VR Pong

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Vr Pong

Described as a reimagined modern port of the all time classic video game Pong. Made for VR and non-VR gameplay.

Game tries to stays true to it's original but it also offers a bit of a spin on the gameplay. Along side the awesome VR experience you are given 3 weapons each with different characteristics that you can use in order to defeat you opponent.


The setting where the game takes place is a living world with various events happening all around the player. There a several game modes each with it's own levels, there are also single and two player options with multiplayer in development. There are various easter eggs in the game.

Gameplay's silver lining, winning or losing the game are the number of goals one achieves. Along side them you also collect points, that are your ammunition and your final score, so you are also competing for your place on the high score list.


Game modes


First player to achieve the number of targeted goals for example 20 out of 20 it the winner.

Time Attack

Player needs to achieve a given number of goals before the time runs out.


The winning player is the one that has the most goals when the time runs out.


The game is developed by Nejc Lešek. Original Development started in June 2014 as a passion project and a convenient way to keep up with the bleeding edge technology in game davelopment and VR. Design goals were, keep it fun, keep it simple, it should look next gen and it should be focused on VR, but at the same time it should be just as fine tunned to a Non-VR gameplay and at the fundemental level true to it's original. The push to finish the game came at the end of 2014 as 2015 was expected to be the year of VR with a potential initial release of Oculus Rift.


Multiplayer option is planned for the initial Steam release. VR Pong was successfully Greenlit on Steam on the 12th of June 2015.


All the sounds are compositions of freely available sounds under CC0 1.0 Universal license. With the musical soundtrack planned in the near future.


Initially the game was submitted to Oculus Share on January 8th 2015 and released 8 days later. Immediately followed up with an 1.1 update that was released on January 22th and followed by Steam Greenlight submission on January 24th. Version 1.2 was released on 19th of February. Folowed by a 1.25 version on February 24th and 1.3 version submitted on 10th of March and published on 17th. On May 28th version 1.4 was submitted, it marked the biggest update to date, featuring 3 new game modes, each with 10 levels a high score system and overall game improvements.


Official Links

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