Version Notes 2015 10 21

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 10/21/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Spooky version of Facing Worlds with spooky pumpkins and the Boom Broom!
  • Special seasonal unlocks.
  • Special Halloween offline challenges earn special leader hats.
  • Tutorial improvements.
  • Weapon balance tweaks.
  • Improved custom content download support, with hub button to download all custom content at once, and support for redirects for replays.
  • Can now earn XP in offline challenges, with XP bonus for newly earned stars.
  • Now support releasing new offline challenges any time. Look for them!
  • Improved server admin support, including admin menu.
  • Trusted community hubs now give XP and replays. Look for the trusted icon in the hub browser.

Special Halloween Features

  • Spooky Face with spooky pumpkins and the Boom Broom!
  • Earn special seasonal leader hats by picking up skulls dropped on death on all Epic hubs
    • 200 skulls earns the Harvest Gourd.
    • 1000 skulls earns the Harvest Spectre.
    • 5000 skulls earns the Harvest Ember.
    • See your current total on your player card. Earn it and keep it after the season ends!
  • Earn special seasonal leader hats for completing the Halloween Offline Challenges
    • Five spooky stars earns the Trickster horns.
    • Ten spooky stars earns the Hellion horns.
    • Fifteen spooky stars earns the Baaler horns.
  • Earn the Pumpkin Fiend mask for gathering pumpkins on Spooky Face
    • 6666 pumpkins earns the Pumpkin Fiend mask. Earn it and keep it after the season ends!


  • Tutorials
    • Recorded and added ghosts to movement tutorial using variant of ghost BPs based on TimeEh's prototype.
    • Added ambient audio.
    • Misc. bug fixes.
    • No time limit and no match summary for tutorials.
  • Titan Pass
    • Ambient audio pass
    • Fixed some stretchy decals.
    • Misc. Bug fixes.
  • DM-RGB
    • Minor tweaks
  • CTF-Quick
    • Weapon layout changes
    • Some layout tweaks to the flag bases

Offline Challenges

  • Now support releasing new offline challenges between builds.
  • Now can earn progression XP in offline challenges.
  • XP granted with bots is scaled by bot skill level.
  • Earning challenge stars now gives an XP bonus.
  • Separated ClanLord and Malcolm into different teams to make some of the hard challenges easier.
  • Tweaked medium challenge teams to make them easier.+
  • Reduced challenge time limits to 10 minutes for CTF, 8 minutes for everything else.
  • Made first few easy challenges easier.


  • Slightly increased shock ball speed.
  • Slightly reduced flak shard damage and speed.
  • Reduced max damage from FlakShell+shards and made it more consistent by not spawning shards on direct hit and instead directly damaging the hit pawn.
  • Reduced the spread of flakshell shards.
  • Slightly increased time between impact hammer alt shields.
  • Slightly increased minigun primary spin up time.
  • Slightly increased minigun alt fire interval.
  • Slightly reduced rocket damage radius.
  • Fixed bio rifle unable to shoot a final shot with 1 ammo remaining.
  • Bio goo, flak shards, stinger shard, and grenades will now damage blocking actors (like damage triggers).
  • Player keeps redeemer in hand while guiding remote redeemer missile.
  • Updated Sniper first person mesh to use base material & remove glass material.
  • Add NotifyTeamChanged to weapon attachments.
  • Fixed rare weapon crash.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Include rewards in the killfeed (sprees, multikills, weapon rewards, etc.)
  • Health and Armor are shown on player beacons as bars rather than numbers.
  • HUD paper doll is team colored.
  • Show flag on paper doll if held.
  • Added translocator icon for translocator telefrag kills
  • Don't show old-style death messages if spectator slideout is out.
  • Updated Enforcer crosshair to remove outer black dots.
  • Ammo bar on weapon bar use hud opacity settings.
  • Distance to draw player beacons is scaled by FOV, so zoomed snipers see them.
  • Fixed unnecessary font caching when we scale text (performance improvement).
  • Crosshair scaling is the same regardless of resolution.


  • First pass support for bots pathing through water areas.
  • Fixed various bugs with bots using lift jumps and impact jumps.
  • Fixed a bug that caused low skill bots to have perfect instant hit aim in certain edge cases.
  • Tweaked bot aiming at various skill levels. Bots are less likely to use weapons proficiently at lower skills.
  • Low skill bots never do headshot damage.
  • Respect bot speech enabled setting on network clients.
  • Redirect bot to wait/camp behavior in error conditions to reduce log spam.

Spectating and Replays

  • Replays support redirects (the redirect URL is that at the time of recording, so the endpoint needs to still be live);
  • Don't switch spectator camera at instant of death - hold for a second.
  • Pulse "now viewing" message when spectated player changes.
  • improved replay browser, with alphabetically sorted playerlist and the ability to manually enter player id.
  • Fix team color HUD widgets displaying differently for players and spectators.
  • "demorec/demoplay" console commands work again to use local files.
  • Fixed mouse from jumping to an old location on mouse up in replay window.

Characters and Animation

  • Added a bunch of weapon specific match poses for male and female
  • Moved all character textures into Character LODs instead of World LODs.
  • Added missing IK bones to Skaarj, regenerated lod's with new bones.
  • Updated first person anim blueprint to support different idles for different guns, currently additive.
  • Updated Sniper Rifle idle to have a better grip on the left hand.
  • Updated Link Gun to have separate pull animation.
  • Updated Rocket Launcher animations.
  • Updated Sniper fire and reload animations, and tweaked scale and position.


  • Show monster kill count for extended Monster Kills.
  • Reduced spacing between spoken announcements, especially for CTF flag status announcements.
  • Fixed not seeing Godlike spree message.


  • Don't allow wall running on downward facing surfaces.
  • Cancel wall run instantly if feign death.


  • Fixed out of order replication causing Characters PlayerState to be set to NULL.
  • Don't double spawn bounce effects on net clients with predicted projectiles.


  • Added female effort sounds.
  • Halloween main menu theme.
  • Added footstep notifies to direction change transitions.
  • Fixed playing footstep sounds when player is not holding a weapon.
  • Separate sounds for team flag taken from base vs enemy flag taken from base.
  • Updated Sniper Rifle firing sound.
  • New ambient rocket travel sound.
  • Fixed water entry sound spam when crouching into water.
  • Added ReloadSound array to Weapon, to support reload sounds played for shooter.

Mod Support

  • Made PlayerState UpdateReady() and Weapon NeedsAmmoDisplay() blueprint accessible.
  • Blueprints now have access to player earned flags and badges.
  • Made TimeLimit BlueprintReadWrite so time can be set by blueprints before a game begins.


  • Team Showdown work in progress. Can be tried out from custom game tab.
  • Hooked up a temp armor icon for the Showdown map.
  • Fixed Showdown selected spawn point getting lost if the user clicks at the right time.

Effects and Rendering

  • New skeletal mesh gore chunks.
  • Reduced time that recently rendered actor is considered relevant for effects.
  • Added water footstep splash effects.
  • Fixed disabling projectile lights only for non-owners at low detail in net games.
  • UTImpactEffect now keeps some explosion effects lights on for instigator at low detail - set up for rocket explosion.
  • Added water entry splash effect.
  • New UDamage and Berserk effects.
  • Pumpkin headshot effect.
  • Resized shock ball to match new gameplay collision.
  • Updated blood decals & fx.
  • Link gun beam turns victims into skeleton (work in progress).
  • New disrupted translocator disk effect.
  • Hooked up flag capture effect.
  • Fixed tracers into skybox disappearing.
  • Updated CTF flags to use new flag mesh and physics, and blended animations.
  • Added ClothBlendHome and ClothBlendHeld properties to flag actor for artist tweaking.
  • See own Shockball light even in low detail mode.
  • Fixed FXAA not being the auto set AA mode.


  • Halloween splash screens and main menu graphics
  • The chatbox attempts to maintain focus when other widgets are being used to make typing easier.
  • Better zooming in on the character in the Player Settings menu.
  • Don't close menu when looking at playercard in offline match.
  • Pause game when the console is opened during an offline match.
  • Updated "Clear Game Settings" text and warning message to indicate that all profile data is lost including challenge stars.
  • Empty DebugExecBindings in test and shipping builds. Moved ghost mode bindings (on i, o, p) from CustomBindings array to DebugExecBindings array.
  • Fixed various crashes in post match summary screens.
  • Tweaked marketplace map needed message text.
  • Block illegal characters from player names.
  • Added ability to separately select leader hat in player settings menu.
  • Character changes are not applied during an online match.
  • Fixed various issues with XP bar.
  • Fix for rare map vote crash.
  • Don't pass key events to PlayerInput in match summary.
  • Fix player ranks not being set up correctly on first login.
  • Fix rank calculation issue if player has more than 2 million matches.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Don't show teammate as killer if death is caused by environmental damage in team game.
  • Get headshot credit if manage to kill target despite inventory effect.
  • Added teleport cheat.
  • Added WaitToTriggerTime to generic_lift, to delay initial triggering of lift when player steps on it.
  • Fixed match start team balancing only moving 1 player even when more need to switch
  • Fix for very rare issue where flag counts as home while dropped on the ground
  • Improved flag interaction with lifts.
  • Fixed giving stats credit for guided redeemer kills.
  • Added "Extended overtime" message for when CTF overtime goes to longer respawns, which are now always 10 second delay.
  • Fixed pickup bases pointing to the wrong lightmap index.
  • Fixed cosmetic attachment to take into account the scale in the blueprint after applying the socket scale.
  • Fixed some achievement/entitlement unlock bugs.

Hubs and Servers

  • Hubs now have a download all custom content button to make acquiring custom content easier.
  • Redirect downloads now make sure the content doesn't already exist locally before starting a new download
  • Trusted community hubs now give XP and replays. Look for the trusted icon in the hub browser.
  • Fixed the "Refresh" button within the server browser updating all HUB and match badge information.
  • Can associate persistent dedicated server instances with a hub.
    • Hub=<ip> to say what hub to connect to (or use config var HubAddress)
    • HubKey=<key> to set the access key (or use config var HubKey)
  • Fixed some issues with hub instance beacon ports.
  • Added score and time remaining info to instance callouts.
  • Instances now auto-append -log=Instance_XXXXX.log where xxx is a unique id so it’s easier to match logs to instances.
  • Updated the UI to display the # of players needed to start a match.
  • Changed the rules for starting matches in hubs.
    • If the match does not have join in progress selected, it requires a fixed min # of players based on the rule.
    • If the match does have join in progress selected and there are no active instances then the match can start right away.
    • If the match does have join in progress selected and there are bots enabled then the match can start right away.
    • If the match does have join in progress selected but there are no bots, then the min # of players needs to be reached.
  • Adjusted the min # of players for CTF to 4.
  • Allow players to stay on beginner servers until they have played 50 matches or reached gold 1.
  • Fixed client crash in UUTLocalPlayer::OnLoginComplete().
  • New Server browser styling to match the guide.
  • Hub -> instance chat is now working.
  • Added an upper time limit for hub instance games.
  • Corrected reporting of matches and players per hub on hub browser
  • Force a full server browser refresh when logging out or changing users


  • Quickmatch should never fail. Will fall back to less optimal hubs, including non-Epic hubs, if no good match is found.
  • Quickmatch CTF will now randomly choose between Titan Pass, Facing Worlds and Spooky Face.
  • Beginners using Quickmatch will create rank locked matches on non-beginner servers.

Server Administration and Cheat Prevention

  • The new Admin panel.
  • Rewrote speedhack detection, now enabled by default.
    • Added client message warning about possible speedhack detected, and stop client movement to resolve.
  • GameDifficulty, bCasterControl, bBalanceTeams are no longer config.
  • Moved the main Rcon access functions into UTBaseGameMode from UTBasePlayerController so that additional processing can be done for hubs and instances.
  • Added the exec RconNormal to logout from admin status.
  • Added SendRconMessage that can be used to send admin messages to everyone (recurses into instances from a hub).
  • Added the AdminDialog so admins can control their servers a bit more. Once logged in as an admin type "adminmenu" at the console.
  • Kicks on instances act as temporary bans so the offending player can't rejoin
  • When you ban someone, it now stores the player name they were playing under in the ini as well. NOTE: all existing admin bans in inis will have to be redone.
  • Admins coming from a hub now ignore the private status of matches. They can enter matches in setup or private instances at will.
  • Added hooks for external anti cheat systems.

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