine features.
  • Bark System: Information on own to leverage the dialogue asset to create a contextual bark system.


  • Animation Match Target: Will be helpful if there is a video tutorial for Animation Match Target.I am coming from unity engine.There if we want animation to start at specific transform and end at specific transform we use anim.matchtarget function.For example we have 100 meter wall where character animation will start at 100 meter and will end at reaching the ground.
  • IK: Need a video tutorial for IK in unreal engine.

User Interface

  • Controllers: What controllers are supported on what platforms.


  • Tutorial Serie: How to setup and Deploy simple examples and complexes using the Device requests like accelerometer, magnetic field, GPS, Camera and others