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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 9/8/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Pre-match player introductions.
  • Post-match top player highlights.
  • Capture the Flag polish.
  • Lots of fixes and improvements to Hubs and Quickmatch.
  • Support for map vote on standalone servers.
  • Improved playercard with additional information and current match stats.
  • Improved custom content redirect system, with support for join in progress.
  • Improvements to experimental Showdown game mode.
  • Focus on game stability and crash fixes.


  • DM-Cannon
    • Removed pool that contained invisibility, moved invisibility to top of tower where it can be accessed with jump boots.
    • Tweaked waterfall area, added pillar for additional cover and wall-dodge shortcuts.
    • Lowered top floor of tower slightly.
    • Increased size of cannon trap.
    • Minor tweaks to Stinger area for better flow/combat spaces.
    • Increased trigger zone for monster so he still comes up if you fall off near jump boots, made him a little bigger.
  • CTF-Dam:
    • Fixed mismatched elevator speeds behind flag.
  • Added DM-Lea to default TDM/Duel/Showdown map lists.
  • Added DM-Chill to default Showdown map list.
  • Updated tutorials.


  • Added equip animations for Sniper rifle.
  • Updated Sniper fire anim to have more recoil and not move so far to center screen.
  • Fixed thrown weapons getting incorrect velocity in some cases if they collide with the world on their first frame of movement.
  • Fixed headshots on crouched players.
  • Possible fix for impact hammer shield rarely failing to block projectiles in net games.
  • No friendly fire damage to redeemer missiles.
  • Make sure guided redeemer missile always spawns, even in tight space where it will instantly blow up.
  • Third person translocator now has team colours.

Match Summary Screens

  • Pre-Match player intro shows all players on each team before match starts.
  • Post Match summary shows highlights for top players in match.
  • At end of post match summary, shows your own highlights and any unlocks/progression.


  • Fixed ghost image on dynamically spawned pickups sometimes not working correctly for clients.
  • OnRep function for WorldGravityZ to fix clients sometimes not getting bWorldGravitySet set.
  • No replication condition for non-replicated web properties in bioshot.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with how pickup replication is handled.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Fixed showing match scoring summary and stats at halftime and end of match.
  • Reduced size of enemy name display near the crosshair.
  • Don't show targeting circles on invisible players (Sniper zoom reticle and guided redeemer).
  • Show pending team swaps on scoreboard during match, and don't draw score if have team swap request.
  • Fixed CTF scoreboard player stats text overlap issues.
  • Don't show scoreboard arrow keys message before match starts.
  • Use female versions of messages when appropriate (suicides, etc.).
  • Drawing charging indicator for impact hammer.

Characters and Animation

Characters and Animation

  • Weighting adjustment for wrists on malcolm 1stP model.
  • Updated shoulder position when holding sniper rifle to reduce arm/wrist stretching.
  • First person hands no longer receive decals.
  • Fixed animation breaking on clients when retrieving character head location.
  • Use hands anim length instead of weapon anim length for bringup/putdown timing, if available.
  • Do not allow freezing taunt anims while match is in progress.
  • Fixed taunt anims permanently freezing the character on dedicated server.
  • Fixed misc other minor taunt issues.
  • Updated crouch additive base, rifle poses and movement additives with new posing for more headroom.
  • Updated crouch to use new Enforcer and Dual Enforcer additives.
  • Updated all crouch additives and base anims to position inside capsule more uniformly.
  • Added a scale for landing that takes your velocity when impact happens and uses that to scale the blend of the landing anim from an idle. 0-700 is the scale with anything faster than 700 being the same.


  • Can now click on player names in Stats page match history to open their stats.
  • Fixed link beam shots and hits stats accumulation.
  • Fixed stats not refreshing if you change accounts.
  • CTF stats for captures, returns, assists saved to persistent stats database.
  • New layout for displaying persistent stats from _Lynx.
  • Include map name in match stats.
  • Sanitize ELO correctly.


  • Render showdown map underneath scoreboard.
  • Fixed some positioning on showdown map to reduce overlap.
  • Fixed camera clipping at end of Showdown rounds for victorious player
  • In Showdown replace Redeemer with Invisibility instead of removing it.
  • Reduced the brightness of the map so that white icons (boots, etc) show up.
  • Fixed winner's weapon in a showdown round sometimes stuck firing during intermission.
  • Worked around a Slate mouse visibility issue triggered by the Showdown map.
  • Showdown powerup breaker spawning prioritizes spots away from walls.
  • Fixed Showdown intermission display issue.
  • Destroy corpse(s) from previous round when starting a new one.
  • Fixed Showdown x-ray breaker prototype not working in single player.
  • Fixed xray breaker trigger time.


  • Improved player card formatting, added avatar pic.
  • Show all ranking badges in playercard.
  • Tweaks to playercard score page.
  • Added weapon accuracy stats to playercard weapon tab.
  • Fixed stats id not showing up for local player when out of match.
  • Blank out the ID: section if there's no stats id to show.

Performance optimization

  • Autodetect sets framerate cap based on monitor refresh rate.
  • Clear flag on scalability cvars so the default benchmark works properly.
  • Don't tick timeline components while deactivated.
  • Turned off bGenerateOverlapEvents for bioshot meshes.
  • Turned off bShouldUpdatePhysicsVolume for PawnOverlapSpheres of projectiles.
  • Static mobility by default on pickup bases.
  • Cosmetics use bAttachParentBound.
  • bUseAttachParentBound pass on weapon and weapon attachment.
  • Rocket glow particle systems should use parent attach for bounds.
  • Minor optimizations to character anim blueprint.


  • Play "team wins match" message for spectators.
  • Fixed tac-com overlay getting lost if a player loses their shield belt;
  • Show binds for auto camera, show camera binds, and toggle slideout on slide out (unless viewer is a caster).
  • Slide out is on by default when spectator.
  • Player camera rating always gives a positive score so someone will always be picked.
  • Abbreviate numpad keys on spectator slideout.
  • Fixed spectator "now viewing" message with very short player names.
  • Show 0 on slide out next to 10th player.
  • Hide powerup widget on HUD if camera binds are displayed.
  • Fix spectator click+drag behavior to avoid edge of screen issues.
  • Spectator pickup messages only show the pickup numbers for duel and showdown.


  • Adjusted the logic for picking a match for quick match.
  • Quickmatch will now prefer hubs with friends on them.
  • Now select the proper # of bots when starting a quickmatch instance.
  • Only consider Epic hubs for quickmatch.
  • Added a timeout for when quickmatch is waiting back for a hub to say it has room.

Replay System

  • Give replay spectator a real name so is recognizable.
  • Replay browser rework WIP.
  • Fix events stacking in replay bar when viewed player changes.
  • Improved multikill replay bookmark description.

Game Stability

  • Fixed nullptr crash in UTTeamInfo.
  • Fixed crash in spectatormessage HudWidget.
  • Fixed crash on client level change when some replicated Actors have been torn off.
  • Fixed crash in FOnlineSessionNull::CancelFindSessions().
  • Fixed crash in serverstartfire().
  • Fixed Announcer crash.
  • Fixed rare crash when joining at the end of a team game.
  • Fixed two crashes on exit.
  • Fixed crash when changing weapon number binds.
  • Fixed rare map vote crash.
  • Fixed potential pickup crash.
  • Fixed crashes due to third party libs not using our allocators.
  • Fixed hub display crash.
  • Always gracefully handle null world in primitive stats.
  • Dedicated servers for UT should stage needed engine content for crash reporter.
    • Windows dedicated servers should run crashreporter in unattend mode.
    • Linux dedicated servers should launch crash reporter with -unattended.


  • Try to avoid Mac editor cooking issue where it claims that PakFile is out of date
  • Fixed mouse position setting/reporting in fullscreen mode on Mac.
  • Fixed client crash on mac when viewing replays.
  • Fixed bug where changing the display settings from windowed fullscreen to fullscreen would cause bottom half of screen to disappear.

Mod and custom content support

  • Fixed custom content on standalone dedicated servers.
  • Added ability for games to have custom control channel messages.
  • Redirect system now works for join in progress.
  • It is no longer necessary in the game mode or hub ruleset to specify the pak files for the gametype, map, or mutators.
  • Fixed issue with asset registry loading from custom content.
  • Exposed ParseOption, HasOption and GetIntOption to blueprints for Mutators.
  • Added actor UTGenericObjectivePoint that LDs can place in maps to provide custom gametypes with good objective locations (domination points, etc).
  • StringAssetReferences and StringClassReferences in native CDOs now cause the linked object to be cooked.
  • Fixed DefaultPawnClass/PlayerPawnObject so that blueprints can set DefaultPawnClass in defaults again.
  • Added cook handling for TAssetPtr and TAssetSubclassOf.
  • Remerged asset registry trimming,


  • Moved transdisk light component up, so it isn't underground when disk has landed.
  • Made translocator disk trail more visible.
  • Added translocator landed beacon.
  • Tweaked duration of particle effects for translocator warp streaks.
  • Increased opacity of sniper tracer effect.
  • Added BioRifle death effects.
  • Added base effect to powerups and weapons.
  • Made shock combo effect more translucent.
  • Rocket explosion effect alphas out faster.
  • Added sparks to grenades to make them more visible.
  • Updated Shock Rifle barrel fx to remove fx that were incompatible with panini.


  • Fixed Instagib Rifle not showing in custom crosshair menu.
  • Added audio menu option to enable or disable bot speech.
  • Fixed tutorial menu completion status display.
  • Fixed issue in controls menu with keybinds being unable to change with duplicate binds.
  • Fixed Mouse Over/Press sounds not working on the main menu.
  • Removed bot configuration menu - it's not how we plan to support this kind of functionality.
  • Added a button to show the player's player card from the main menu.
  • Fixed Custom crosshair settings not propagating to other default hud classes when saving.
  • Fixed map vote not being able to open after closing it.
  • ViewBob and Mouse acceleration settings now save to profile.
  • Fixed cosmetic settings not properly updated when changing profiles.
  • Pass no-cache in profile item read to reduce chance that we get stale results.
  • Unified the rank icons in hub, playercard and on scoreboard (temp graphics).

Misc. Gameplay

  • Tilt view back if turn head while sliding.
  • Player is always on blue team in standalone.
  • In CTF, after a half match length of time has elapsed in overtime with no score, the respawn delay increases to 10 seconds and continues increasing by 3 seconds per additional minute of play.
  • Show all players (including dead ones) at half-time/EOM. Added second ring so don't run out of spots for players.
  • Fixed flag size changing when held/dropped to be consistent.
  • Made flag collision radius larger.
  • Fixed giving assist credit to players that assist flag cap by killing enemies threatening the flag carrier.
  • Fixed jump pads with lowgrav mutator.
  • Fixed death messages and scoring for friendly fire kills.
  • Fixed various cases where bCanPickupItems still didn't work.
  • Fixed RespawnWaitTime not working.
  • Guided redeemer driver now has HUD beacon.
  • Never ever use wrong team playerstart.
  • Remove switchteams() exec command, changeteams is the right exec command.
  • Added a FriendlyFire mutator (?Mutator=FriendlyFire)
    • FriendlyFire Mutator - Added the option "DamPerc=[0..100] that controls the damage percentage.
    • FriendlyFire Mutator - Added the option "MomPerc=[0..100] that controls the momentum percentage.
    • NOTE! both percs are integers 0 - 100 (or more if you so choose) not 0.0 - 1.0.
  • Renamed Mutator_WeaponRespawn to Mutator_WeaponStayOn.
  • Added Mutator_WeaponStayOff.


  • New reload sounds for Sniper Rifle, Flak Cannon, Shock Rifle, and Rocket Launcher.
  • Added TeleportInSound and TeleportOutSound to UTTeleporter, hooked up with sounds.


  • Added new placeholder bot voicepacks from UT2004.
  • Global taunt index so different bots don't repeat same taunt.
  • BotCharacter data now has editable CharacterVoice property, bots set their voice to this.
  • Set appropriate bot character voices for existing bot assets.

Hubs and Servers

  • Map vote on standalone dedicated servers
  • Fixed chat in hubs when players return from a match.
  • Fixed instability in hub/map vote player list sorting.
  • Don't allow spectators to vote to kick.
  • Added an additional status message for quick match.
  • Fixed arena mutator on hubs.
  • Fixed custom games getting bots if they try to set a custom player count, even if "no bots" is selected.
  • Fixed another case where bots could slip into a hub instance when not desired.
  • Don't show bots on player list panel.
  • Don't let spectators vote for maps.
  • Host of hub instance can't kick or ban himself.
  • Fixed assigning players to spectate in DM lobbies.
  • Added a lock icon for Hub servers that are password protected.
  • Fixed Hub server sorting in server browser.
  • Fixed friends who join via join request getting pulled back into an instance when returning to the hub.
  • Don't force menus to close when attempting to connect, wait until we actually start travelling.
  • Added the Game type display name to custom matches.
  • Join/spectate buttons in the server/Hub browser now disable if they don't apply to that match.
  • Fixed some connection failure dialogs not displaying.
  • Fixed "you need to get this map from the marketplace" message not appearing correctly.
  • Better support for matches that can't be joined in progress or spectated.
  • Hooked up the match flags so that they would work right and display in the match list.
  • Fixed non-hosting clients seeming to be booted out of a starting match that didn't allow join in progress.
  • Fixed the Match title taking up too much room and pushing the join/spectate buttons off of the menu.
  • Show training grounds hubs to everyone, but restrict entry.
  • Removed showing "no spectators" lock for hub matches, and show either "private" or "ranked", not both.

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