Version Notes 2014 10 27

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 10/27

TLDR: Major Changes This Build (10/27):

  • Network prediction system now enabled by default, lots of fixes for it.
  • Lots of Bot AI improvements
  • Lots of misc. fixes.


CTF-Outside new this week!


  • Updated lifts (meshes, sounds)
  • Replaced armor with helmet (deleted old helmet)
  • Moved armor to old health location next to bio
  • Replaced lower level elevator between shock/mini with jump pad
  • Added jump pad to lower level of flak room leading to highest level
  • Shifted some health around and added two new 25s
  • Tweaked post settings
  • Increased flak jump pad distance/travel time
  • Widened flak room ceiling
  • Added lift jump exits


  • Performance optimizations
  • Rebuilt lighting


  • Updated lifts (new meshes, sounds)
  • Tweaked sneaky sewer transition space
  • Added extra pulse


  • Rebuilt after jump pad changes

User Interface

  • Worked around engine bug preventing UT specific user settings from being applied at startup.
  • Fixed sound class hierarchy so the sound sliders work again
  • Fix for the Max # of players showing up wrong in the browser.
  • Fixed crash second time opening the create game dialog if it happens quickly enough after closing the first one.
  • Merged GitHub pull request #89 by jay43k: Editable Mouse Sensitivity box and Control Settings style / format updates.
  • Fixed some settings not saved correctly in the cloud profile.
  • Added placeholder bot skill slider to the Create Game dialog.
  • Fixed dialogs popping up behind the main menu.
  • Fixed crash if crosshair is pointing at a player when they leave the game.
  • Toasts no longer steal mouse input.
  • More Lobby work in progress.
  • Added Reconnect to the mid game menu.
  • Fixed menus not return mouse focus to the game when closing.
  • Made the password box on the login dialog auto-click OK when you press enter.
  • Fixed SUWDialog crash if you Shift-Tab too much.


  • Link proj has zero extent collision against world.
  • Fixed projectile PawnOverlapSphere not colliding with pawns.
  • Fixed some weapon effects bugs.
  • Fixed enforcer burst fire timing bug.
  • Sniper display name fixed.
  • Fixed rare sniper zoom crash.
  • Fixed rare ToggleTranslocator() crash.
  • Added a clamp to the maximum number of hit effects alive at once based on maximum lifetime, so bursts of effects don't plummet the framerate until they time out.
  • Fixed link beam causing blood.
  • Reduced momentum boost from bio glob.


  • Fixed lift restarting from the bottom when it was on it's way up with a pawn already based on it and a second one basing on it
  • Lifts gib ragdolls instead of being blocked by them.
  • Lifts block projectiles and flags.
  • Flags now attach properly to lifts, don't fall through them.
  • Fixed bioshot sticking to lifts properly.
  • Translocator disk works correctly with lifts.


  • Initial bot combat logic
  • Hooked up bots shooting at feet with splash weapons, projectile leading, headshots.
  • Fixed some bugs in combat movement
  • Implemented bot hearing and bots updating their health model of an enemy when that enemy visibly takes damage and/or picks up health/armor in hearing/sight range.
  • First pass rocket launcher AI
  • Fixed some issues with bots targeting enemies
  • Improved bot enemy selection logic and added very basic hunting behavior
  • Added navigation to Circuit and Focus
  • Navigation fixes for DeckTest, SidCastle, and Spacer.
  • Fixed crash with AI and bio rifle


  • Improved synchronization of replayed moves on client. This will reduce noticeable movement corrections at higher pings.
  • Ping Prediction system now enabled by default. Can turn off using Predict 0 in the console (Predict 160 to re-enable).
  • Save updated desired prediction ping when use Predict console command.
  • Improved projectile synchronization with net prediction.
  • Fixed issues with transdisk prediction.
  • Improved translocator teleportation. If using net prediction, client side teleport player on translocate.
  • Fixed sniper tracer with net prediction.
  • All rockets show when firing loaded rockets with net prediction on and ping above 160. Second and third rocket do not have client side fake projectiles.
  • Fixed shock combo issues with net prediction.
  • Teleporters now work client-side.
  • Delay hitscan effects appropriately on high ping clients with prediction.
  • Hack fix for a window when shock combos might not register with net prediction on.


  • Mac fixes, including fixing skeletal meshes on Macs with Nvidia cards running OS X 10.10
  • Adjusted engine to let UT run dedicated servers from the game executable
  • Prototype run dedicated server from the menu on game builds, deprecate listen servers from the menu
  • Removed unnecessary check that was annoying for mutators.
  • Disabled tiled deferred rendering in UT (performance improvement).


  • Fixed infinite slide/dodging along same wall.
  • Don't allow dodging while emoting.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Replaced all Status Announcer sounds with Female Announcer from UT2004.
  • Fixed not being able to respawn in CTF overtime
  • Allow CTF advantage time on match end if the cap would affect the outcome; fixed no halftime delay after an advantage situation.
  • Improved advantage messaging.
  • Fixed the end game (and end half) focus in CTF
  • Fixed TeamWithAdvantage returning the wrong team index
  • Set bEntryPain false by default for UTPainVolume, so slime doesn't kill you so fast when you are swimming along surface.
  • Fully fixed maintaining relative view rotation through teleporters.
  • Default to behindview when spectating
  • Merged fix for level with no playerstarts and addition of Say/TeamSay to controls menu
  • Tweaked the red team color slightly for visibility
  • Improved shield belt hit effects
  • Modify PackageCookedDir to support cooking client platforms only
  • Fixed footsteps after dead when gibbed.
  • Fixed local character being able to be gibbed repeatedly while in death camera.
  • Fixed dead characters sometimes holding an arbitrary other weapon that was in its inventory and not thrown.
  • Fixed a rare character death crash that resulted from projectile overlap/damage recursion.
  • Games in PIE never end to make Nick happy!
  • First pass of character mesh LODs
  • Workaround for config property replication engine bug.