Version Notes 2014 12 05

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 12/5

TLDR: Major Changes This Build (12/5):

  • New DM-Temple map!
  • Lots of weapon improvements and tweaks.
  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.6 final release.


New DM-Temple map!


  • Started moving brushes on grid.
  • Moved spawns, pickups, and flag bases to ensure that they were equal between bases (one team had slight advantages).


  • Added logo to Deck.


  • Made windows underneath flag stand flush with the ground


  • Fixed Rocket grenade gravity
  • Reduced splash radius for Rockets and Flak shell.
  • No longer able to activate Sniper zoom while equipping/unequipping the weapon
  • Fixed Enforcer firing twice in a row from the right hand gun when starting fire in dual mode
  • Fixed Enforcer crash when burst shot results in owner dying (generally, killed someone else who released bio/rocket and killed original shooter)
  • Third person dual Enforcers attach correctly at hand position.
  • Updated Shock Rifle with new pre-alpha proto mesh wip and associated assets.
  • Increased Shock rifle default ammo to 20.
  • Added physics vortex effect to Shock combo (combo location temporarily vacuums dead bodies and gibs them)
  • Added light to shock combo explosion
  • Impacted Stinger shards are no longer blocking, explode on impact with upward momentum provide in the plane of the surface in which the shard is embedded.
  • Allow firing Stinger alt-shard even if not enough ammo (if have any ammo).
  • Reduced ammo use of Stinger alt;
  • Fixed gib properties of Stinger and sniper
  • Prevent multiple Stinger shards from giving massive simultaneous boost, and smoothed out the shard boost damping.
  • Fixed Bio shot tracking crash.
  • Reduced charged bio goo life span.
  • Reduced lifetime of bio globs;
  • Replaced Bio Altfire wav with Cue for attenuation.
  • Reduced Link plasma overlap radius.
  • Tweaked Flak cannon primary fire spread/speed/gravity/bounce
  • Reduced delay before Flak shards affected by gravity from 1.0 sec to 0.5 sec.
  • No Flak center shard damage bonus after bounce.
  • Redeemer is visible on player's back when not active.
  • Redeemer detonated by enemy fire does small explosion instead of full nuclear blast.
  • Updated Redeemer 1p and 3p meshes and fixed redeemer 1st person mesh view, removed its physics asset.
  • Aligned capsule collision for redeemer projectiles.
  • Redeemer has to start with overlaps off so that driver can get set before overlaps are checked


  • Fixed occasional divide by zero issue in bot aiming and network prediction code due to characters storing multiple position entries in the same frame
  • Improved lift replication; fixed a bug where a player landing on the lift while it was in progress would teleport the lift to its starting position
  • Lobby WIP - End to End with reconnection working. Needs some clean up still.
  • Lobby work (instance control, match info channel)
  • Game instances will now timeout after a set value (LobbyInitialTimeoutTime) is reached without a player joining.


  • Added pickup messages.
  • Crosshair pulses when item is picked up.
  • Updated pickup display strings.

Engine/ Mod Support

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.6 final release.
  • Added support for shorthand names when specifying mutators (i.e. allow omitting the path and trailing _C for blueprint types)
  • Fix swept child collision code not actually reverting the root component location because of an error with the static "bRecursing" variable.
  • Server admins can register a redirect URL for custom maps
  • Mount all saved pak files when reloading game.
  • End of Game Analytics.
  • Fixed a navigation data drawing crash.
  • Added new interface UTMovementBaseInterface for actor classes that want to be notified when their status as a base for a UTCharacter changes. UTLift, stinger shard,

and transdisk now use this interface instead of the old hacky code in UTCharacter. Cleaned up unneeded UTCharacter includes. Added native support for keeping track of

based UTCharacters on lifts, changed the blueprint to use this support.

  • Fixed a case where decals could get incorrectly attached to characters.


  • New Entry Screen.
  • Fixed broken logo in scoreboards.
  • UT15 background menu background.
  • Added ability for LDs to specify author, description, recommended player count, screenshot, etc in the world settings and have it appear in the Create Game dialog.
  • Fixed setpause crash.
  • Redirected content download dialog with progress bar.
  • Drastically improved the startup time of the Create Game and Player Settings dialogs by using better asset registry searching.
  • Updated Entry logo with higher res / cleaner logo.


  • Fixed character movement divide by zero issues
  • Don't include regular jumps/dodges in multijump count. Fixes various bugs with multijumps and jumpboots.
  • Made jumping out of water easier.
  • Added WaterCurrentVelocity to UTWaterVolume. Specifies speed of current. Can also provide custom current using blueprint function GetCurrentFor().

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed heartbeat playing after death.
  • Fixed CTF goal score setting.
  • Hooked up mercy rule setting (defaults to 5 for CTF).
  • Show scoring summary at the end of the game too.
  • Improved scoring summary with column labels.
  • Timed powerups continue to tick down at slower rate when dropped.
  • Increased volume of thighpad pickup audio for better feedback
  • Fixed potential crash when running CTF on the wrong map type
  • Merged collision and UT projectile movement fixes from ZakM
  • Fixed lift interaction issues with gibs and dropped weapons.

Misc Visuals

  • Weapon visual updates (coloring/materials)
  • Updated armor pieces to be less blobbly/indistinct.
  • Updated weapon base materials.
  • Fixed gib visibility check. Remove gibs faster.
  • Updated flags and weapon bases.
  • Added a couple of visual options to pickups placed in levels (rotation and floating)

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