Version Notes 2015 08 24

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 8/24/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • New Main Menu page.
  • New Hub interface with improved match and chat display.
  • New status announcer.
  • Updates to CTF-Lance, CTF-Volcano and Lea Observatory.
  • Updated sniper rifle mesh and material..
  • A bunch of weapon balance tweaks.
  • New advanced graphical settings menu.
  • Networking improvements.
  • Significant improvements to replays.
  • FIrst pass of bot voice support.
  • New shock rifle visual effects.
  • Stats improvements, including ability to view stats of friends and recent opponents.
  • Added weapon shots fired and accuracy stats.
  • Custom crosshair support.
  • Animated first person hands.
  • Updates to experimental Showdown gametype.


  • Lea Observatory
    • Scaled map 4% larger using Rattlesnake's awesome mapscaler blueprint script.
    • Changed windows from physical window shutters, to a force field material to help with visibility. Will promote more strategic fighting through windows.
    • Removed collision on most meshes, which will result in more reliable projectile collision and ricochet.
    • Enlarged biorifle room, and the doorway that interconnects the center of the map. 2k4 players should approve.
    • Removed a healthpack near vest armor to help prevent in control player from having a bit of extra health.
    • Changed helmet near sniper into a thighpad
    • Made most windows taller, and moved them down slightly so that it's easier to fire through at eye level.
    • Converted all nonessential blueprints to static meshes, reducing max drawcalls by thousands.
    • Combined many similar meshes and split them into groups, reducing max draw calls by thousands.
    • Converted all BSP floors into static meshes, which offers a slight performance boost and is also visually better looking in some areas (smooth ramps).
    • Increased brightness/contrast of post process volume so the map is brighter on high graphics.
    • Increased roughness of floor puddle decals to make the reflectivity less distracting.
  • CTF-Volcano
    • Added another option for escaping with a flag in volcano base.
    • Raised flag in volcano room slightly giving more cover for escaping with a flag.
    • Added "stepping stones" in lava flood area so it's possible to take the flags that way while flooded, but it's dangerous.
    • Increased duration of the lava flood by 10 seconds.
    • Tweaked armor and shock placement in temple base.
    • Removed 1 of the 2 health kits in center of map, added a few cover rocks.
  • CTF-Lance
    • Reworked tower base, pushing flag and spawn areas further back and making things a little more open overall.
    • Fixed out of environment bug


  • Added Aberiu’s Sniper Rifle final assets and base material setups.
  • Rocket min damage is now 20, damage radius reduced to compensate.
  • Increased Shock combo min damage to 25, reduced combo radius to compensate.
  • Reduced shock ammo amount.
  • Reduced charged bio glob max size/damage.
  • Reduced rocket launcher starting ammo.
  • Slightly increased flak spread and reduced damage bonus range.
  • Blow up bio globs that fail to track target.
  • Decreased explosion radius of charged bio.
  • Reduced shockball radius.
  • Slower shockball firing rate and slightly lower shockball movement speed.
  • Removed remaining link gun beam lockdown.
  • Increased link gun beam trace size.
  • Increased ammo cost of link pull.
  • Reduced radius that redeemer will cause damage through walls.
  • Fixed Rocket primary fire not being centered with hidden/centered weapons.
  • Fixed one frame artifacts when bringing up some weapons.
  • Fixed Link Gun teammate link validation logic.
  • Fixed rocket launcher bad roll if release charge at death.
  • Firing a bouncing projectile point blank into a wall will now properly cause self damage.
  • If have dual Enforcers, always alternate even if there is a pause between shots.
  • Tweaked weapon texture LOD group settings for all weapons.


  • Increased crouch/slide collision capsule height back to 60.
  • Added editable UTCharacterMovement property MaxSwimmingAcceleration, allowing separate swimming acceleration.
  • Swimming max acceleration now can be partially or wholly relative to the inverse of the character's current velocity.
  • Less Z velocity reduction when entering water, so dives from a height take you deeper.
  • Don't allow dodge attempt while feigning death.
  • Reduce momentum imparted on feigning teammates.
  • Don't allow unfeign when flying through the air, maintain XY momentum after recovering.


  • Fixed server side firing start when player is in crouch/slide transition. Now replicate exact z height from client for shots fired during transition to synchronize fire start.
  • Make sure delayed shots are handled before putting down weapon, so you don't get a delayed projectile if server receives fire and weapon switch requests in same frame.
  • Clear net delayed shot if leave firing state to fix double shots in net games.
  • Now use same hitscan character hit determination code whether or not using network rewind.
  • Fixed hitscan character hit determination to be accurate to capsule, and return correct surface hit point and normal.
  • Fixed incorrect minigun shard explosion effect when net predicted projectiles sync up with the replicated versions.
  • Fixed an edge case where the flag's position might diverge between client and server.
  • Fixed join-in-progress clients sometimes not seeing shield belt/invisibility that were on characters already in the game.
  • Fixed flag falling while held after join in progress or replay rewind.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Custom crosshair support, with ability to select custom crosshairs and crosshair color for each weapon.
  • Reduced size of friendly fire crosshair overlay.
  • Fixed not showing HUD hit directional effect when armor absorbs all damage.
  • Duel scoreboard with Duel specific match stats.
  • Dont send spectator chat to players.
  • Kill messages always in kill-feed. Removed redundant hud options.
  • Fixed rare case where rocket mode text will continue to be displayed when it shouldn't.
  • Lowered rocket mode text a bit so it doesn't overlap the target enemy player name.
  • Don't show pending weapon name if current weapon isn't being put down (if charged up, for example).
  • Fixed showing CTF flag scoring play time if no timelimit.
  • Adjusted HUD flag taken icon color.
  • Fixed kick percent overlapping rank badge in scoreboard.
  • Show message when force balancing teams during countdown.
  • Bots use team flags or no flag in scoreboard rather than unreal flag.
  • Display beacon for all players if at halftime or end of match.

Characters and Animation

  • Added the beginnings of running, jumping and slide anims for first person arms and hooked them up.
  • Added first pass first person direction change anims and hooked them up.
  • Pushing against a wall is taken into consideration when playing direction change as well as other more state machine path improvements.
  • Added IK for left and right hand in first person.
  • Added aimoffset poses for first person weapon rotation and hooked up using interpolated delta aim rotation.
  • Added ik on/off anim notifies for knee slide and jump and hooked up in a way so that during those moves montages will only play on the gun IK and not the left hand IK.
  • Added an end anim for knee slide.
  • Adjusted character mesh position on z.
  • Added IK while standing, adjusts position and rotation for feet to align to any sloped surface, auto adjusts hips lower to keep feet in contact with the ground, and narrows stance to bring feet closer together the steeper the slope.
  • Added additive idle pose with a narrower stance
  • Updated old rifle jump idle anims so feet match the new idle stance to make sure everything is working ok with the foot offset additive, the other jumps will look a little wonky for now until I change all the jumps to additive system.
  • Updated look at calculations to better stay consistent during different frame rates by using units per second and changing some values.
  • Fixed idle to run transition always playing after landing from a jump by allowing transition directly to run if you are already moving within 80% of max walk speed.


  • Can now view stats of friends and players recently played with.
  • Added weapon shots fired and accuracy stats.
  • Projectiles get partial accuracy credit for splash damage.
  • New stats display page from _Lynx.
  • Add Keg health to stats.
  • Added powerup pickup counts to stats display.
  • Show favorite weapon on duel overall stats.
  • Fixed updating match summary leaders after all scoring events, including suicides and flag events.
  • Fixed calculating match summary team leaders client-side as well as server-side. Only server has all information needed.
  • Fixed demo rec spectator showing up in match stats.
  • Show MatchesQuit in stats html.
  • Allow early quit without MatchesQuit stat increment if join and quit occurs before StartMatch.


  • New Showdown spawn selection system.
  • Added various experimental Showdown roundbreaker options that can be toggled in custom games.
  • Fixed player skipping Showdown spawn selection rarely getting assigned a spawn point that should be invalid due to the prior player's selection.
  • Fixed description of hardcoded Showdown ruleset in the hub.

Replay System

  • Replays are now recorded at 30 Hz instead of 10 Hz for much higher fidelity.
  • High res screenshot options in replay viewer.
  • First pass of custom post process settings in replay.
  • Don't pass mouse click to viewport when clicking timebar.
  • Fixed flag focus when watching a replay.
  • Don't show live replays that are shorter than 15 seconds as the replay streamer doesn't retry nicely currently.
  • Fixed first frame being last frame of last video in webm recorder
  • Some adjustments to make replay video recording better match up with audio recording
  • Don't render spectator slide-out when recording replay videos
  • Move codec cleanup past file clean up in case codec destruction crashes. Better to have the file written first than crash before writing completion.
  • Don't have record options on live replays, causes too much collateral damage.
  • If ShowMenu is called when recording a replay to video, cancel the recording.

Engine and Editor

  • Fixed crash on shutdown if preview world is open.
  • Fixed BSP texture align tools all being initialized to default (Contributed by yamashi).
  • Fixed crash with editor world settings panel when classes get re-instanced (hot reload, etc).
  • Fixed foliage not loading in cooked game.


  • Don't scale up impulses applied to ragdolls.
  • Improved ragdolls floating in water.
  • Water currents now affect ragdolls.
  • Don't addforce underwater if in ragdoll recovery.

Mod support

  • UTLocalMessage blueprint pass.
  • Exposed UTCharacter TurnOff() to blueprints.
  • Added dodge inventory event.
  • Enforcer BecomeDual() now callable from blueprints.
  • Added blueprint callable UTCharacter function GetWeaponBobScaling() for animation blueprints.


  • New shock rifle visual effects.
  • Updated post process bloom settings globally.
  • Fixed post process in Outpost23.
  • Screen Space Reflections back on for high effects quality.
  • New rocket launcher effects WIP.
  • Invisibility shader is now applied to hands.
  • Don't display weapon impact effect if trace hit nothing.
  • Fixed rocket launcher 3p muzzle flash and loading lights.
  • Increased size of bio explosion effect, made it relative to explosion radius.
  • Fixed shock impact effect sometimes playing when local player gets hit
  • Tweaked armor hit effect.
  • Fixed bio glob not working right with invisibility.


  • New main menu page.
  • Map vote improvements (Chat right from the map vote screen, map vote auto-opens when you bring up the menu).
  • Added some advanced graphical settings to settings menu.
  • Added ready up button to in game menu if match has not started.
  • Fixed simple graphics settings not being applied in the UI properly after closing and re-opening.
  • Frag center videos work on Mac.
  • Fixed benchmark dialog not closing correctly.
  • Fixed UK flag.
  • Clicking on Epic ID in the player info dialog will copy it to clipboard.
  • Adding UTEngineMessage so join, leave, and name change notifications display properly.
  • Workaround for sending key input to the chat/console when a dialog is open.
  • Turn reflections up to high on the player preview menus to avoid lighting issues.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Max armor stack 150 in all game types.
  • Fixed focusing on guided redeemer at the end of a match if winner is flying it.
  • Loaded cheat gives you dual enforcers.
  • No feigning death at half time.
  • Fixed more team balancing issues.
  • Reduced CTF score credit for flag cap.
  • No sniper zoom overlay when in behindview.
  • Keep behindview setting through respawns.
  • Increased camera interpolation rate between crouched/sliding and standing offsets.
  • Improved finding a good location for placing a dropped flag.
  • Added SlideTargetHeight to UTCharacter, specifies effective collision height to use when targeting a sliding character.
  • Fixed translocator teleport destination adjustment when disk is on ground.
  • Added LandedWater inventory event so that jumpboots will get removed if out of charge and player lands in water.
  • Fixed flag return entering pain volume.
  • Fixed bCanPickupItems.
  • Fixed gib trying to attach to itself instead of lift.


  • New Status Announcer Audio.
  • Fixed redeemer raise and lower sound attenuation.
  • Added a FastWaterEntrySound if player enters water at high speed.
  • Changed sound of Impact Hammer "ready" indicators.
  • Moved character voice audio into Effects channel so controlled by correct slider.
  • Moved non-voice character sounds into SFX.
  • Made it harder for bio rifle spam to overflow audio channels.
  • Made StopFarthestThenOldest the default resolution rule for too many concurrent identical sounds playing, instead of PreventNew.


  • First pass of bot character voice support (taunts and status messages), with one voice set from UT2004 currently in.
  • Bots now have positive or negative reactions to player awards.
  • Bots know how to use link pull.
  • Show bot skill on bot playercard.
  • New system for selecting bots to add to game. Prevents duplicates, allows wider skill variance if needed.


  • The green ThunderCrash beanie is now unlocked by 100% completing the tutorials.
  • Only actual leader gets leader hat in duel.
  • Eyewear detaches and becomes physics object when wearer dies.
  • Cloth blend weight at 50% when on lifts.
  • Handle equipping cosmetics while invisible.
  • Updated hat accessories to have double sided materials & removed "Malcom" text from Thundercrash base armor material.

Hubs and Servers

  • New Hub interface with improved match and chat display.
  • Fixed hub custom match URL parameters not working correctly.
  • Fixed number of friends in instance displaying wrong.
  • Updated Hub Browser: You can now join instances right from the browser.
  • Added support for seeing friends in the hub browser.
  • Fixed character is not being displayed when viewing a “Player Card” within the Hub menu.
  • Fixed a bug in how we choose what hub to send a quickmatch player to.
  • Sanitize custom game settings coming from clients.
  • Force case sensitivity for passwords.
  • Don't allow a hub instance to be launched with unbalanced teams if the balance teams flag is on
  • Hub lobby ticks at 15hz.
  • Content loading changes to save on hub max memory footprint.
  • Hub optimization by removing unused actors from UT-Entry and turning off physics tick in lobby game mode.

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