Version Notes 2014 10 31

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 10/31

TLDR: Major Changes This Build (10/31):

  • Halloween Theme
  • Increased ground movement acceleration
  • CTF Bot AI (work in progress - only functional on CTF-FaceTest)
  • CTF announcer, translocator, and gameplay improvements.



  • Fixed a few lift times
  • Removed lift pit under rocket lift


  • Fixed sticky ramp between shock/armor
  • Added new shortcut behind thigh pads


  • Fixed sticky slope next to red lift tower
  • Fixed water volumes to properly cover all areas

User Interface

  • Fixed rebinding Backwards and Left (workaround for engine bug).
  • You can now set the size of a dialog.
  • UTProfileSettings is now just a dump. It's not authoritative at all.
  • Removed the "local" profile
  • Don't load profiles until the player is logged in
  • Added a welcome dialog if the player hasn't set their name on login.
  • Default the logged in player's name to their display name
  • Fixed a bug where weapon priorities where not being cleared with Clear Profile.
  • Turned off auto-wrapping on Toasts because it's broken in engine.


  • Fixed redeemer not being put down after alt firing.
  • Fixed translocator crash
  • Denied announcement for shooting down redeemer.
  • Guided redeemer no longer blows up after 20 seconds.
  • Fixed transdisk under water.
  • Fixed drowning when you translocate to underwater.


  • Fixed flag returns when it falls into KillZ.
  • Fixed excess "Flag Returned" notifications.
  • Added CTF flag event sounds.
  • Added "Denied" announcement for last second flag cap prevention.
  • Fixed halftime and endgame camera for CTF.


  • First pass bot handling of impact jumps, jump boot jumps, and translocator
  • First pass CTF bot logic
  • Translocator AI improvements


  • 4.5.1 upgrade
  • Fixed Mac EULA non-acceptance crash
  • Added a static blueprint callable function to get the world gravity.


  • Increased ground movement acceleration.


  • First pass impact effect culling system for hitscan weapons.
  • Effect culling for weapon attachment spawned impact effects.
  • Explosion effect culling for projectiles, unified effect culling system.
  • Optimized blood effect.
  • Fixed decals not projecting on lifts correctly.
  • Fixed decals projecting on gibs (perf).
  • Don't spawn more blood effects when gibs collide with each other (perf)

Misc. Gameplay

  • Prioritize time update announcements below game status announcements.
  • Updated end of match announcements.
  • Updated team scoring announcements.
  • Emotes now 3 at a time, with proper controls config settings and emote chooser.
  • Realigned game over camera for better visibility of winning player.
  • Smoothed spectating camera.
  • Character should stop moving when starting driving.
  • Hooked up Balance Teams option to .ini and URL.
  • HUD texture tweaks/ clean up.
  • Fixes damage indicators appear when you don't actually take damage.
  • Fixed taking damage when moving along surface of pain volume.
  • Fixed rotating mesh when looking around while feigning death.
  • Made Advantage consistent.
  • Fixed a bug where it was setting the advantage team index to -1 instead of 255.
  • Proper transition to overtime.

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