Version Notes 2015 03 02

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 3/02/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • New DM-Outpost23 fully meshed visual bar level.
  • New Malcolm and Necris characters are playable.
  • Re-skinned and updated Launcher.
  • New Unreal Tournament Marketplace with cosmetic items by community contributors.
  • DM-Lea by CaptainMigraine is available for free from the markeplace.
  • Unreal Editor customized for UT is now available for free from Launcher.
  • New set of web tutorials to teach you how to create content and mods for UT. Check them out at .
  • Polished and optimized weapon effects.
  • Revamped menus with new graphics and layout.
  • Hubs are now fully functional.
  • First pass on performance optimization, barely touched the surface.


  • New DM-Outpost23 fully meshed visual bar level.
  • DM-Lea by CaptainMigraine is available for free from the markeplace.
  • DM-Decktest
    • Fixed slime volume at bottom of deck.
  • Example_Map
    • Updated to match new look.
    • Reworked to integrate post & lighting example map content.


  • Fixed Translocator disk broken when fell out of world.
  • Polished Translocator scale/position, materials, textures, & animations.
  • Fixed weapons that fire projectiles with nonzero extent collision not properly preventing the projectile from starting out inside a wall.
  • Polished Redeemer texture & material, polished 3p mesh.
  • Created anims and montages for Redeemer (Equip, Fire, Down) and hooked them up.
  • Hooked up Flak Cannon ammo counter material.
  • Reduced Flak shard overlap sphere.
  • Checked in new Flak shell using separate texture (no longer needs old flak materials).
  • Fixed Enforcer left hand mesh igorning blueprint initial rotation
  • Fixed not playing udamage fire sound when firing bio alt-fire while have udamage.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Fixed team scoreboard double counting spectators.
  • Don't force two digits for hours in HUD.
  • Fixed spectator text color on scoreboard.

Hubs and Server Browser

  • Lots of polish for Hub menu.
  • Bugfixes for Hub match creation and joining code.
  • Some new icons for the Hub Browser.
  • Add a "Start New Match" fake badge for Hub.
  • Moved the Start/Leave and Start/Ready/Abort buttons to a better place.
  • Made Hub instance match max player counts more reasonable.
  • If a player not in a session joins a HUB they will be kicked with a friendly message telling them to use the browser.
  • Hub match creation always falls back to DM if can't resolve game mode, as UI code counts on having a valid game mode.
  • Cleaned up the Server Browser


  • Failsafe timer for client-side projectiles which don't get matched up with replicated server side projectile.
  • Temporarily extended timestamp reset until we can figure out why rollover is broken.


  • Improvements to bots reacting to new enemies.
  • Better wall dodging AI.
  • Bots engage enemies more in DM when powerups are far away.
  • Fixed an issue with bot consistency in PIE due to different world initialization order.
  • Stop considering favorite weapon as important pickup once the bot has a copy.
  • Bots fill out multiplayer game to max of BotFillCount and MinPlayersToStart.
  • Always add bot to duel game that starts with less than 2 players.
  • Fixed some incorrect jump paths being generated.
  • Fixed lift pathing data being broken when the lift is a mesh with an origin that is not near the center of the lift

Performance Optimization

  • Performance tweaks and art polish pass on all weapon effects.
  • Detail settings are now auto-detected at startup.
  • Don't use SimpleDynamicLighting for lowest quality setting.
  • Fixed performance regression in IsShadowOccluded().
  • Set bLightAttachmentsAsGroup for UTCosmetics and UTWeaponAttachment (perf optimization).
  • Disabled receiving decals for projectile meshes.
  • Don't use projectile meshes as occluders.
  • Projectile meshes don't cast shadows (except redeemer missile).
  • WeaponAttachment meshes don't receive decals.
  • Fixed bio explode effect particles having collision.
  • Disable other player's projectile flight lights at low detail settings.
  • Effects use detail modes to disable some parts of the effect at low detail settings.
  • Cosmetic Items have bUseAsOccluder false.
  • Force shadow casting off on all impact effect lights unless at Epic effect quality.
  • Flak shard bounce effect light is high detail only.
  • Added bLowPriorityLight flag to UTProjectile. For projectiles not fired by the local players, low priority lights and all projectile flight lights if effects detail is low or medium are turned off.
  • Link projectile has low priority light.
  • Added system to allow impacteffects to specify a lifetime scaling for their decals.
  • ImpactEffect sets component location before registering it. Fixes particle system LOD being base on a position at (0,0,0).
  • Enforcer and link impacteffects scale decal life by 0.5.
  • ReflectionEnvironment disabled at low and medium settings.
  • Added ability to play fireeffects at greater than 1 shot intervals. Minigun tracers now happen every other shot.
  • Turned off lit translucent lights in particles. Super expensive, don't ever use.
  • Checked in new 3 level LOD's for all 3p weapon meshes.
  • Added option to force impact effects to use LOD 0 if created by the local player. Shock combos fired by you now always render at LOD 0
  • Optimized BoneDataVertexBBuffer updates to only copy the data needed, can be merged into main, saves memcpy time in the render thread

Engine and Editor

  • Unreal Editor customized for UT is now available for free from Launcher.
  • New set of web tutorials to teach you how to create content and mods for UT. Check them out at .
  • Cleaned up editor content organization and fixed up redirects.
  • Improved movement collision, reducing stickiness in some spots.
  • Rebuild navmesh prior to saving if out of date; turned off "build navigation automatically" by default for UT.
  • Fixed projection distance of various weapon impact decals so they are properly applied to curved surfaces.
  • Bound Ctrl-B to build geometry.
  • Auto rebuild geometry off by default
  • Fix for Linux server crashing because OSS attempts to cancel HTTP requests after the HTTP module has been unloade
  • Explicitly clear timers when actors are destroyed because engine isn't auto clearing looping timers of destroyed objects.


  • Re-skinned and updated Launcher.
  • Updated game splash screen and editor splash screen.
  • Updated Main Menu background.
  • Updated loading screen.
  • New Menu top bar and icons
  • Updated menu graphics and styles.
  • New layouts and look for player settings menu.
  • New layout and look for system settings menu.
  • Added tooltips to system settings menu.
  • New layout and look for create game menu.
  • Tweaked dynamic decal default lifespan and lifespan slider in settings.
  • Fixed the Slate combobutton double click issue.
  • Fixed text sizes and backgrounds on various dropdown menus (Settings, About)
  • Added Connect via IP to the Play Now submenu
  • Added a bunch of Common styles (EditBox, NormalText, BoldText)
  • Fixed being able to choose from all country flags.
  • Added anti-aliasing selection combo box and screen percentage slider to system settings menu.
  • Fixed a case where the level summary gets the wrong internal object name so the UI can't find it
  • Fix UT menus still allowing gun fire when open.
  • Lots of friends and chat system fixes.
  • Added delegate callback to the movie player when it finishes playing movies and can safely return to gameplay.
  • Fix crash if attempting to interact with the game while the eula prompt is up. The eula is now shown after loading movies are finished.
  • Fix separators on UT main menus changing size when resolution changes.
  • Removed confusing dedicated server button from create match server panel. (all servers are dedicated servers now)
  • Added a warning message when creating a server while local custom content is out of sync with the user's cloud storage
  • Added a connecting... dialog after entering an IP to join instead of closing all the menus
  • Fixed controls reset to defaults switching show menus and show scores.
  • Added a basic warning about running a server from a LAN and what ports to open when hosting a game
  • Added the player preview environment to the entry level to improve response time opening that menu; hooked up level screenshot in the hub.
  • Hooked up "No Screenshot available" image.
  • Fixed number of combatants create game option being respected for net games.
  • Fix race conditions when updating textures from an SWebBrowser.
  • Introduced a new thread safe way to update a texture (this is expensive as it requires an extra memcopy).
  • Added in-game toasts when getting a game invite, friend invite or friend request accepted.
  • Added a button to auto-detect settings again after startup in the settings screen

Characters and Animation

  • New Malcolm character is now the default character.
  • New Necris character is selectable.
  • New cosmetic items in marketplace by KazeoHin-TechAE and TeriyakiStyle.
  • Replaced swimming animations, added dual pistol versions as well.
  • Hooked up new swimming aniamtions with playrate based on speed.
  • Added dual pistol wall slide poses and hooked up.

Misc. Gameplay

  • No longer spawn with helmet.
  • Lifts are not blocked by dropped cosmetic items.
  • Fixed tutorial shouldn't have time limit.
  • Hooked up new gore and blood effects.
  • If player feigns and is unable to get back up after several attempts, kill him.
  • Damagetypes now define the text of the centered self suicide message.
  • Added new feignfail damagetype with custom death messages.
  • Fixed feigned player falling out of world when killed while a ragdoll.
  • Fixed Instagib spawn protection time.
  • Fixed crash at end of idle team game that was never actually played.
  • Fixed dropped pickups blocking lifts only on clients
  • Fixed flak and rocket decals attaching to lifts.
  • Lifts crush ragdolls they can't push aside, including players feigning death.
  • Scale down head bone to 0.001 instead of 0 when taking a head shot so that any attached effects still work.
  • Unhooked the annoying train sound.
  • Unlimited ammo now controlled by gametype with bAmmoIsLimited.
  • Ammo not limited in BasicTraining.
  • Fixed powerup overlays not applied to left hand enforcer right away when acquired
  • Fixed left hand enforcer mesh being invisible if dual enforcers are acquired directly by a player who had no enforcers at all (lost due to feign death or gametype doesn't come with them)
  • Fixed feigning death blocking lift function.
  • Fixed teleport velocity not being transformed correctly
  • Fixed gibbed corpses still having (Unreal) physics turned on
  • Fixed playing hitscan impact effect if no hit (like linkbeam).

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