Version Notes 2014 11 21

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 11/21

TLDR: Major Changes This Build (11/21):

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.6 preview. Fixed a lot of issues related to upgrade, there may be more fall out (Help us by testing and reporting issues!).
  • New asymmetric CTF map CTF-Crashsite!
  • Dual Enforcers! (thanks HiroP713)
  • Improved bio web functionality, with new faster bio glob overcharge to web.
  • Stinger shards (alt-fire) now remain imbedded in walls for a short time, block players.
  • Translocator functionality updates.


CTF-CrashSite new this week!


  • Tweaks to bases
  • Fixed water in CTF-Blank blocking weapons fire
  • Rebuilt lighting, paths etc.
  • Tweaked water acceleration to be 10% faster


  • Removed sticky area @ramp near biorifle/thighpads.


  • Added Team signs.


  • Fixed a weapon related 'ensure' triggering in rare cases when dying while switching weapons
  • Fixed radial damage not working when projectiles hit level geometry (4.6 change to collision very near surface?)
  • More Flak audio updates based on feedback.
  • Possible fix for semi-rare weapon crash
  • Added AUTProj_Rocket as common superclass of all rocket projectiles.
  • Slowed down spiral rockets.


  • Dual enforcers! (GitHub pull request #104 by HiroP713)
  • WIP updates to enforcer audio.


  • Can no longer recall disrupted disks (can still pick up by touching them).
  • Added disrupted disk recall failure sound.
  • Fixed picking up disks by walking over them.
  • Translocator no longer has charges.
  • Fixed translocating player teleport location - now attempts to center on transdisk if in the air.
  • Destroy/return disrupted transdisk after 30 seconds.
  • Added damage threshold for disrupting transdisk (currently 10).
  • Tweaked translocator firing speed.
  • Custom death message for when player telefrags self attempting to telefrag shieldbelted player.
  • Fixed translocator bouncing off pickups, etc.


  • When linking bio into web, multi-link new additions automatically.
  • A full glob that can be overcharged now pulses. Use link beam to overcharge, and glob explodes into bio web.
  • Fixed spawning multiple globlings when over full glob lands.
  • Added blueprint interface for adding/removing bio web links.
  • Fix for web link orientation.
  • Bio web link has its own particle system, to allow customization.
  • Reduced bio web life span to 20 seconds.
  • Fixed bio web replication issues.


  • Stinger alt fires slower, uses more ammo, causes more damage.
  • Stinger alt-fire shard sticks to walls, has blocking collision.
  • Character takes small amount of damage when jumping off a stuck stinger shard.


  • Workaround for game clients not respecting bNotForClientOrServer and related settings


  • Improved pathfinding's detection of valid translocator paths
  • Added bot pickup timing (in both directions - low skill bots will not know to go after powerups that respawned right away, while high skill bots will start moving there in advance)

Engine/ Mod Support

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.6 preview.
  • Fix shader cache not finding landscape in time.
  • Fix for engine divide by zero.


  • Fixed UT specific keybinds not being uploaded to/restored from the cloud storage correctly.
  • Workaround for composite fonts on the HUD.
  • Fix for the Mid-game Menu not closing.
  • Fixed controls menu not handling single tap wall dodge bindings correctly.
  • Lobby UI 1st pass.
  • Added a base player controller class and updated with the basic functionality needed by both PC and LobbyPC.
  • Hooked up Lobby planel generation via the game mode.
  • Hooked up Say/TeamSay to use the new ChatDestination code for proper routing in lobbies and instanced games.


  • Don't prevent crouch when waiting for tap roll but rather just uncrouch and roll immediately if crouch is released in the window


  • Some super basic "hip rotation" to align feet to floor. Experimenting with more advanced IK
  • Falling animation now loops properly.
  • Roll animation looks a little better.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed remaining time being wrong on clients for up to one minute after joining an in progress game
  • Early first pass of switching sides in CTF (has to be enabled in the map, currently only CTF-CrashSite)
  • Show score for own Pawn whenever it exists, even when viewing another player (e.g. end of game)
  • Call SetPlayerDefaults() when losing jump boots
  • Fixed rare case where the player's camera won't view the new character after respawning
  • Fixed join in progress crash after sides were swapped.
  • Fixed a case where a flag scorer could also get an assist
  • Fixed crash on suicide
  • DM flawless victory only if no suicides.
  • Fixed CTF message text showing up in TDM.
  • Berserk fills your ammo when you pick it up.
  • Fixed dropped pickups that time out not cleaning up their inventory item correctly (memory leak + perf loss over time although recovered upon map switch)
  • Don't spectate killer right now, re-enable when test coverage is better
  • Added the ability to specify a delay for announcements, so reward announcements don't get drowned out by other sounds.
  • Added RewardAnnouncementClass to UTDamageType for announcement to play when kill with this damage type.
  • Cleaned up headshot announcement implementation.
  • Removed no longer needed hack for projectiles that want to fall after hitting an obstacle on XY plane; this also fixes a rare divide by zero error
  • Updated UT Logo in loading/entry
  • Small tweaks to foot shadows

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