Version Notes 2015 03 16

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 3/16/2015 (includes hot fix changes)

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Hub and UI fixes.
  • Fixed various reported crashes.
  • Fixed Play In Editor crash.
  • Improved player lighting and shadowing, still more work to be done.


  • DM-Cannon
    • Polish, minor tweaks to layout around cannon.
    • Minor room shape tweak, moved player start.
    • Minor changes to spawn points, ammo placement.
    • Blocked off area that could be slid under.
  • DM-Overlord
    • Built paths on DM-Overlord (note: bots don't use special features).


  • Reduced flak shell damage radius.
  • Fixed very short range stationary/crouched sniper shots not getting the full head sphere.
  • Fixed holstered weapons getting attached to the character mesh when dropped while not dead.
  • Fixed guided Redeemer driver being able to be damaged when bDamageHurtsHealth is false.
  • Don't show powerup overlays on holstered weapon, only when equipped.
  • Fixed rare weapon crash.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Correct place suffixes for FFA HUD.
  • Clamp player names shown on FFA leaderboard so they always fit.
  • Fixed pre-game scoreboard overlap with 32 players.
  • Fixed scoreboard spectator count text.
  • Tweaked skull positioning for DM HUD score.

Hubs and Server Browser

  • Hooked up canceling the session and fixed the bug where if a dead result times out after the rest of the positive results the UI doesn't progress.
  • Fixed QuickMatch's search results getting confused with the server browsers search results.
  • Fixed players who join in progress or joined as a spectator not begin tracked as in a match.
  • Updated MaxInstances to 16.
  • Adjusted the log of MatchIsReadyToJoin so that it will allow in people joining a match that is loading if that match is join in progress or owned by the joiner.
  • Fix for beacon log spam and occational dropped server instances.
  • Lobby fixes.
  • Default lobbies to Deathmatch and 20 player max.
  • Apply lobby chat text limit in the UI instead of just on the RPC to be more clear and also fix some UI issues.
  • Fixed dedicated instances not showing up in the hub.
  • Don't let hub match host kick him/herself.
  • Fixed initial map selection in the hub.
  • Added map name and player count to hub badges for games in progress.
  • Instances now properly reset their search code before trying to join a hub by GUID.
  • clients now reset their session search before trying to join.
  • Added a warning dialog if the OS/Engine decides for some reason it can't start a match from a hub.
  • Update the lobby session info more frequently (on user change, on match start, end).
  • Fixed GetNumMatches() to only consider valid games in progress.
  • Restored the "Return to Hub" menu item.
  • Added the Hub's server name to the menu.
  • MOTD is displayed in chat when you join a hub.
  • Chat now switches to the proper channel when joining/leaving a match.
  • Quickplay should now put players in the match menu and properly show it's loading.
  • Clear out the Hub GUID after returning to the hub.
  • Client crash can occur after completing HUB instances and interacting with the UI.
  • Server Browser speed improvements.
  • Pings hubs first.
  • ini configurable ping buffer size.
  • General server browser cleanup.
  • Updated CheckInstanceHealth to make sure dead matches are being recycled.
  • Fixed MaxPlayers so we can limit players in the match.

Engine and Editor

  • Fixed crash using Play In Editor in UT editor.
  • Fixed tutorial hat being useable in game.
  • Fixed OSSMCP headers in FriendsAndChat module makes UT github repository unbuildable.
  • Packaging content for sharing now first prompts you to save assets if necessary.
  • Set product name and product identifier for UT editor. Using the same name as the standard UE4 editor causes config files (eg. the autoload-project setting) to overlap.
  • Fix bugitgo falling through the world.
  • Put UNREALTOURNAMENT_API on UTGameObjective.
  • Turn off TiledDeferredShading again, was lost in a merge conflict.
  • Fixed crash copying UTCharacters in the editor.
  • Reduced the log visibility of network messages that aren't indicative of a bug.
  • Fixed "open" console command to be relative like it's supposed to (again).
  • Made UTLift abstract since it requires the blueprint to supply additional details.


  • Removed streaming level DM-Circuit_FX from UI map lists
  • Don't apply FOV from the profile since it became a system setting (fixes FOV resetting).
  • Don't render hudwidgets if the hud or the widget is PendingKill.
  • Fixed mutator config menu weapon lists showing weapon types that are marked to be hidden.
  • Fixed weapon priority settings not being applied to currently alive weapon instances when in a game.
  • Controls dialog has a clear duplicate binds button now.
  • Work around some crashes with Slate trying to load UObject resources from another thread.
  • Fixed force respawn UI option.
  • Disabled friends list menu on Linux until supported.

Characters and Animation

  • Fixed and improved Ambient Occlusion for characters.
  • Polished material definition on Malcolm body, and tweaked face material.
  • Updated and tweaked foot blob shadows.
  • Decoupled taunt from hard references on ut character. Gave it a cookable class for modability.
  • Wrote a fixup for PlayEmote1-3 to PlayTaunt keybinds.
  • Fix taunts not working in net play.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Possible fix for rare crash with character having an invalid weapon.
  • Don't let hats receive decals.
  • Really fixed jump boots activation after feign death.
  • Stop active firing while taunting.
  • Increased MaxReadyWaitTime to 60.
  • Never auto-start match in standalone mode.
  • Players can't shoot off helmets of teammates.
  • Last minute time synch every 12 seconds instead of every 10.


  • Workaround for rare disconnection crash.
  • Fixed crash associated with player getting signed out.
  • Fixed crash if player's login becomes invalid while connected to a hub.
  • Fixed weapon pickup state getting out of sync on clients if the local player is standing on it as it respawns.
  • Fixed server crash if a server becomes full for a player between prelogin and login.
  • Fixed zombie instances on Linux Hubs because processes weren't properly released.
  • Linux socket code changes so don't need work around for Linux Hubs to communicate with instances.


  • Fixed rare bot crash.
  • Fixed rare redeemer specific bot crash.
  • Fixed addbots console command.

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