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We’re building a small prototype gameplay alpha for testing design ideas and to provide a framework for further feature development. This framework is now in good enough shape that we are looking for more community developers to start working on core functionality and content needs or creating mods and providing feedback on that process.

There are many ways for you to contribute to development:

  • Epic is implementing or managing development tasks related to core game functionality. You can always see the latest details about what we are working on either by looking at our live Github commits (visible to Unreal Engine 4 users who have linked their account to GitHub), or by checking out the more readable Version Notes we create for each release. All notes for previous versions are also available on the wiki.
  • Prototyping core functionality is a very useful way to support the design discussions, especially for proposing or promoting concepts new to Unreal Tournament.
  • Many major features, such as support for competitive play and match spectating (UTV, etc.) are well suited to be community led efforts. We will participate in the design and architecture discussions for these features and support development as needed.
  • We’ll also support the development of mod projects that extend Unreal Tournament in whatever direction the developers want to go.
  • Talented community artists are concepting and creating characters and weapons for Unreal Tournament.
  • Community level designers are creating levels for Unreal Tournament, such as DM-Vacant by NATO_chrisjm.
  • The community is also helping test the game, and providing bug reports on our QA forums.
  • You can also contribute game design ideas: join the conversation on the Design Forums!

Get Involved!

From the very first line of code, the very first piece of art, Unreal Tournament will be developed in the open, as a collaboration between Epic and UE4 developers and with the input of fans and gamers.

We have a basic version of Unreal Tournament deathmatch up and running to provide a basis for design iteration and further development. If you are a UE4 subscriber, you can see our progress on our live Github fork, and start extending or modding the code as it becomes functional. If you want to get involved, join us on our Forums to participate in design discussions, find projects that need help, and discover other opportunities to contribute.

Unreal Tournament fans and gamers - we need you! Even if you aren't a UE4 developer, you can participate right now in our design discussions on our Design Forums. Just sign up for a free account for full forum access - once your account is created, you can skip the engine subscription page if you don't want to subscribe and you are all set.

Community contributors can get involved in building Unreal Tournament by becoming Unreal Engine 4 subscribers. We keep an up to date Unreal Tournament code repository on GitHub that is accessible to anyone with a current UE4 subscription. For more details, see Getting Started With Unreal Tournament. We also encourage you to build your own mods or game ideas on top of Unreal Tournament.

We welcome community content submissions. To learn more about the pipeline for submissions, please visit the Submitting User Content page for instructions. Another great resource for artists is the User Submitted Art Specifications page. If you are working on any kind of mod, map, or content for Unreal Tournament, create a new page and add it to this category so that everyone can easily see it.