Version Notes 2015 02 14

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 2/14/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Unreal Engine 4.7 preview 5 upgrade.
  • Major overhaul of character animations in progress.
  • New mid game menu.
  • Added arena mutator - replaces all weapons in game with selected weapon.
  • Added selectable country flags.
  • New skill rating system to help with matchmaking work in progress.
  • Working on polishing in-game support for mod content.



  • Tweaked slope dodges.
  • Fixed bot pathing.
  • Other misc minor tweaks.


  • Added new Flak Cannon and first pass animations.
  • Checked in first pass Enforcer mesh and anims.
  • Fixed some enforcer bugs.
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher alt-fire animation issues.
  • Reduced Rocket Launcher alt-fire burst interval (rockets fire closer together).
  • New iterations to Shock Rifle vfx, materials.
  • Shock combo animation hooked up.
  • Fixed combo effect orientation being incorrect on clients
  • Fixed Instagib rifle positioning
  • Migrated Instagib effects to new shock rifle and team colored beams
  • UDamage Sniper Rifle headshot overrides helmet.
  • Character continues to be affected by physics while guiding a Redeemer.
  • Fixed Bio Rifle goo colliding with water. Bio goo now is slowed when in water.
  • Fixed Stinger projectile not working correctly with water volumes.
  • Fixed weapon self shadowing, turned it on again.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Don't draw health/armor HUD after game is over even when viewing a player.
  • Don't draw ammo display for weapons that don't need it (impact hammer, translocator, instagib rifle).
  • Cleaned up some obsolete weapon ammo drawing code.
  • Don't draw weapon bar unless have at least 2 weapons (so no weapon bar in instagib).
  • Better fonts for HUD game state text.
  • Added ForceScores to UTHUD to allow the menus to force up the scoreboard.
  • Extended the scoreboards to make them wider to fit more text.
  • Clear advantage when enter overtime.
  • Fixed CTF scoreboard getting stuck on the scoring summary after halftime and added text indicating how to switch between that page and the player columns.
  • Fixed instagib kill message.

Custom Content Support

  • Switched to md5 checksums instead of crc for checking content compatibility.
  • Query cloud to check if in sync before starting a server.
  • Unmounting pak support, possibly dangerous (for handling custom content mismatches).
  • Unmount and delete paks that are the wrong crc and in download.
  • Fixed redirect dialog not reconnecting to server properly.
  • Added initial support for querying user entitlements for marketplace items.

Friends list

  • New Friends and Chat interface
  • Rich Presence is stubbed in (Join via Presence is broken at the moment).

Hubs and Server Browser

  • Fixed server browser listing all servers as max 32 players.
  • Cleaned up game session handling so that the player will properly leave the current session before entering a new one
  • Don't allow hub game mode to accept localhost connections without a login because the hub code requires a login to work
  • Fixed joining a game as a spectator from the browser
  • Fixed the session locking the game to just Max # of players
  • Send our own MaxPlayers and MaxSpectator values
  • Random internet server HUB now shows # of players and # of spectators across all internet server
  • Servers now display #/Max spectators
  • Hub server options set in the .ini file by admin that are not exposed in the UI are no longer lost when an instance host changes settings (so e.g. can enforce that all instances have instagib selected)
  • Integrated MCP changes needed for Join via Presence.
  • Pass online identity to dedicated server when started from the menu.
  • Prelogin will now reject players without an active Epic id.
  • Players now connect via the session interface.
  • The ServerBrowser should now resolution independent re: to the list.
  • Skill Locking of matches, allows match creator to limit skill level of joining players.
  • Fixed bug where the match wasn't updating the initial badge correctly.

Skill Rating

  • Added AverageRank to the UTPlayerState.
  • The BasePC now makes a server call back to set the AverageRank and replicate it.
  • Added Rank Badge to the Match Badge
  • Added Rating medals to the DM/TDM scoreboard
  • First pass rules for skill ranking badges based on DM Elo ratings.


  • Tweaked bot aiming and rotation rate at low skill levels.
  • Fixed a rare bot crash

Engine, Editor, and Mac/Linux support

  • 4.7 preview 5 upgrade.
  • Turned off CCD on generic lift mesh to attempt to fix ragdoll/lift collision crash.
  • Use cheaper translucency lighting volume settings.
  • Removed some LogModuleManager log spam.
  • Deferred decal change to improve performance.
  • Scale Mac resolution options to avoid situations where Mac screen res can be larger than slate allows.
  • Fixed CanvasRenderTarget2D flushing the rendering thread on update so game thread doesn't get stalled.
  • Shapes from static light sources rendered in reflection captures.
  • Game name check should be case insensitive.


  • New Mid-game menu.
  • Added selectable country flags.
  • Fixed rendering 3d character preview in cooked build in player settings menu.
  • Switched the player settings preview to lit mode with a directional light
  • click and drag on the window now rotates the character in the preview window.
  • Dialog adjustment for focus issue.
  • Added new country flags from _Lynx as options.
  • Added PRE ALPHA text to menu background.
  • Better icons.
  • Fixed Menus force hiding the hud.
  • Added LocalPlayer::MessageBox for when just OK is needed
  • Changed the Profile filename to "user_profile" instead of the account name to fix issues with spaces, etc.. Can you say Profile Wipe?
  • Fixed some bad function references in SUInGameMenu.
  • Fixed some bugs activating panels.
  • Lots of menus tweaks and changes.
  • Added a Training button to launch tutorials and training missions (coming soon).
  • Added an event chain for when the player returns to the menus (so he can leave the session).
  • Fixed dedicated server panel with cloud id parameter missing a space.


  • Fixed setting bIsAgainstWall properly on clients for other falling players (Fixes animation of other players).
  • Added 12 new run animations, 4 different directions for each weapon type.
  • Added 3 blendspaces for directional running, 1 for each weapon type.
  • Added new jump animations for each weapon type.
  • Start, Loop, PreLand, and Land for 4 different directions and for standing still.
  • Added a directional blendspace for each jump segment: Start, Loop, PreLand, and Land.
  • Updated animbp with new run blendspaces for each weapon type, new jump anims and blendspaces for rifle, added a new local direction vector variable and changed the way jumping works as it's now directional.
  • Added pistol jump animations and blendspaces for all directions.
  • Added dual pistol jump anims for idle, currently idle is used for all directions.
  • Fixed backwards weaponbone on left hand while running fwd dual pistol.
  • First pass dodge improvements. using a new blendspace with new dodge poses. Also no longer using a blend alpha to go to dodging.
  • Added dodge start anims for rifle so characters now visible kick/push off a wall during wall dodges (currently rifle is used for all weapons and for ground dodging as well as wall dodging, wip).
  • Changed dodge functionality to no longer lerp with a dodge blend alpha, transitions are handled with transition animations and transition rules in anim graph.
  • Renamed Dodge*Start anims to WallDodge*Start
  • Tweaked anim bp to get dodges to play jump start anims when on the ground and wall dodge anims when off the wall. Temporary until something more proper for ground dodge animations are checked in.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Added arena mutator - replaces all weapons in game with selected weapon.
  • Improved weapon replacement mutator to not unnecessarily load ammo classes.
  • In Duel, avoid picking starts that are too close to the pending start of the other unspawned player.
  • Fixed not identifying ragdolls as being in the water (which meant feigning death could hold your breath forever).
  • Gave some buoyancy to ragdolls in water.
  • Drown if feigning death in water for too long, even if bobbing near surface.
  • Fixed not being able to unfeign while floating in water.
  • Helmet headshot effect properly attached to shot player's head.
  • Disrupted translocator disk effect is in local space so it doesn't get weird if disk gets knocked around.
  • Completely turned off bOnlyTheStrongSurvive, as it is still flawed (what if one or zero players are alive on transition to overtime).
  • Always allow behindview if PIE.
  • Added gib audio to gib explosion.
  • Let hats live for 7 seconds after death.
  • Removed Instagib spree
  • Made sure no projectile meshes had any collision turned on (use collision sphere for colliding them).
  • Don't teleport feigning characters.
  • Fixed crash in SampleGameMode.
  • Fixed crash in SUWHUDSettingsDialog.
  • Fixed crash in UTWeaponStateFiringChargedRocket
  • Standalone games skip network synch check in CanRestartPlayer().
  • UTAnalytics - Set updated UserID on startup/login/logout.
  • Fixed crash when not logged in.
  • Made sure Duel doesn't prevent respawning in overtime.
  • Leader hat is now a concept
  • bDelayedStart is now respected, true by default for UT game modes.
  • Added bClearPlayerInventory to UTGameMode, if true removes all items from character inventory list, before giving him game mode's default inventory.
  • Added bDamageHurtsHealth to UTGameMode, true by default. If false, players take all damage effects except for health reduction.
  • Updated tutorial gametype to use these settings.
  • Added demigod cheat which toggles bDamageHurtsHealth.
  • No countdown if bDelayedStart is false.
  • bDamageHurtsHealth does not affect bots (they always take damage).
  • Added ClientGenericPlayerInitilization to UTBasePlayerController that is called via BaseGameMode's GenericPlayerInitialization.

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