Version Notes 2014 11 14

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 11/14

TLDR: Major Changes This Build (11/14):

  • Fall theme
  • Updates to CTF-Blank
  • Improvements to Roll movement mechanic, can now tap crouch to roll.
  • Bot AI, Networking and miscellaneous gameplay fixes.



  • Less cover on middle bridge, better access to new side entrance. etc..
  • Hacked in support for "pushing" water for CTF-Blank.
  • Fixed water collision bugs and made jump in middle easier.
  • Moved armors, lighting tweaks, misc polish stuff.


  • Fixed sticky lift.


  • Reduced transdisk speed.
  • Tweaked translocator firing timings.
  • Don't allow translocator to pass through blocking volumes.
  • Fixed some bio rifle crashes.
  • Reduced bio lifetime when not webbed.
  • Fixed bio damage radius.
  • Hopeful fix for various bio replication issues.
  • Impact hammer altfire now causes momentum (but not damage) on players that are hit (both allies and enemies).
  • Slightly reduced rocket self boost.
  • Reduced multi-rocket/multi-hit boost more.
  • Increased team momentum boost.
  • Unified and fixed culling for weapon effects that are out of view.
  • Updates to new Flak audio.
  • Fixed Redeemer not being removed correctly.


  • Projectile net prediction debugging code. Enable by setting UTPlayerController config property bIsDebuggingProjectiles to 1.
  • Removed spurious net prediction projectile warnings when debugging is enabled and the player has low enough ping that prediction isn't used
  • Fixed projectile prediction causing incorrect suicides instead of kill credit in cases where the server compensated location is colliding with something and the resulting explosion kills an enemy.
  • Fixed the shock combo explosion effect not playing on clients in some situations.


  • Fall Background
  • Removed duplicate master sound volume slider.
  • Fixed DM scoring display to show the viewed player when spectating instead of useless personal data
  • Fixed client HUD crash


  • First pass of bot shock combos.
  • Fixed some edge cases where bots weren't handling jumps over obstacles correctly.
  • Fixed semi-rare bot crash involving rocket launcher.
  • Fixed a minor issue with building jump paths.
  • Tweaked translocator AI for new disc speed and fire rate.
  • Fixed some edge cases where bots' reached destination check returned an incorrect result.

Engine/ Mod Support

  • More mutator hooks.
  • Made ammo weapon type asset registry searchable for convenience of weapon replacement mutators.
  • Updated MakeUTDLC script to cook maps with dlc package
  • Increased indirect lighting transition speed. Was seeing bad results on levels with high contrast in lighting values.
  • Added 'abstract' to UTJumpBoots base class so it doesn't incorrectly show up in lists in the editor.


  • Quick tap of crouch button makes you roll.
  • You can now roll off ledges.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Weapon bases shadow properly.
  • Added option to remove collision to team decos
  • Changed default time for lift to wait at top from 0.5s to 1.
  • Blob shadows for the character's feet.
  • Altfire button in spectating state now goes back to free cam.
  • Added status ambient sound system and low health ambient sound.
  • View killer's location on death.
  • Grunt when die from killz.
  • Low grav mutator to -525 gravity (from -250).
  • Made sure team balancing is on in Duel.
  • Fixed Duel not showing score on the HUD correctly.
  • Fixed weapon/powerup pickups that have their inventory item removed not hiding the base correctly.
  • Award assists for players that defend a flag carrier.

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