Version Notes 2015 01 09

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 1/9

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Lots of HUD improvements.
  • New Scoreboards.
  • Fixed networking issues where shot would fire on client but not on server.
  • Bot AI improvements.
  • Choose between two spawn points on respawn in Duel.
  • Stats improvements.



  • Fixed light that was causing weapon glow bug by setting light source radius to 0


  • Fixed snaggy BSP spots.
  • Added bot pathing.
  • Rebuilt with Minimize BSPSections=false.


  • Added up/down rotation to Redeemer in code temporarily since no animations.
  • Decreased Redeemer bringup and putdown times.
  • Fixed Impact Hammer alt momentum on friendlies
  • Made sure WeaponNoCharacter collision channel has same collision responses as Weapon where appropriate.
  • More work on Shock Rifle render-to-texture screen
  • Fixed second Enforcer mesh appearing at the origin for the local player when wielding a single (not dual) enforcer
  • Bio shot uses absolute scale, so charged bio doesn't scale weirdly when it attaches to a scaled component.
  • Fixed charged weapon crash associated with delegate ID mismatch preventing ClearTimer() from working.


  • Lower eye position on slide regardless of how triggered.
  • Weapon bob on slide to provide more feedback.
  • Don't dodge on tapping W-D-W or other side/forward combos.
  • Removed no longer needed bJustDodged.


  • Enlarged Clock
  • Refined red/blue team colors
  • Moved health and armor icos to outside instead of next to paper doll
  • tweaked health/armor colors
  • Fixed hud scaling
  • Fixed a bug with Opacity and Hud Widgets
  • Added a menu for adjusting the hud parameters (use the console command HUDSettings)
  • Added inactive opacity to the weapon bar.
  • Added the HUD settings menu to the in-game menu
  • Added RequiredGroups config var to the weapon bar to insure a set # of groups is always displayed (defaulted to original UT style)
  • Updated the weapon bar to correctly render empty groups
  • Made the HUD settings globalconfig
  • Better management of powerups on the hud
  • All Inventory items held by the player now get a chance to be rendered. It's up to them if they don't want to be
  • Promoted HUDIcon up to UTInventory and removed it from UTWeapon and UTTimedPowerup
  • Set the powerups and jumpboots to use the newer icons
  • Updated the HUD art to remove the compression artificats.
  • Added a HUD Render priority to UTInventory so that we can control the order in which they appear
  • Added a scale override for just the weapon bar (community request)
  • New Weapon bar Opacity levels and hud options to set them.
  • Colorized icons for the weapon bar are available
  • Changed how hud icons are loaded
  • The Weaponbar uses pending weapon if available
  • Added on-screen weapon name when switching weapons
  • Fixed place tracking
  • New leaderboard for FFA
  • HUD widgets should now show only when they should
  • Better WeaponBar ammo meter
  • Fixed hud widgets when you have the redeemer in remote fly.

Demo Recording

  • Fixed some demorec related server crashes.
  • Fixed scoreboard and HUD in demo playback.
  • Fixed switching between players to view in demo playback.

Stats System

  • Download stats every time you open the stats panel, 30 second cooldown to avoid spam.
  • Add sprees and multikills to stats.
  • First pass TDM and CTF skill ratings.
  • Fixed the "Deleted Profile" Message coming up when stats delete it's local copy.


  • New Scoreboards (WIP) for all game types.
  • Ready state is displayed in scoreboard before matches.
  • Fixed the Spectator screen
  • Fixed Red team message.
  • Added localized message when you change team.
  • Fixed various game messages not being displayed while dead.
  • Fixed mouse sensitivity setting not being pulled from the cloud correctly.
  • Fixed text chat crash.
  • Added "Clear Cloud" button to make clearing out your profile easier.
  • Fixed a bug where if you killed the profile, it wouldn't ever resave.


  • First pass bot hiding with the flag, includes support for remembering successful hiding spots across matches.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would use the wrong path connection in rare cases.
  • Improved bot use of impact hammer in combat..
  • Fixed log warning spam with bots on dedicated server
  • Added AI for specifically targeting superpickups (chest armor, shield belt, timed powerups, etc).
  • Improved responsiveness of attacking bots in CTF returning the friendly flag when opportune.
  • Fixed "navmesh needs to be rebuilt" message not showing up when level is saved without rebuilding when automatic navmesh generation is turned off.
  • Changed SavedPositions back to storing multiple entries when there are multiple moves in a tick; fixed the AI divide by zero issue a different way.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Decoupled respawn wait time and forced respawn time
  • Fixed potential divide by zero in GetRewindLocation().
  • Added the ability for the helmet to play a sound when it blocks a headshot.
  • Don't drop boots pickup when holder is killed with zero charges (in the middle of final jump)
  • Added mutator hook for match state change
  • Default to waiting for players to be ready, but added an optional time limit for ready wait that defaults to 20 seconds
  • Select your respawn point in Duel.
  • Respawn choices is now a config option.
  • Fix r.RefractionQuality for low and medium settings.
  • High scorer on each team has "leader" snowman head.
  • Fixed dropped pickups being spawned in the floor in some cases.
  • Receive Decals=False on all pickups and pickup-bases.
  • Fixed jump boot accessed none on dedicated server.

Server Administration

  • Hub servers now pass their listen port to their instances.
  • RConExec allows rcon user to run console commands


  • Fixed synchronizing slide between client and server.
  • Improved deciding whether to send or delay servermoves (don't delay important moves including jump, dodge, direction change).
  • Revised how sending servermoves is delayed to manage bandwidth use. Can now have an arbitrary number of pending moves.
  • Don't need LastSentMoveTime, just use ClientData->ClientUpdateTime.
  • Now set bShotSpawned for shots caused by continuous firing.
  • Replicate bShotSpawned and save it in saved positions.
  • If client successfully fires right after equipping, server will also fire even if not quite done equipping when serverfire is received (no more skipped shots at end of equip).
  • Fixed server not firing shots that were fired on client because reload not quite done on server.
  • Mark the last saved position as where a shot the server couldn't fire synchronized was spawned so can synch firing to client position.
  • Improved shot synchronization between client and server when fire button held down.

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