Version Notes 2014 11 07

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 11/7

TLDR: Major Changes This Build (11/7):

  • CTF-Blank New this week! Very early medium size CTF level in a canyon.
  • New Bio rifle prototype with new fast firing mode with sliding mini bio shots, bio goo tracking targets, and making bio goo webs with link gun. Very early work in progress, not balanced, more to come.
  • Improved Bot CTF AI, with AI support in CTF-Outside and CTF-Dam.
  • Networking and miscellaneous gameplay fixes.


CTF-Blank New this week! Very early medium size CTF level in a canyon.


  • Increased tower lift stay open time to 1s (from 0.5).
  • Lowered udamage area 250 units so it can be reached with RL grenades and made it less deep to increase risk a bit.
  • Removed thigh pads.
  • Widened chest armor platform.
  • Lowered kill-z.
  • Removed vials in flagbases on bridge leading to sniper.

BP_TeamDeco: team colored level deco

  • Added crate variant.
  • Added light offset variable (to customize light position for children).

Bio Rifle Prototype

  • Cleaned up base bio rifle implementation, removing obsolete blueprints and classes.
  • Unified all bio projectiles to have common behavior.
  • Moved all bio projectile functionality from blueprints to code, cleaned up.
  • Cleaned up bio projectile remaining rest timer, don't replicate it.
  • Use same scaling factor for bio blob mesh and collision when growing it, so they always match.
  • Landed bio goo has ambient sound.
  • Added Bio combo mode. Regular fire + press alt results in fast firing of mini shots.
  • Mini bio goo slides. Big globs don't slide (so they can stick to walls, etc.)
  • Increased bio goo bigger on ground overlap radius.
  • Dropped bio goo tracks nearby players who get damaged by goo.
  • Bio shots don't track their instigator or teammates.
  • Added C++ LinkGun to allow adding support for bio web linking (most link gun functionality is still in the blueprint). Bio alt-fire goo can now be linked into a web by link gun.
  • Can only web link landed bio, web bio can't track players.
  • Bio web connect sound effect. Tweaked web max link distance.
  • Web causes damage from all its blobs to any player touching a webbed blob or a web link.
  • Increased base lifespan of charged goo.
  • Fixed bio shot replication issues including bio web replication.


  • Reduced ambient sound radius for various projectiles.
  • Fixed remote redeemer collision profile to be projectile shootable.
  • Added the ability for damagetypes to temporarily reduce the victim's friction and acceleration while walking to try to allow for more momentum on rapid fire weapons (e.g. link beam) without requiring knocking them into the air/lockdown.
  • Increased seeking rocket lifespan.
  • New Flak audio.
  • Can't telefrag player with shieldbelt (translocating player gets telefragged instead).


  • Fixed timestamp rollover issues * was causing dodge and other timed movements to stop working in net play.
  • Fixed potential server crash in ServerViewPawn()
  • Fixed net prediction crash if high ping player dies right after firing hitscan weapon.
  • Fixed extra shock combo hit registrations with net prediction.
  • Fix other clients stuck in falling animation at edge of ledge.
  • Avoid de-synchronizing rocket projectile type on client and server * don't allow last instant mode changes.
  • Fix OldZ not being set during simulated moves so remote clients get bad eye offset calcuations when spectating


  • Improvements to AI translocator logic and moved some of it that isn't strictly dependent on the current translocator implementation to UTBot
  • Fixed bot priority for timed powerups.
  • Various AI improvements with level traversal.
  • Added initial paths to CTF-Outside and CTF-Dam.
  • Improved AI detour handling, particularly to health pickups.
  • Bots don't interrupt in progress translocator throw when seeing an enemy unless it's a flag carrier.
  • Fixed an issue where a bot would keep the translocator selected unnecessarily.
  • Fixed bots not switching weapons right away when out of ammo.
  • Fixed a bug in the projectile leading code.
  • Fixed lift jump bot path to UDamage in DM-Circuit.
  • Bot crash fixes.
  • Adjusted position offset for navmesh functions to fix some edge cases where bots think they're on a spot slightly below a ledge they need to jump off of first.

Engine/ Mod Support

  • Fixed stale dll warnings.
  • Fixed some decal issues.
  • Re-enabled decals on DX10 since engine support has been added.
  • Fixed sample mutator using bad coding conventions.
  • Work around possible engine crash spawning a UTProjectile that gets destroyed during BeginPlay().
  • Mutator::ModifyDamage should get called from GameMode::ModifyDamage * Github Pull Request from Unliterate.


  • Fixed wall dodge after lift dodge.
  • Added simplified collision via max to elevator meshes to bypass step up bug.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Support for fully 3D transformed eye offsets.
  • Weapon kickback pushes view back slightly without affecting crosshair position.
  • Separate interp and decay rate for each component of EyeOffset vector.
  • Don't rotate local player during victory screen
  • Faster 3rd person camera smoothing
  • HUD and Weapon Bar fixes (WIP)
  • Deleted old heartbeat sound layer from sprint. Sprint now just heavy breathing.
  • Added first pass scoring summary display to CTF halftime (captures, assists, etc).
  • Fixed assist scoring not getting cleared when the flag is returned/scored.
  • Fixed a bug with advantage time and dropped flags.
  • Change the way we go freecam when viewing your killer
  • Fixed the pickup traces being able to collide with other characters touching the same pickup
  • Fixed not acquiring weapon pickups when standing on top of them at respawn time if weapon stay is on.
  • Fixed not being able to pick things up that are in water.
  • Drowning damage no longer blocked by armor, and no longer causes blood.
  • Fixed winner/loser announcements at end of match.
  • Fixed some timer message announcements.
  • Fix ragdoll camera positioning issue that let you see through walls
  • Reverted halloween theme.
  • Fixed player footstep sounds after suicide. Suiciding player grunts.

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