Version Notes 2015 02 20

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 2/20/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • New Basic Training tutorial map is available from the Training option in the main menu.
  • New Game tutorial videos by Zaccubus are also available from the Training option.
  • Lots of new and improved player animations including new taunts!
  • Flak cannon now has real material and textures.
  • Lots of mesh and effects polish for various weapons.


Basic Training

  • New Basic Training tutorial map is available.


  • Fixed crouching under ramp by slime pit.


  • Flak Cannon vfx and some tweaks
  • Flak cannon now has real material and textures.
  • Reduced flak shard overlap sphere.
  • Added Stinger mesh, animation, and montage assets, hooked into blueprint.
  • Updated Enforcer anims & new base material.
  • Updated Impact Hammer mesh
  • Updated Translocator mesh
  • Refined Shock Rifle anims.
  • Projectiles don't rotate to follow velocity if velocity is zero.
  • Fixed link gun beam sparks when viewed from a distance (bad LOD)
  • Always tick anims for local player's currently held weapon (fixes sniper playing late fire anim after zooming then firing)
  • Optimization work ongoing on the updated weapon effects.
  • Added failsafe to keep weapon from firing again too early, fixing exploit to fire slightly early if start and cancel weaponchange quickly.
  • Fixed handling rocket alt-fire tap for last rocket ammo.
  • Polished weapon scale & placement.
  • Polished UT3 weapon textures (lightened) to work better with PBS and sync better visually with new weapons.
  • Pawn still runs movement code while guiding remote redeemer.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Fixed UTHUDWidget::DrawText to return the proper size of the text
  • Make sure correct weapon name is always displayed on HUD for weapon switching.
  • Fixed team scoreboard double counting spectators.

Friends list

  • Added join game functionality from friend ui.
  • Auto join a game invite on comand line provided by launcher.
  • Don't fail game invite if session id does not match.
  • Load mcp configs *after* delegate callback to allow for being able to override the embedded configs.
  • Show friends on Hubs.
  • Show friends on the scoreboard.

Hubs and Server Browser

  • Fixed non-host game panels not updating.
  • Modified Engine to cancel the pending level but not disconnect when a pending connnect error occurs.
  • Added a virtual ShouldShutdownWorldNetDriver() to control if the engine should kill the current netdriver in Browse.
  • Fixed incorrect hub display when a player readies up, leaves the match, then enters/starts another match.
  • Fixed hub issues if a client spams clicks due to multiple RPCs of the same type not being handled.
  • Fixed Server Browser columns so that they all save again.
  • Added the proper password recovery link.
  • Fixed the server browser so it showed # of friends.
  • Changed the text on the random server hub to show # of servers not # of matches.
  • Fixed players getting kicked to the main menu when the server travels.
  • Added a handler for when you connect to a full server.
  • Precheck the search results before attempting to travel to a server to make sure you can get in.


  • Fixed movement replication after alt firing redeemer.
  • Make sure client clock is accurate for short matches (player joins with 1 minute or less to play).
  • Fixed duplicate tracers in laggy net games.
  • Fixed sending netspeed control message when server isn't expecting it after failing a join attempt.
  • Limit lifespan of delayed projectiles to avoid doubled projectiles on high ping clients.
  • Don't update client ping when don't have pawn, as it's not accurate if servermoves not driving packets.
  • Fixed replication issues with translocator.
  • Fixed real projectile synching to an about to be timed out fake projectile.

Engine, Editor, and Mac/Linux support

  • Merged to latest UE 4.7 preview code.
  • Fixed crash when lifts interact with ragdolls.
  • Can now take screenshots in menus.
  • Fixed weapon flickering or missing in UT Linux client.
  • No longer changing ViewDistanceScale in UT because it could cause players with low settings to gain a sight advantage. View distance is controlled manually and uniformly via cull distance volumes instead.
  • Added a few expensive effects to be managed scalability settings, so they can be turned off for low end machines.
  • Tweaked dynamic decal default lifespan and lifespan slider in settings.


  • Added Training dropdown to main menu.
  • Hooked up Sid's Basic Training map
  • Added SUTWebBrowserPanel and hooked up the community videos by Zaccubus.
  • Tweaking player preview window - changed FOV and mesh position.
  • Fixed mid-game menu change team functionality.
  • Split player settings and weapon settings into two menus.
  • Weapon config menu now available from main and mid game menu settings drop downs.
  • Fixed "listen server" option in create game dialog.
  • Make sure the server instance run for the listen server option exits if the client goes away even if it crashes, is end task'ed, etc
  • New Exit menu (and sub menus).
  • New Login Menu.
  • Fixed attempting to login if both user id and password are not present.
  • Clicking on the login while logged in will allow you to switch accounts. Properly handles in session, etc.
  • Popup Login dialog if non-epic user attempts to go to the server browser or quick match.
  • If Login is called with no user name, it will attempt to fill out the last known best user name.
  • Added AA quality to the system settings.
  • Fix for the menu not being displayed again when you get kicked during prelogin.
  • Reworked player settings color picker so that it works in fullscreen.


  • Added wall dodge start anims for when dual pistol.
  • Added dodge poses for mid air when dual pistol.
  • Added blendspaces for wall dodging and dodging when dual pistol and hooked them up in animation blueprint.
  • Fixed crouching not working when idle.
  • Added new knee slides for rifle, 4 directions, created blendspace and hooked up for rifle.
  • Added kneeslide anims and blendspaces for dual pistol.
  • New wall slide rifile poses added.
  • New NoNo taunt anim and montage added.
  • Updated Taunt_PelvicThrust and Taunt_SlitThroat anims, polish.
  • Updated crouch anims and blendspace to more accurately represent speed.
  • Updated crouch idle so feet are in same spot as regular idle.
  • Changed playrate of runs and crouch walks to play at normalized playrate based on player speed so anims are playing at the correct speed when speed modifiers are applied. (current crouch anims have their playrate in the anim asset set at 2.1111 so play time is equal to the runs and then slowed back down based on the normalized playrate)

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed not updating the respawn choice shots in Duel on successive spawns.
  • Some improvements to ragdoll physics in water.
  • Really fixed showing advantage message in overtime.
  • Create MIDs for all player mesh slots instead of just 0.
  • bAllowOvertime, bForceRespawn, bOnlyTheStrongSurvive, and bHasRespawnChoices are no longer config properties.
  • if UTProjectile::OverlapRadius is zero, detach the PawnOverlapSphere (perf improvement).
  • bForceRespawn true by default in team DM.
  • Improved bot balancing of teams when players leave/enter midgame.
  • Fixed crash picking up shieldbelt coming out of feign death.
  • Removed code clamping of decal projection depth. Need to set decal depth individually.
  • Reduced mobility on light components found in various BP where appropriate for performance reasons.
  • Fixed pressing jump during feign death while having jump boots causing a jump boot activation immediately upon returning to normal.
  • Lifts are not blocked by dropped cosmetic items.
  • Brightened rocket ammo pickup.

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