Tale Of Agrio

Game Information
Tale of agrio
Developer Elemental Games Studio
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Release Date Q2 2015 Early Access
Genre Third-Person Farming Simulator Inspired By Harvest Moon
Lead Designer Renato Stanić
Twitter @TaleOfAgrioGame

Tale of agrio is a voxel third-person farming simulation game built in Unreal Engine 4, inspired by Harvest Moon.Although Tale of agrio shares many of the same core mechanics, it's not even close to similar.We have gone in depth with other mechanics to the point that you start to ask yourself is it even farming simulator anymore!?

Tale of agrio revolves around farm and the main character, your job is to start repairing old farm you have bought with last money you had in hope to make living of farming. However along the way of your success many will be jealous and try to harm you, your animals and the most important your soul your farm.

Game Features

Nice world that you can explore and enjoy.
Advanced and dynamic weather and season system.
Advanced relationship system.
Turn your old farm into one of best farm's in Yuntao region.
Grow crops, raise animals, forge tools, build machines, equipment, weapons and sell extra products you have.
Ability to change world depending on your choices!
Attend Yuntao region festivals or weekly marketplace for fresh vegetables, fruits, animals, seeds, tools, weapons etc...
Protect your farm from mean people and animals. Your farm might get attacked by animals like wolfs, foxes, wild boars, bears, rabbits, deers and birds, or some mean people might try to set crops on fire, steal animals, break your machines etc...(Maybe counter attack will make them stop with attacks? Who knows?) Help your friends and other Yuntao citizens with some farm jobs and you might get cash or some interesting rewards.
Local shop's and building's that will expend depending on state of Yuntao. The bigger Yuntao better you will live, more people will buy your products.
In case people start leaving Yuntao store's will start to close, you will earn less money because there is less people to buy your products.
4 player CO-OP with voting system. Each player will vote for changes on farm. Changes will be building upgrades, money management etc...

What makes Tales of agrio different?

Simplistic but powerful crafting system.
Advanced combat system.
Each choice makes difference. Make sure you pick right one!
Use of technology to help you manage farm and make your life easier.
Lot of animals and crops to care about!
Lot of animals to defend your self from!
Dynamic field size and look!

We initially will launch on PC/Mac/Linux. However based on the success of our kickstarter we are considering having the game also available on mobile platforms as well as consoles. The spread of the game to other platforms is primarily dependent on achieving a funding goal higher than our initial goal. Our Kickstarter Please support us!!!