Version Notes 2015 01 30

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 1/30

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Using Test build rather than Dev build for release for improved performance.
  • Mac/Linux client and Mac editor fixes and optimization.
  • Linux server issue is an unfortunate by product of new focus on Linux client. See this thread for a work around. We apologize - this will be fixed next week.
  • Players spawn with a helmet, and Sniper rifle is never prevented from headshots.
  • Fixed UI scaling issues at different resolutions.
  • Fixed control config saving issues.
  • Significant weapon tweaks and fixes to Sniper, Link gun, Flak Cannon, Bio Rifle and translocator.


  • Sniper Rifle can always headshot, not prevented based on player movement.
  • Fixed Sniper staying hidden if the user switches weapons while zoomed
  • Fixed Link Gun linking counter (fixes crazy damage values when team linked).
  • Fixed link beam firing off center
  • Fixed Bio Rifle projectile velocity replication
  • Added Translocator disrupted message when try to recover disrupted disk.
  • Added MinOverlapToTelefrag to UTCharacter to control how hard it is to telefrag.
  • Made telefragging harder.
  • Translocator disk light is not shadow casting.
  • Increased Flak Cannon shard projectile sphere from 10 to 20
  • Made Flak shard BounceDamping editable in blueprint.
  • Flak shard bounce has less velocity damping.
  • Less self damage from bounced Flak shards unless really close bounce.
  • Tweaked Impact Hammer alt-fire rate.
  • Fixed tiny Impact Hammer attachment.
  • First pass on new Shock Rifle effects.
  • Stinger alt-fire shard stakes players it kills.

Pre-Match and Post-Match

  • Pre-match, ready to play and pending team switch are mutually exclusive: Ready-up will cancel a pending team switch, and requesting a team switch will cancel Ready if not granted.
  • Fixed demorec spectator blocking games that are waiting for players to ready up.
  • Delay bringing up scoreboard at end of match so can see victory screen.

HUD and Scoreboard

  • Added status announcements for overtime, advantage time, half time, and team identification.
  • Switched to new fonts and added drop shadows for HUD announcements.
  • Tweaked announcement message colors and sizes
  • Weapon name display uses same font as other HUD widgets.
  • Updated suicide messages.
  • Removed excess exclamation points from various announcer text, added control for whether to use small or large font with various game messages.
  • Clamp and word wrap chat messages
  • Fixed having duplicate messages on screen when pick up weapon and immediately switch to it.
  • UTLocalMessages rather than HUDWidgetMessage now responsible for specifying color and large/small font.
  • Each message area has two font sizes it can use.
  • Added some hooks for a concept of scoreboard pages.
  • Restored scoring plays page to the scoreboard in CTF (WIP);
  • Arrow keys while scoreboard is up switch pages (currently only CTF).
  • Cleaned up scoring summary to more closely match current scoreboard design.
  • Fixed game messages playing announcement voice when desired.


  • Fixed unresponsive console if there is a World but no PlayerControllers (currently can happen in certain network error states).
  • Added a message over the black screen that can happen during certain connection problems due to an engine bug.*

Friends list support (WIP)

  • Latest OnlineSubsystemMcp from main branch
  • Latest FriendsAndChat module from main branch
  • Initial checkin of work-in-progress social UI content
  • Added friends list widget with quick UT color skin.

Hubs (WIP)

  • Hub browser
  • Hubs can be gated to player skill.
  • Lots of other Hub and lobby UI improvements.

Engine and Mac/Linux support

  • Using Test build rather than Dev build for release for improved performance.
  • Initial ShaderCore-level cache to start addressing shader hitches [UE-7536]. At present it is only configured by Mac OpenGL.
  • The console variable "r.UseShaderCaching" controls whether the cache should be used.
  • Made UT's PackageContent plugin compatible with Linux and Mac.
  • Fixed hitproxy rendering crashing the editor in OpenGL.
  • Fix [UE-8343] - need to set the unpack alignment for Apple GL client-storage as it relies on this value for the cases where an additional internal copy may still be required.
  • Use runtime check instead of PLATFORM_MAC define when generating post process shaders to solve issues with shaders cooked for Mac on PC
  • Workaround for crash in Mono 3.12 when checking exit status for current process.
  • Fixed tabs do not render when moving after returning to editor on Mac.
  • Fixed Mac crash on shutdown when ShaderCache has not been initialised.
  • Miscellaneous other Mac functionality and performance fixes.
  • Allocate GL queries on heap, fixes UT4 Linux crash on start.
  • Merged Ryan Gordon linux fixes.


  • Fixed UI scaling issues at different resolutions.
  • Fallback for the controls menu when using old .ini's after controls are added/removed
  • Hooked up level screenshot to the create game dialog
  • Renamed Emote to Taunt in control settings menu.
  • Removed prototype emote selection menu from player settings menu.
  • Fixed time limit text in midgame menu
  • Switched create game and bot config dialogs to use the standard style for white text.
  • UI text tweaks


  • Players spawn with a helmet.
  • Increased helmet absorption pct.
  • Added sound and effect feedback for when you headshot someone wearing a helmet.
  • Added more "ping" to Helmet Headshot audio
  • Improved armor hit effect (still programmer art).
  • Scale blood down if playing armor hit effect.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Faster horizontal weapon bob on direction changes to give crisper movement feel, with new property defining deflection rate.
  • Fixed end of match view not being in behindview.
  • Fixed weapon stay.
  • Fixed a couple of UT game code crashes.
  • Skill rating for FFA DM.
  • Made skill ratings not show up in the stats page until 10 matches have been played.
  • Hooked up preliminary knee slide animation that replaces roll.
  • Renamed some slide properties to better reflect functionality. Added new slide input action that can be bound separately.
  • Removed obsolete "Playerclass" and "Weaponstay" command line options (use mutators).
  • Fixed flag AutoReturnTime setting not working.
  • Fixed UT game crash during regular gameplay with bots.
  • No shadow casting with CTF flag lights.
  • Stop firing all weapons when the game ends to avoid looping sounds playing indefinitely until level transition.
  • Fixed weapons accepting level decals.
  • Added DM-Spacer to default map list.
  • Fixed carried flag being hidden for local player even in behindview.

Cosmetic Items

  • Hats properly pop off when player dies and go physics.
  • Hat spins in air on headshot before dropping.
  • ImpartHats cheat.
  • Hat event friendly names.
  • Hat event for taunt start/end.
  • Reference to hat wearer saved on hat.

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