Version Notes 2015 02 06

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 2/6/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Rocketlauncher multi-loaded rockets and grenades fire in rapid succession rather than simultaneously.
  • More realistic bot aiming error with greater range of skill levels.
  • Fixed substantial performance regression caused by HUD text rendering bug.
  • Significant Menu update work in progress.
  • Friends List is now enabled.
  • Cosmetic item support.



  • removed 15 anniv logos
  • added temp audio
  • replaced PainVolume with UTPain volume in one slime pit
  • organized assets for readability in browser


  • Rocketlauncher multi-loaded rockets and grenades fire in rapid succession rather than simultaneously, with interval defined by BurstInterval.
  • No longer need separate spread and tight rocket formations - player movement/rotation controls it now.
  • Increased rocket launcher loaded fire grace period before auto fire.
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher crosshair scaling with resolution changes.
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher crosshair loading animation.
  • Fixed shot down remote Redeeemer not blowing up on client.
  • Fixed remote redeemer not damaging client side things.
  • Slightly increased shot down redeemer explosion radius.
  • Give shooter kill credit if the shot down redeemer blows up in the launching player's face.
  • Fixed remote redeemer projectile being left around invisibly
  • Redeemer explosion center adjustment not necessary
  • Redeemer plays raise/lower sound on owner, not self.
  • Reduced disrupted trans disk reset time to 15 seconds.
  • Added disrupted effect (placeholder) for disrupted translocator disks.
  • Bio web link sound has attenuation.
  • Modified sniper zoomed HUD headshot indicator to gold if target has helmet on.
  • Increased weapon spree count for Instagib from 15 to 60.
  • Added final Shock Rifle 1p & 3p mesh with 1p wip animations. Hooked everything up for shader work. Did a first pass tweaking of all weapon scale & postion blueprint settings.
  • Shockrifle FX updates
  • Converted Shock Rifle shader to Master Shader for weapons, setup masking and functions to easier support additional behaviors.
  • Fixed shock rifle on-mesh ammo display
  • Fixed second enforcer scale in 3P
  • Got the enforcer left hand muzzle flash in a better position (not 100% because sockets on negatively scaled meshes don't work)
  • Fixed holstered weapon crash if the player has no other weapons
  • Disabled self shadow only on weapons temporarily until lighting issues with it are fixed.


  • Removed some HUD team coloring (particularly the team score area).
  • Basic scaling animation system for HUD messages.
  • Set up scaling animations for a number of HUD message classes.
  • HUD message widgets can control the scale in direction of scaling HUD messages.
  • No damage indicator if no damage (no green friendly fire momentum indicators).
  • Reduced some announcement message lifespans.
  • Don't scale down game messages on HUD.
  • Fix for occasional GetKerning() crash.
  • Fix for occasional HUD crash.
  • Make our UI work better with new word wrap (fixed perf issues with HUD text renderihg)
  • Tweaked flag held message


  • Increased internet bandwidth cap per client to 15000 to handle super high frame rate clients.
  • Fixed crash if hub goes down.

Friends list

  • Enabled Friends List by default
  • FriendsAndChat - added presence images for Launcher and Fortnite.
  • Skinning FriendsAndChat UI in UT.
  • Added user info header to the friends list panel (switched off by default on UT for now).


  • More realistic bot aiming error with lower skill bots having worse aim.
  • Bot aim now includes a tracking accuracy error and an offset error that reduces over time when target and/or bot is stopped. Still needs tuning.
  • First pass support for bots generating alternate assault paths to CTF flag.
  • Fixed some translocator and jump path issues when the navmesh around the jump source point is a large poly with significant Z difference.
  • Fixed too many bots leaving when a player joins a server.
  • Added bot skill to scoreboard in standalone mode (replaces ping).
  • Oldskool addbots console command.
  • Added KillBots console command.

Engine, Editor, and Mac/Linux support

  • Don't multi-thread renderer if logical processor count is low.
  • Package content plugin loc text adjustments
  • Add dialog after content is published that allows user to open explorer/finder to the item
  • Fixed OpenGL compile of Malcolm shader failing.
  • Fixed splash screen persisting sometimes in Linux (and causing crashes).
  • Improved handling content with case-sensitivity problems. Makes uncooked UT work on Linux, still uncached and suboptimal.
  • Fixed Mac cursor.
  • Fixed Linux dedicated server crashing.
  • Worked around Linux limit of open file handles.


  • Main Menu WIP.
  • Create Game WIP.
  • Player settings menu now displays a render of the selected character options.
  • Added support for custom character meshes.
  • Custom character/hat/eyewear now go through UUTLocalPlayer before the profile settings in case players aren't logged in (saved to .ini in that case).
  • Fixed some UI bugs.
  • Fix for the console bringing up the menus when it shouldn't


  • Retargetted animations to new skeleton.
  • Imported new idles for rifle, pistol, and dual pistol as well as new aimoffsets for all of those.
  • Updated new temp malcolm mesh to new skeleton, updated character BP to use this mesh.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed playing" you have won the match" sound for humiliating defeat.
  • Don't play armor hit effect for first person owner.
  • Fixed jump pad arc rendering
  • Fixed weapon pickups not vanishing when picked up on clients if weapon stay is on
  • Added allow behind view mutator
  • Changed minplayerstostart to 2. To play by yourself from commandline, add ?minplayers=1
  • Scale down scores shown on CTF scoreboard by 1/10.
  • Fixed sound amplification for hit sounds caused by local player.
  • Fixed UTImpactEffect animated light not being cleaned up when it's no longer visible
  • Added the ability to set up curves for light parameters for UTImpactEffects
  • Fixed disabled weapon pickups being visible on clients
  • Faster UTPlayerState replication of team and ready state properties.
  • Added select sound for pre-game options.
  • Highlight pre-match selected spawn point.

Cosmetic Items

  • Added Malcom re-sized for new skeleton static mesh for head texture fix.
  • Updated mesh sockets for Malcolm to make hats & glasses work
  • Allow hats to have relative rotation and location.
  • Moved Accessory Tutorial content (hat/sunglasses/reference objects) into RestrictedAssets.
  • Cosmetic eyewear support.

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