Version Notes 2015 01 23

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 1/23

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.7 preview build.
  • Improved networking: client adjustments and bandwidth use.
  • Weapon replacement mutator with UMG interface submitted by cardonator/Sir_Brizz.
  • Improved pre-match support for waiting for players, team selection, and ready up.
  • User friendly support in UT Editor for packaging UT weapons, levels, and accessories.
  • Friends support in progress.


  • Added support for bullet whip sounds
  • Added bullet whip sounds for near miss with Enforcer, Shock, Minigun, Sniper.
  • Udpated Enforcer SK mesh.
  • Updated Enforcer blueprint for hand placement/scale.
  • Restored weapon blueprint event the translocator was using
  • Fixed crash when impact hammer auto-fire results in shooter being killed
  • ClassicGroup Weapon property holds group values used in past UTs, so users can easily opt for that configuration.
  • First pass of new weapon groups and priorities (not enabled).
  • Added (hacky) support for redeemer bringup and putdown sounds playing without real anims.
  • Updated audio for Redeemer to match new raise/lower times
  • Fixed rocket launcher desync when the player loads rockets but only has 1 or 2 available
  • Removed ToggleTranslocator functionality (temporarily). translocator still bound to Q by default, now it's SwitchWeapon 0.
  • Fixed blueprint set material instances on first person weapon getting clobbered by invisibility powerup handling
  • Layered in more "oomf" to Shock primary


  • Improved spawn selection code to avoid having respawn options too close together, and to avoid having two players given the same playerstart as a respawn choice.
  • Now can choose playerstart before first spawn in Duel.
  • bHasRespawnChoices is false for TDM, since there are potential issues if multiple people are selecting at once.
  • Increased time to pick your spawn point.
  • Temp visual polish for spawn selection on HUD.
  • Fixed respawn choices being up during spectator
  • Show scoreboard pre-match during ready up phase.
  • Show spectator bar with ready up info for pre-match scoreboard.
  • Fixed showing ready up messages on CTF scoreboard pregame.
  • Removed bMustBeReady (always want players to ready up).
  • MaxReadyWaitTime if 0 implies infinite wait for players to ready, 1 will basically start game right away.
  • Cleaned up match start countdown text a bit.
  • Hack for coloring the message indicating what team you are on.
  • Alt-fire to change teams on pre-match ready screen. Don't allow team changes in Duel.
  • Don't show pre-game option to switch team for Duel.
  • If teams are balanced, team switch requests are saved so players can swap sides (pending switch request shown on menu).
  • Added MaxWaitForPlayers. If this is set to some value other than 0, match will start after this many seconds even if MinPlayersToStart have not joined, and bots will fill in the required spots.
  • Pre-game UI tells players that game is waiting for more players to join.
  • Make sure you can't start a game with too many players
  • Fixed going into behindview in pre-match.

HUD and Scoreboard

  • Weapon bar shows Q and 0 instead of 0 and 10 since those represent the keys actually used to switch to those weapon groups.
  • Simplified and fixed next weapon/previous weapon selection code.
  • By default leave space for 5 weapon groups in HUD.
  • Fixed HUD weapon bar ordering of group slot weapons so next/previous weapon selection doesn't skip around.
  • Only assign new GroupSlot to weapon if desired slot is already occupied.
  • HUD weaponbar inserts weapons into group in consistent order based on GroupSlot.
  • Updated Scoreboard Icon to less less tempart-ish.
  • Fixed skinny jump boots
  • Fixed misaligned helmet
  • Replaced skull with helmet icon
  • New Health Icon (temp WIP)

Friends list support (WIP)

  • Added friends/persona mcp service endpoints
  • Linked in friends and chat system and added log-in call
  • Work in progress social widget and styles

Hubs (WIP)

  • Multi-gametype hubs WIP
  • Game setup and launching works
  • More Lobby work in progress
  • Added Max Players and Join in progress
  • Hooked up hub debugging to a console command
  • Fixed replication of MaxPlayers/bJoinAnyTime and bSpectatable to clients in a HUB
  • Fixed DM hiding the Max players slider in the hub
  • Lobby WIP - Lobby Badges
  • Match badges in the hub
  • Refactored lobby game settings to use the same code path as the single player Create Game dialog, so custom gametype settings will work.
  • Allowed a hub to not define an "allowed maps" list to allow all maps that it has available
  • Fixed Duel hub settings
  • HUB Browser WIP
  • Added GUID to map info passed by lobby system (will be used later to make sure clients have the right content)
  • Added default badge message
  • Fixed out of order replication issue with GameModes and Badges
  • Fixed returning to a match blowing out host match settings like MaxPlayers/bJoinAnyTime
  • Fixed rich text tag issue with team game messages.
  • Added action text controls for Join in Progress vs Spectating vs Can't do anything.

Engine and mod support

  • Updated to 4.7 preview build, addressed fall out.
  • Changed UTInventory property PainSound to ReceivedDamageSound.
  • Made AUTHUD::BuildHudWidget() public as requested by mod authors
  • Made GetAllBlueprintAssetData() UNREALTOURNAMENT_API for plugins
  • Package content button and UI in UT editor. WIP simple process for packaging several types of content: accessories, weapon blueprints, and levels).
  • Fixed startup BeginPlay() sequence to match prior UT games (i.e. if an Actor is spawned from a startup object's BeginPlay(), the new Actor gets BeginPlay() called immediately instead of deferring).
  • Changed default game mode settings to fix crashes in PIE in some cases
  • Removed FiringState/FiringStateType hackery for weapon editing now that the editor properly supports changing subobject references in blueprints
  • Fixed erroneous error message when mutator specified by shorthand is actually found but not in the first pass
  • Rename asset registry when packaging dlc to avoid overwriting main asset registry
  • Added ResolveKeybindtoFKey so can display the key an action is actually bound to.
  • Made both ResolveKeybind and ResolveKeybindToFKey blueprint callable
  • Automation changes to support dlc release assetregistry.bin
  • Deferred decal distance fading (optimization)
  • Fixed BSP collision issues
  • Fix for crash for mesh without a phys asset


  • Added UTPlayerController::ResolveKeybind to turn a command in to a list of keys for HUD/etc.
  • Potential fix for the keybinding issue in the menus. NOTE: you will still need to both clear your profile AND delete your inis but it should be fixed after that.
  • Added bot config menu to the create game screen.
  • Fixed control menu breaking input bindings.
  • Polish for the create game menu.
  • Hat selection in player settings.
  • Scale the UI with resolution.
  • Switched 15yr logo back to Base UT logo.
  • Removed some test weapons from weapon priorities menu as well as some whose priority is irrelevant (Instagib rifle).
  • In game credits points to community contributor web page.


  • Added AI for specifically targeting superpickups (chest armor, shield belt, timed powerups, etc).
  • Improved responsiveness of attacking bots in CTF returning the friendly flag when opportune.
  • Fixed "navmesh needs to be rebuilt" message not showing up when level is saved without rebuilding when automatic navmesh generation is turned off.
  • Bots switch teams to balance them if necessary.
  • Fixed paths on CTF-Blank.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Merged github pull request #123 by cardonator/Sir_Brizz: Weapon replacement mutator with UMG interface.
  • All armor has delayed initial spawn.
  • New UTArmor property ArmorImpactEffect is played whenever player with that armor is hit - now play effect for all armor types.
  • Weapon spree announcement support, added several.
  • Disable behindview while controlling a Pawn by default unless standalone.
  • When entering sudden death overtime in DM, force respawn any top scoring players that are dead (fixes them getting stuck unable to respawn and also makes sure they don't stall out the game).
  • Don't spawn in players that haven't finished loading (unless they are unresponsive and force respawn is on).
  • Fixed high score attachment being shown when the player has invisibility.
  • Fixed jump boot accessed none on dedicated server.
  • Don't log every player kill (spammy).
  • Fixed level music not playing on clients by moving it to world settings.
  • Fixed various issues with flag scoring when a half is about to or has already ended.
  • Fixed the crash due to MatchInfo going away before the disconnect happens.
  • Hats get notification of kill sprees.
  • Fixed health keg not showing up in pregame.
  • Fixed FFA overtime issue.
  • Fixed some edge cases with an incorrect weapon attachment being attached to corpses.
  • Added /Game/RestrictedAssets/Environments/TeamDecos/Blueprints/BP_TeamDeco.BP_TeamDeco and 5 other(s) to collection: CTF
  • Hat flash count support.
  • Fixed leader head not working in standalone.

Animation/ Character Mesh

  • Switched to latest malcolm rig.
  • Fixed Malcolm team color and flag positioning.
  • Set Malcolm team color in content to white instead of red so any replication bugs there are obvious.
  • Moved bApplyWallSlide to UTCharacter for easy replication.
  • Added WallSlideNormal to replace WallDirection (gives normal of wall character is sliding against, for better animation control).


  • Optimized client to server bandwidth use.
  • Fixed issue with checking movement mode synchronization between client and server.
  • UT specific implementation of server-side movement synchronization error checking.
  • On disconnects while we have a PendingNetGame, transition to the world that has the PendingNetGame object if there is no world yet on the PendingNetGame object (this happens when we've requested to join a server

but haven't gotten the NMT_Welcome message yet).

  • Limit frequency of replicating client adjustments so don't get multiple redundant ones in high ping situations.
  • Force immediate client adjustment if something happened on server that will definitely require correction.
  • Fixed case where dodge inputs were being sent to server even when failed on client (would still fail on server).
  • Fixed lift movement not being replicated correctly in PIE.
  • Fixed client/server synch issues due to 1 frame falling/walking mismatches and sudden sprint acceleration transitions.
  • Limited camera updating on server (shouldn't need cameramanager at all on server).
  • Fixed dodging after flying a redeemer (reset the movement timers on restart).

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