The Source

Platform(s) Windows, Linux
Developer YetanotherIndie
Publisher N/A
Lead-Developer Daniel Gippert
Genre First-Person Action Shooter
Release TBD
Gamemode(s) Multiplayer, Singleplayer
Language English


“The Source” will be a First-Person Action Shooter with a storydriven solo-campaign in which the player starts in an open-world and tries to gather his former team members of a military unit, spreaded through a whole gameworld after the war (team members will also be playable in coop mode multiplayer).

In Solo compaign, the player must manage his equipment (e.g. upgrade weapons and other stuff with ressources from the environment like weapon parts, repairkits etc), fight against enemy opponents of different factions (militia gangs etc) and take missions to help locals to earn respect and support (useful for further intel about team members and other storybased information). The Game will also contain a dynamic and individual “housing and barracks mode”, in clear words: The player can seek housings and buildings for supplies but he also can fortify buildings and use them as a designated safehouse (rearming, resupply and other customizable options will be available in those safe places).

During gameplay, the player will be updated about the whole background of different characters and the story about what happened as he passed away and got back to life as he woke up after 3 weeks in coma. The background stories will be provided with cutscenes as kind of remembrance of the player but also with information during interaction with NPC. “war is coming to town”! You’re taking part of a small team of former elite soldiers, trying to fight their way through to survive and gather intel about what happened. During your missions you will have to find a way to manage your supplies, gather information and observe the surrounding while being forced to find your team, manage your equipment and struggle to survive… Be careful on your decisions, lead the way but never be neglectful, plan and calculate your assaults, but never lose the fight! This will be your hardest duty on missions ever…

Game Features

  • Immersive campaign gameplay, inspired by former RL soldiers
  • Vast gameplay maps for SP/MP games
  • Customizable weapons, clothes and equipment
  • Realistic gamephysics
  • Many customizable parts like Weapons, clothes and hideouts
  • Many different scenario locations like desert, snowy mountains, cliffs, cities…and much

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