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  • I am tight, a mojo, a care bear and a bugging stranger.
  • My two cents to Paragon:
    • I am against gender dictation in games. Let us choose our gender please e.g. as skin!
    • Muriel really needs a "small" push up! She is too weak. Reload her battery and give her a powerful ( 8 ) standard attack with AOE, then she'd be useful to the team!
    • Matches are too short in co-op mode. It's hard to even complete a deck with 4 * 3(222) cards! And.. when I finally unlocked my complete deck I want to play the deck for at least 5 - 10 minutes or it is very unsatisfying!
      • Make the towers and inhibitors stronger.
      • Offer a 4 (players) vs 5 (A.I.) mode. Then the matches would be longer.
    • And PLEASE.. more maps! The game seems to be very incomplete with only one map! :(
  • I am vegetarian:

  • And an environmentalist:

  • I love robotics and I am FABRIKating Gadget's arm! ;D