Version Notes 2014 12 12

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 12/12

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • DM-Cannon new this week!
  • Weapon balance tweaks.
  • Bot AI improvements
  • Bio web improvements.
  • New lobby and stats system WIP, almost ready to use.


  • DM-Cannon new this week!
  • Updated all map descriptions


  • Added navmesh


  • Fixed snaggy ramp near sniper


  • Widened Shock area
  • Added some more exit messaging in the ship
  • Fixed some lighting issues


  • Added navmesh


  • Heightened some of the doorways/ceilings


  • Fixed snaggy ramp


  • Added navmesh
  • Fixed default mat


  • Fixed blocked jump pad (blue midfield)
  • Added missing water volume in center
  • Misc BSP cleanup


  • Fixed some feign death issues on nicktest


  • Udamage now reachable via impact hammer


  • Bio web has shorter life, but can be re-charged with link gun.
  • New visual effects for charging and low life remaining.
  • Manage bio life in tick rather than constantly changing timer.
  • Optimized bio web beam effect to improve performance. Still too slow.
  • Better goo tracking.
  • Improved blob to web link selection.
  • Improved bio web visual debugging.
  • Fixed bio not replicating bLanded
  • Increased default trace range for weapons so they don't fizzle across Face
  • Reduced Link projectile damage.
  • More Flak cannon tweaks.
  • Added portal afterimage to translocations; for 0.15 seconds, weapons fire that hits where the player used to be will be teleported to that player's translocation destination


  • Very slightly increased impact jump impulse
  • Water currents will now slide you along surfaces.
  • Changed UTWaterVolume current properties to be separate direction vector and magnitude.


  • 1st pass at new menu music
  • Fix config files being unable to save urls properly so redirect locations can be added to config files.
  • Added mutator selection to create game UI; mutators can now have UMG config menus (see Instagib mutator for very simple example)
  • Fixed main menu crash when trying to create a game if a blueprint-only mutator class is already in memory when the menu is opened (such as from a previous instance of the menu).


  • Bots update enemy info when bumping into them while strafing,
  • Improved high skill bot combat movement,
  • Fixed a crash caused by an uninitialized value error when bots' only awareness of their current enemy comes from an imprecise sound
  • Fixed an edge case where lift pathing wouldn't build correctly
  • Improved path generation for jump pads that go straight up and are meant to be air controlled off of (e.g. DM-Lea)
  • Fixed navigation path height generation; bots now have basic handling of crouch paths


  • Added announcement precaching, fixes hitches when an announcement is first played.
  • Tick character anims right before freeze so players end in better pose.
  • Raised max number of spectators
  • Fixed rare crash in AUTPlayerController::UpdateHiddenComponents()
  • Fixed overkill damage awarding points in CTF personal scoring
  • Removed no longer needed PIE gametype finding code as engine was fixed in 4.6
  • Clear controller view roll when pawn destroyed.
  • Fixed ragdoll at end of match
  • GitHub pull request #108: enforcer ammo pickup (thanks wail)
  • Allow emotes during halftime.
  • Fixed low health ambient playing on old dead pawns.
  • Announce player's team at start of match.

Lobby WIP

  • Match stats now update in realtime in the lobby
  • Player info is now updated in realtime in the lobby
  • You can't start a match without the mim # of players
  • Fixed the bug where a returning player wasn't put in the right match if > 1 match was available
  • Clicking on a match icon will now spectate the match if it's in progress
  • Locked out joining of any time during start update
  • Fixed some bugs regarding inactive matches
  • Fixed a few "replicated out of order" bugs that still existed.
  • Give an option to return to the lobby in instanced games instead of reconnecting
  • Made ChatDestination a member of UTPlayerState
  • Hooked up server server control over the chat destination
  • You now properly choose the right destination depending on game mode (normal, lobby) and when you enter a lobby match
  • Lobby games now detect if you enter without having a valid sign in and ask you to sign in
  • Made the MatchInfo enter the WaitingForPlayer's state after the server receives and sets the final defaults, not before

Stats System WIP

  • Stats manager first pass
  • Stats writing json to cloud
  • Persist stat manager when going to inactive player array
  • Cloud stats pass 2, disabled by default until stability and perf investigation can be done

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