Version Notes 2015 10 01

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 10/01/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Updated Facing Worlds map.
  • New map shells CTF-Quick and DM-RGB
  • Focus on stability, fixed most known crash issues.
  • Fixed issues with Quickplay.
  • Fixed issues with Offline Challenges, and made the highest skill player team bots better.
  • Fixed issues with progressions and unlocks.
  • Bot AI improvements.


  • Facing Worlds
    • Fixed some collision bugs.
    • Minor visual polish.
  • New CTF shell CTF-Quick.
  • New DM shell DM-RGB
  • Fixed paths on DM-Outpost23, DM-Lea
  • Tutorials
    • Fixed displayed game type names in tutorials.
    • No spawn protection in tutorial game mode.
    • Fixed tutorial token reward.

Progression and Offline Challenges

  • Fixed awarding offline challenge rewards.
  • Fixed crash when earning 45th challenge star.
  • Increased skill level of some offline challenge bot teammates (Raven, Barktooth, and Dominator) to make the hardest challenges a little easier.
  • Only get 50% XP if server is primarily bots.
  • Set higher XP multipliers for non-CTF modes.


  • Fixed bug where pressing alt-fire while still holding primary would return the translocator disk instead of teleporting player.
  • Translocator afterimage applies projectile damage directly instead of teleporting the projectiles.
  • Fixed not showing link beam if hitting something less than 50 cm away.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Fixed issue that was preventing the powerup widget from ever drawing.
  • Doubled thickness of Enforcer crosshair.


  • Taking flag from base updates bots on that player's position (implied by announcement).
  • Fixed bot camping behavior.
  • Low skill bots never intentionally headshot.
  • Rewrote headshot skill check to make more sense.
  • Bots properly adjust when they run into a friendly pawn.
  • Fixed some issues where bots hunting flag carriers would get stuck with no action.
  • Bots use link pull slightly less frequently, unless link gun is their favorite weapon.
  • Added some basic AI spawn selection logic for Duel and Showdown.
  • Fixed bots not using correct crouch height for pathing.
  • Fixed not seeing cosmetic items on bots on local servers.


  • Fix to improve audio synchronization when recording a video from a replay.
  • Now have Win32 support for recording videos from replays.
  • Don't show match summary in replays right now.

Characters and Animation

  • Fixed taunting while charging some weapons causing the looping fire effects to get stuck on in 3rd person mode.
  • Fixed brief transition to crouch animation when starting slide.
  • Improved blending between stop and change direction states.

Game Stability

  • Fixed some rare AI crashes
  • Fixed rare weapon bringup crash
  • Fixed some rare UI crashes.
  • Fixed some rare weapon crashes.
  • Fixed crash on transition caused by Skaarj hair cleanup bug.
  • Fixed mod tutorial weapon.
  • Removed various log spam.

Effects and Rendering

  • Fixed ragdoll wonkiness when player gets killed by stinger shard and pinned to a wall.
  • Fixed swoop and shield belt translucency fighting, shield belt wins.
  • Fixed flag cloth looking scrunched when flag is home in net games.
  • Changed mip filter to sharpen for most things.
  • Added console variable for bloom dirt effect; disabled by default except on Epic settings.
  • Used 64bit int to hold memory sizes in FStreamMemoryTracker, to fix the issue with large 32 bit texture pools.
  • Blocked cheat cvars from being set by system setting ini.


  • Fixed removed players still showing up in pre-match intro.
  • Fixed closing match summary screen at end of match.
  • Meshed CTF maps show up first in hub and mapvote lists.
  • Alt-fire doesn't switch teams during player intro or countdown. #wrongteamjoe
  • Pre-stream selected character textures while waiting for ready up.
  • Fixed the game taking input while the intro/outtro is up.
  • Fix screen percentage setting reverting on cancel in Graphics settings menu.
  • Don't apply changes to character, hat, or eyewear during an online game in progress.
  • Fixed custom crosshairs not updating when switching profiles in the main menu
  • Changed the default map screenshot texture to something less jarring.
  • Fixed being able to activate both WeaponStay mutators.
  • Style changes to bring the UI in line with the style guide.
  • If user has tutorial menu open and changes users, quit back to main menu.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Reduced spawn protection time. Lose spawn protection on any item pickup.
  • Fix for occasional framerate drops after respawn in Duel.
  • Increased flagrunpool, more score for flag runners resulting in cap.
  • Fixed ragdoll falling damage so that feigning while dodging won’t hurt player.

Hubs and Servers

  • Fixed a bug that was causing hubs to choose full quickplay matches which then could not be joined.
  • Never fail quickmatch - automatically restart search if fail to join selected quickplay instance for some reason.
  • Fixed Hub and match badge information not updating when refresh button is pressed.
  • Hub instances in the process of launching are now considered for max instance count.
  • Instances that have been launching for > 10 minutes are now automatically timed out and killed.
  • Fixed incorrect entitlement failed message when attempting to join a server running a Marketplace map in certain situations.
  • Spectators now get their own spot on the lobby player chat list.

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