Version Notes 2015 03 31

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 3/31/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • New level shell DM-Chill
  • Mac rendering performance improvements.
  • Flak Cannon and Link Gun tweaks.
  • Hub interface improvements
  • Visual and performance improvements for characters and effects.


  • New level shell DM-Chill
  • DM-Outpost23:
    • Misc. visual and collision bugs.
    • Updated materials with broken references.
    • Did a reflection capture pass to improve quality and optimize.
    • Fixed small hole in meshing outside.
    • Mesh collision fixes.
    • fixed blocking volume at sniper platform.
  • DM-Temple:
    • Rebuilt for new indirect lighting sample settings with more effective lightmass importance volume coverage.
  • CTF-Outside:
    • Rebuilt for new indirect lighting sample settings with new lightmass importance volume.
  • CTF-Blank
    • Updated with spline mesh


  • Adjusted Flak shell splash damage: reduced outer radius, added inner radius, increased min damage.
  • Added RandomBounceCone to Flak shards to randomize bounces slightly.
  • Added BounceDamagePct to Flak shards, reducing damage after bounce.
  • Added FirstBounceDamping to Flak shards, so first bounce rebound can be different from successive bounces.
  • Increased Flak shard bounce dampening.
  • Fixed Instagib beam colors.
  • New Link Gun beam momentum design:
    • Still causes reduced acceleration/friction restricting targets temporarily.
    • Pull is no longer constant but rather a triggered action by pressing primary while holding alt.
    • Imparts substantial effect but has a refire delay.
  • Added color parameters to Link Gun beam fx.
  • Q is toggletranslocator again, returns you to past weapon when pressed while Translocator is selected.
  • Reduced disrupted Translocator disk reset time.
  • Translocator weapon mesh will now display red if in FFA as the current temp material does not support arbitrary colors (disc projectile remains white in FFA)
  • Changed Sniper zoom trace check for the headshot circles so they aren't displayed through surfaces that can be seen but not shot through (unbreakable glass, etc)
  • Added Rocket Launcher third person animations.
  • Added particle effect and animation to 3p rocket launcher to show rocket loading.
  • Better hack for first person weapon positions at different FOVs.
  • Fixed crash in ComputeHomingAcceleration().
  • Fixed crash in UTWeaponStateFiringSpinUp::BeginState().
  • Fixed weapon crash dying with holstered weapon.
  • Possible fix for overlay material on first person weapons sometimes not being displayed
  • Deleted Shock Rifle pickup physics asset - not needed and was breaking the bounding box

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Adjusted kill/spree/multikill message area up.
  • Improved HUD CTF flag taken representation.
  • CTF assists on the scoreboard now properly matches assists shown in the scoring summary.
  • Moved translocator on HUD from weapon bar to powerups bar (test).
  • Clamp displayed player names to available space on scoreboard.
  • Only call UTHUD CalcStanding() when have hud widgets that use the information.


  • Fixed dodge sliding getting stuck on if auto wall slide is enabled.
  • Sprint stops if you run directly into a wall (can still sprint sliding along a wall).
  • SprintMaxWallNormal specifies how directly you can run into a wall before it stops sprinting.
  • Fixed issues with uncrouching through ramps.
  • Fixed unfeigning through ramps.
  • Unfeign into crouched position so can fit in more spaces.
  • If fail to unfeign, nudge the ragdoll.

Hubs and Server Browser

  • Allow hub and/or individual gametypes to specify min players to start an instance.
  • Reduced max player counts for hub matches to more reasonable numbers per gametype.
  • Updated rich presence to show a player is in a hub or starting a match.
  • Fixed CheckForExistingMatch to properly place players back in matches in some cases.
  • Removed some additional debug log info.
  • Fixed being able to kick/ban yourself in hubs.
  • Force users who are connected to a server but become not logged in to return to the main menu
  • Pass a URL option to signal returning from an instance, so user returning to hub after exiting to main menu won't ever drop right into a match lobby.
  • Made the server browser correctly handle the changing of logins, so it will refresh after logged in player changes.
  • Added better handling for cancelling quickmatch searches.
  • Friends invited in to a hub will join their friend's match if they are still in one.
  • Adjusted AddGameFilters to look at the ping list as well as the server list.
  • If a hub instance loses connection to the hub but has no players and isn't a dedicated instance, just shut it down rather than constantly trying to reconnect to the hub just to tell the hub to kill the process itself.
  • Fixed blueprint-only gametypes crashing hub instance creation if the instance owner takes too long to change settings.
  • Removed client check for match having too many players when starting a lobby instance in case the client is inaccurate.
  • Added workarounds for servers losing MCP sessions due to backend issues

Cosmetic Items

  • Cosmetics now support variant sets.
  • Added test hat shadow mesh to Malcom_Beenie & Malcom_Beret.
  • Merged hat functionality updates from TimEh.
  • Support for ambient occlusion for hats.
  • Delete leader hat when switching to another hat mid-game.


  • Fixed default image next to a players username when you delete them as a friend and re add them while having a chat active.
  • Fixed drop down box text in the social menu is difficult to read.
  • Fixed no indicator for receiving a social interaction while in menus.

Mac and Linux

  • Mac performance improvements: hlslcc & Metal
  • Implemented desktop OpenGL support for GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects without requiring any additional shader platforms to reduce shader compile/link hitches.
  • OpenGL separate shader objects require that the shader hash be set even when the shader cache is not in use. The calculated CRC will suffice.
  • Removed an unnecessary workaround from FOpenGL3::MapBuffer.
  • Shader caching has been updated to include the option to record draw-states used for each shader so that they may be pre-drawn to reduce in-driver hitching.
  • Updated format versions in ShaderFormatOpenGL to force shaders to recompile correctly.
  • Fix for ICU being dynamic on Mac game which is monolithic.
  • Added prebuilt ShaderCompilerWorker for UT Linux client.
  • Convert Linux server and game builds over to Test.

Engine and Editor

  • Added ability to cook dlc using in-editor cookserver.
  • PackageContent plugin using cookserver in the editor, not doing this immediately as it still requires a second task for running unrealpak which doesn't seem faster.
  • Removed redirect line in DefaultGame.ini that was causing the .ini parsing to choke.
  • Make sure prerequisites are installed after downloading binaries.
  • Updated github read me to include DirectX runtime requirement. Thanks Skybladev2.
  • Switched to using engine version numbering code.
  • More logging for linux process management, trying to catch pids not getting watched and turned into zombies.
  • Analytics event for starting a match with custom content.
  • Fixed crash rendering hit proxies.
  • Fixed Crash when refreshing/moving/deleting BP nodes.
  • Added a Verbose log message for verifying GC assumptions so we can make sure it's not on in the wild.

Mod support

  • Fixed clamping array index in sample game. Thanks Dingobloo.
  • Moved CTF mutator ScoreObject() call as requested by community.
  • UNREALTOURNAMENT_API for UTCharacterMovement.
  • Moved redirect code to UTBaseGameMode.
  • Moved SavedDir()/Paks/Downloads to SavedDir()/DownloadedPaks. Stops downloaded content being automounted.
  • Fixed custom content pak files placed in the install directory not being added to the asset registry.
  • Fixed client pak crash.
  • Move client package requirements down a level so hubs can use it eventually.
  • Temp storage adjustment to try to not fail on single network miss.


  • Updated and polished character select menu.
  • Fixed crash when the player settings menu is up on level change.
  • Fixed globalconfig options in the create game dialog not getting saved.
  • Fixed some style issues.
  • Fixed a few spelling mistakes of the word 'received' in LOCTEXT and log messages.
  • Fixed instagib mutator zoom option not being saved correctly.
  • Fixed bot favorite weapon list.
  • Fixed being able to make bots with whitespace for a name and re-enabled the delete button with a hopeful fix.
  • Fixed error message dialog size on bot config menu.
  • Error message if account is locked after entering wrong password too many times.
  • Fixed third party software text issues.
  • Added needed call to force the UI to popup the mouse cursor when a menu appears.
  • Reworked code that searches for maps to use the asset registry instead as it is substantially faster.
  • Updated UI audio.
  • Added bExactClass to AUTHUD to find blueprint widgets easily. Thanks Unliterate.
  • Deleted obsolete version of create game screen.
  • Fixed font on the arena mutator config menu.

Characters and Animation

  • Necris materials improved.
  • Polished Malcolm rigging weights.
  • Character shaders improved: simplified gameplay fx function and added simple AO function.
  • Added shadow casting to head.
  • Tweaked character base team color values to help visibility.
  • Fixed pelvis area weighting on UT4_Base skeletal mesh that had a bunch of verts weighted to root.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed spamming right click while spectating constantly moving the view.
  • Increased mercylimit in hub TDM matches.
  • Thighpads have same absorption percentage as Vest.
  • Loaded no longer gives translocator.
  • Multikills don't persist through respawn.
  • Replaced old countdown audio with temp new for consistency.
  • Audio mix/balance tweaks.
  • Added Impact Audio for Belt and all armor types.
  • Gave pickup tokens a unique id so we can track them persistently.
  • Updated team decos.
  • Converted lift asset box collision to convex.


  • Re-enabled bandwidth optimization for CTF scoring play data now that the engine supports it properly.


  • Added support for AI predictive firing of weapons (shoot where recently detected enemy might appear).
  • Fixed bots not aiming correctly at head/feet in some situations.
  • Fixed bots trying to do combo prediction with the Instagib rifle.
  • Rebuilt paths on DM-Focus.


  • ReflectionEnvironments on for low end system to fix visual quality issues.
  • Tweaked rocket trail FX
  • Fixed a few detail level settings on weapon fx.
  • Fixed some particle material references.
  • Updated lightmass ini to improve density of indirect lighting samples.
  • Force max LOD always for own shock combos.
  • Link projectile impact effect light is now high detail mode.
  • Added DisableEmitterLights() to Actor to support custom LOD of particle effect lights.
  • UTProjectile implements DisableEmitterLights() for flight effects to remove other players projectile lights at low detail.
  • Reduced size of link primary decal.

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