Version Notes 2014 12 19

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 12/19

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Stats System prototype is now functional. Can view your stats in game.
  • New HUD implemented (early, unpolished).
  • Much improved CTF-Dam layout.
  • New Enforcer prototype mesh.
  • Lots of weapon balance tweaks.
  • New weapon functionality: link gun linking, bio web improvements.
  • Bot AI improvements.
  • For the holiday season, current score leader gets a snowman mask.



  • Layout changes near shieldbelt.
  • Moved pickups around to try to spread action more evenly across the map.
  • Cannon trigger setup, moved shock rifle and link gun


  • Major re-work, especially midfield.


  • Fixed Redeemer respawn delay.
  • Bio web uses capsules instead of traces for web collision. Improves performance, allows selective projectile blocking.
  • Web blocks shootable projectiles.
  • Bio web ignores instigator and teammates.
  • Web effect and sound when friendly walks through a bio web.
  • Translocator can be disruped by bio webs.
  • Consistent web link replication, with limits to number of links for perf.
  • Don't replicate bio web link sounds.
  • Reduced number of sounds played on web linking.
  • Don't allow Enforcers to be tossed with ThrowWeapon.
  • Separate bring up and put down times when have dual enforcers.
  • Added Enforcer prototype mesh in first and third person.
  • Additional headshot scale setting for Sniper.
  • Don't show headshot circle unless target is near the crosshair.
  • Reduced Link Gun beam momentum/lockdown.
  • Link beam no longer floats the opponent when they are walking and the shooter is above them (still causes upwards momentum if victim is in the air).
  • Merged github pull request #72 - link gun linking (thanks Wail).
  • Increased refire delay on Impact Hammer shield projectile.
  • Momentum imparted by shield projectile is now reduced the farther away the target is from the center of the projectile.
  • Added momentum scaling factor for friendly pawns to the impact hammer shield projectile, so we can separately tune momentum imparted to enemy and friendly pawns.
  • Reduced momentum imparted to enemies by impact shield projectile, while leaving friendly momentum imparted unchanged.
  • Added support to UTWeapon for custom scaling of hitscan momentum imparted to friendly characters.
  • Stronger link beam pull for teammates, to see what kinds of interesting team boosting it allows.
  • Reduced link projectile damage.
  • Updated Shock Rifle prototype meshes.
  • First pass render-to-texture display on shock rifle.
  • Adjusted Rocket Launcher coloring.


  • Fixed going too fast swimming on surface.
  • Improved getting out of water.
  • Apply water current to partially submerged players who are falling into the water.
  • Added RestrictedJumpTime to UTJumpPad - during this portion of the jump, players have no air control.
  • Added configurable option to control whether tapping crouch causes player to slide/roll. Exposed this option in the UI control menu.
  • Removed the keep current acceleration when holding down shift functionality.


  • New version of Malcolm rigged to the new rig (not yet being used).
  • Retargeted animations to work with new rig.
  • WIP new animation blueprint.

Stats System

  • Now functional - stats saved by server for each player to persistent save.
  • Can view your own stats in game (option in the Game menu list).
  • Stats viewer prototype uses generated web page rendered in the game UI using the integrated chromium browser.
  • Stats also generates Elo rating for Duel.
  • Plan is to support stats viewing directly on the LAN, and provide interface so community can develop new ways of visualizing and analyzing stats.


  • Fixed chat panel crash.
  • New menu color scheme.
  • New HUD (WIP, unpolished), with support for all gametypes.
  • Added an example of how to build a new hud widget 100% in blueprint (Floating player score in TDM).
  • Added demo recording option to UI and URL ( ?demorec=filename ) (playback still requires console command).
  • Added auto wall-slide option to controls menu and profile - controls whether you have to press shift to engage wall-slide.
  • Added single tap wall dodge only after jump option to control menu and profile - controls whether you must have jumped (rather than just be falling) to be able to single tap wall dodge.
  • Left justify options in mouse and control menus.
  • Cleaned up create game menu element positioning and scaling.


  • Improved bot use of rapid fire weapons.
  • Fixed some edge cases where bots were shooting when they shouldn't or vice versa due to a logic mismatch.
  • Fixed crash when firing guided redeemer at bots.
  • Initial system of saving map event data for AI recognizing high traffic areas, good hiding spots, etc..
  • Basic redeemer AI support (no guided fire yet).
  • Primitive AI support for invisibility (don't get visibility updates on invisible characters).
  • Fixed pathing on DM-DeckTest.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed helmet not correctly preventing headshot bonus.
  • Never let CTF scoring announcements get skipped.
  • Fixed CleanupQoS crash.
  • Tweaked jump boots trigger threshold so they can't be activated simultaneously with the initial jump, but added a flag so they can be used to save from a fall at any speed.
  • Fixed invisibility not removing the character foot shadows.
  • Fixed precaching of spree announcements.
  • Fixed CTF pawns weren't freezing at half time on a dedicated server.
  • Fixed team color being lost when invisibility wears off.
  • For the holiday season, current score leader gets a snowman mask.
  • Fixed reset after halftime not working for BP-only consumers of UTResetInterface.


  • Fixed HUBs not showing the proper game class in the server browser.
  • Added a default server name for hubs.
  • Fixed the default lobby name.
  • Made the RenderObj_XXXX functions blueprint callable.
  • Fixed the OnlineGameSettingsBase to support Hubs.


  • Fixed player camera position before match starts in net game.

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