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Spellbound is a first person fantasy VR game which lets the player become the protagonist of a series of stories. It is a room scale virtual reality game which uses arm swinging as the primary locomotion system.

Production: Spellbound is built in UE4 with a combination of blueprints and C++. It uses a combination of market place art assets and custom made art.

The biggest challenge is consistently hitting 90 FPS. The biggest framerate offenders are dynamic shadows, POM materials, translucent and masked materials which cause overdraw, and dynamic light sources. I have spent a lot of effort to keep the polygon counts low by using instancing, levels of detail, and level streaming volumes.

Audio: Voice Acting - This adds a lot of character to the game. Music (currently in production): The music is going to be dynamically adjusted to the game play. Sound Effects - They're mono, play from a fixed location, use spatialization and attenuation.

Hardware support: HTC Vive with motion controllers Coming soon: Oculus Rift with oculus touch Coming soon: Leap Motion