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Live control of your server is performed using the built in RCON interface. In order to use this interface, you need to provide an RCON password in your server configuration. Information on this can be found here:


Login as Serveradmin

After setting up your RconPassword and restarting your Server open your Serverconsole and enter:

RconAuth yourpassword

After successful login you will get the following message: "[ [System] ] YourNick: Rcon authenticated"

Accessing the Admin Panel

After successful login you can access the built in admin panel by bringing up your console and typing:

rconexec adminmenu

From there you can kick players or manage instances.

Changing the Map

immediately change the map

To immediately change the map use "RconMap yourMap":

RconMap CTF-FaceTest

change the next Map

If you want to play another map as nextmap as the one, which is listed in your mapcycle you have to use the "RconNextMap NextMap" command.

RconNextMap CTF-FaceTest