Version Notes 2015 09 16

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 9/16/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • New playable visual bar CTF level Titan Pass (based on the CTF-Outside shell).
  • New playable visual bar CTF level Facing Worlds.
  • New playable visual bar CTF level Pistola Battleground, from community contributor Jayoplus.
  • Necris Female is now playable in game.
  • Skaarj Trooper is now playable in game.
  • Polished versions of new Sniper Rifle (from community contributor Aberiu), Rocket Launcher, and Link Gun.
  • New Pre-Alpha Season progression system and unlockable content.
  • New Offline challenges allow you to test yourself against bots.
  • Main menu update.
  • Improved bot CTF AI.


  • Titan Pass
  • Facing Worlds
  • Pistola Battleground
  • DM-Cannon
    • Tweaks to waterfall area. Removed low pillar created a bit more open space around the ramp.


  • Visual polish of Rocket Launcher first and third person mesh, animations, and materials.
  • Visual polish of Link Gun mesh, animations, and material.
  • Updated Sniper Rifle material.
  • Adjusted first person weapon positions to prevent corner screen camera clipping.
  • Added display screen material to Rocket Launcher and Link Gun.
  • Translocator disks don't follow player through teleporter redirect portal.
  • Turn off redeemer missile collision on impact so it can’t mess up lifts.
  • Fixed alt (guided) redeemer shot not firing when player is pressed up against wall.
  • Possible fix for very rare weapon crash


  • Fixed weapon fire getting desynchronized if hold fire through a weapon running out of ammo and switching.
  • Force simulated characters to follow lifts even if slightly encroached replicated position.
  • Fixed kicked player not dying properly, breaking CTF among other things.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Updated crosshairs to have super subtle black accents for visibility when aiming against whiter/brighter surfaces.
  • Force balance teams before showing player intro.
  • Fixed player intro player offsets with <4 players in shot.
  • Reduced size of Enforcer and Impact Hammer crosshairs.
  • Don't unhide both teams in post match if player closes summary screen.
  • Fixed force streaming Hat textures in match summary screens.
  • Fixed using female version of suicide messages when appropriate.
  • Fixed rare crash in AUTHUD::PostRender().

Performance and memory optimization

  • Regenerated LODs for the new weapons.
  • Reduced particle count for translocator disk trail.
  • Slate memory optimization, save 60 megs
  • Better texture streaming settings on low end
  • Increased texture pool sizes at medium and epic texture detail levels.


  • Don't show powerup widget when displaying spectator slideout.
  • Properly show flag messages for spectator viewing someone in first person.


  • Added Chasing Voids music to CTF Big Rock.
  • Increased Facing Worlds music volume slightly.


  • Improved bot flag carrier combat logic.
  • Implemented advanced AI hunting logic, substantially improves bots tracking down enemy flag carriers.
  • Implemented bot defense points
  • Bots hold onto translocator less when they don't have immediate plans to use it.
  • Fixed an edge case where bots would insist on trying to telefrag the enemy flag carrier.
  • Slightly decreased low skill bot aiming ability.
  • Fixed bots that fired another weapon's alt fire then switched to the translocator sometimes not properly calculating translocator disc arcs.
  • Fixed bots sometimes jittering and/or not looking in the proper direction when camping/sniping.
  • Workaround for rare bot lift issue.

Engine and Editor

  • No core dumps on Linux.
  • Fixed crash when invalid FBX file is being imported.


  • Fixed powerup overlay sometimes not being visible on weapons if it's not the first time that life the player had one.
  • Tweaked helmet hit effect.
  • Fixed offset of rocket launcher third person load lights.
  • Fixed link gun beam being a frame behind.
  • Added support for overlay materials to include a particle effect attached to the overlay.
  • Hooked up UDamage pickup effects.
  • New CTF flag mesh, with cloth physics when being carried.
  • Fixed character material having blown out rim shader at distance.


  • New main menu background for pre-alpha season
  • New loading screen.
  • Don't show previous and next options on playercard if only one player is present.
  • Fixed pause key binding
  • Stop the Mapvote from being re-added to the viewport on level transition.
  • Updated basic training UI to match current main menu better.
  • Fixed map vote causing input loss
  • Prestream hat textures in player settings menu.
  • Tweaked weapon stats page in playercard.
  • Added an audio cue when you open the pause menu.
  • Fixed network messages causing slate to get into an unresponsive state

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fix for lifts getting encroached because of error introduced by world to local to world transforms pushing player into wall.
  • When in ragdoll take "falling" damage for high velocity in any direction, not just down

minor effects optimizations.

  • Added admin control for restarting CTF matches in progress with desired initial conditions.
  • Fixed freezing taunts working in some cases where it's not supposed to
  • Fixed killing flag carrier at point blank sometimes not returning the flag because it was already touching at time of drop.
  • NoCollision collision option shouldn't collide with Translocator disk.
  • Fixed potential crash in AUTCharacter::PositionUpdated().

Hubs and Servers

  • Now support private matches in a hub. Player creating the match lobby must invite other players to join.
  • Proper join error for failure to join match in progress.
  • Better quickmatch not found message.
  • Fixed very rare dedicated server crash.
  • Don't create map vote replication data until the map vote is about to start and use a much faster path to convert short map names in the map list to long path names.
  • Fixed rare quickmatch crash.
  • Removed the quick match time restriction when you successfully connect to a quick match.
  • Fixed team coloring not resetting in the player list when a hub switches from a team game to a non-team game.
  • The match info popup now shows the rule information
  • When switching between DM and team games in lobby, update player team settings.
  • Hid the hub star indicator until the backend supports it.
  • Added MaxPlayersInLobby (config - UTLobbyGameMode in Game.ini) that controls the max # of players allowed in the lobby.
  • Fixed the menus allowing you to join in progress when you shouldn't.
  • Made the SessionInfo reject people if join in progress is disabled.
  • Moved control over your invite to the match info so it’s persistent for the life of the invite.
  • No ELO matching on training ground servers - beginner ELOs are not very indicative of skill yet.
  • Don't ELO check beginners for quickmatch joining.
  • Fixed Hubs blanking their instance information when you select them due to ping coming back.
  • Fixed endless pinging of hubs in the browser.
  • Fixed a case where a player could return to a hub and get set back in to a match instance that was quitting out. This caused them to show up as "Playing" or "In Match" when they were in fact sitting in the hub.
  • Added additional checks to handle when a player is in a match but not in the owner's match for the player list.
  • The MatchPanel should now properly update its map when it changes.
  • Removed the "hide unjoinable instances" button.
  • Adjusted the ShowInDock code to ignore player counts so matches don’t temporarily hide when they transition.

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