Version Notes 2015 11 19

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 11/19/2015

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Support for Win32 Unreal Tournament in the new Win32 Epic Launcher.
  • Enhanced Spectating System and Replay improvements.
  • Improvements to Showdown and Team Showdown.
  • New gameplay shell CTF-Plaza.
  • Bot AI improvements.
  • Networking improvements.


  • New gameplay shell CTF-Plaza.
  • CTF-Volcano
    • Removed broken refraction from the steam that was breaking on some specs and causing bad performance.
    • Fixed bug with fans not automatically making the player jump into them.
    • Added custom lift asset to prevent players from getting stuck under them (causing weird bugs near the redeemer).
  • CTF-Quick
    • Added health pickup inside base in new side room.


  • Reduced flak shard overlap radius.
  • Slightly increased shockball collision radius.
  • Fixed rocket launcher lock working through walls if target initially had line of sight.
  • Drop enforcer on death if holding impact hammer or translocator.
  • Explosions do visibility traces a little off the projectile impact surface to reduce the chance that irregular mesh geometry blocks it.
  • Fixed crash in burst firing state if no spread.
  • Put the new Flak face on the Flak shell.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Brightened HUD damage direction indicator to try to make it a little more obvious.
  • Show team beacons even if player is not visible, with scaled down version for non visible or far away players.
  • Smoothly transition between beacon sizes.
  • Drop shadow beacon names for readability.
  • Fade beacons near crosshair.
  • Separate multiple accolades on kill feed with spaces.
  • Show little red square on HUD if high precision mouse is off (for debugging).


  • Improved bot vision vs ragdolled players.
  • Improved types of wall dodge scenarios supported by UTWallDodgePoint.
  • Added wall dodge point to Outpost23 to allow AI to get to the location where players are hiding in the challenges.
  • Fixed bots getting stuck on pickups in certain rare cases.
  • Tweaked bot wall dodge frequency and safety checks.
  • Fixed an issue where skilled bots would use advanced movement to reach a powerup that's about to respawn ahead of schedule, then get confused it still has so much time left.
  • Bots use a proper behavior for camping powerups.
  • Bots consider human teammates close to a powerup as having claimed it, so they generally won't try to steal it unless they think they're special (flag carrier).
  • Bots send messages when they head to powerups that are respawning soon and when they see an enemy take one.
  • Bots don't path to items when bCanPickupItems is false on its pawn
  • Fixed AI crash if you try to play CTF on a level that doesn't have flag bases.
  • Possible fix for rare instance crash when a human joining causes a bot to leave.

Enhanced Spectating System

  • Spectator slide out menu is now mouse driven.
  • Minimap can now be brought up in spectator slideout.
    • Shows players (alive and dead).
    • Circle around currently viewed player.
    • Added CTF flags and bases to minimap.
  • With spectator slide out, mouse cursor is hidden if you hold mouse button for 1 second, reappears if you tap mouse button.
  • Draw selector triangles for bringing in or out parts of spectator slideout.
  • Show weapon stats when click again on selected player name in slide out.
  • Fixed X-Ray (Taccom) performance.
  • Added X-Ray button to slideout.
  • Added button to toggle between 1st person and 3rd person on spectator slideout.
  • Fixed spectator slide out sometimes showing wrong status values for players temporarily after they die and respawn.
  • Can now select all players on slide out even if more than 10.
  • Improved the powerup clocks on the slideout.
    • Fixed showing icon on powerup clock for weapons (e.g. Redeemer).
    • Drop shadow for powerup clock timers to make them more readable.
    • Group slideout powerup clocks by team side.
    • No team icon for powerup clock when there is only one of that powerup.
  • Powerup clocks can now be clicked to switch to viewing that powerup.
  • Improved projectile cam, fixed it in replays.
  • Don't immediately move spectator camera back when flag is sent home, so scores and returns are easier to grok.
  • Pickups have a camera property (optional) this is the camera to use if that pickup is selected when spectating.
  • Scale cam bind names to fit in buttons.
  • Fixed windowed spectator losing game focus when clicking on slideout.
  • No directional damage indicators when spectating in third person.
  • Don't broadcast spectator messages for small health pickups.
  • Fixed incorrect eyeheight in first person spectating.
  • Fixed some kill and reward messages not showing for spectators.
  • Fixed some announcements not playing for spectators or replay viewers.
  • Spectator switches to remote redeemer when it is fired.


  • Fixes for video recording from replays.
  • Fixed out of sync audio issue for video recording from replays.
  • Replay streamer fix for instagib replays.
  • Fix spree kill descriptions on replay scroll bar.
  • Fixed NumSpectators incorrectly being decremented when the demorec spectator leaves (due to demo being cancelled, encountering an error, etc).


  • Reduced momentum applied to wall running player by friendly fire.
  • Slightly slow down player who translocates while sliding so they can't translocate/slide indefinitely.
  • Smooth view up and down stairs even if viewbob scaling is set to zero.


  • Fixed combo in the face bug in network games.
  • Always successfully match fake trans disk with real one, since there can be only one.
  • Don't allow rocket mode to change if high ping client is waiting to spawn delayed projectile.
  • Tweaked net prediction settings (reduced max prediction ping from 160 to 120, etc.).
  • Fixed hitch when spectators join.
  • Fixed frame rate clamping based on netspeed (framerate must be limited so will not cause upstream connection to saturate).


  • Added reload audio to new weapon primary fire modes (WIP).
  • Added audio for Link primary impact.
  • Added anim audio for Enforcer and Link.
  • Updated Enforcer Chamber Action audio.
  • Own footstep sounds are quieter.
  • Moved "lose match" announcer music to music channel.
  • Moved FragCenter Intro music from UI to Music channel.

Mod Support

  • IsThereAWinner() (used to determine victory conditions if time runs out) is now blueprintable.
  • Moved Showdown minimap code up a level so it can be used by other game modes.
  • Fixed case where "navigation needs to be rebuilt" message could get stuck on.
  • Add UNREALTOURNAMENT_API to UTGenericObjectivePoint.
  • Exposed some UTWeapon functions to blueprints.
  • Merged "Blueprint support for feigning death check" from RattleSN4K3.
  • Merged "Fix renaming pak files" by RattleSN4K3.
  • Merged option to scale time after firing before weapon can be put down from Wail.
  • Merged export stat names by RattleSN4K3.
  • Added virtual function to allow changing the player color on the scoreboard in subclasses.
  • Merged 'Mutate' function for mod keybinds from RattleSN4K3.
  • Call AUTMutator::Mutate() directly instead of routing through UTGameMode; game modes can add a built-in mutator if they really need that functionality.
  • Added PreventDeath() hook.
  • Added UTClientSetRotation() blueprint callable function.
  • Exposed DefaultBrakingDecelerationWalking in UTCharacterMovement.
  • AUTCharacter::GetTeamNum() now calls ScriptGetTeamNum().
  • MainScoreboardDisplayTime is config, in the UTGameMode section of Game.ini.


  • Added an extra 3 second delay between showing Showdown map and spawn selection for additional clarity.
  • Team showdown now displays spawn selection order.
  • Dead players in team showdown can spectate teammates.
  • Overcharge powerup in Showdown now pings enemy locations through walls every 2.5 seconds.
  • Team Showdown round time limit is now 3 minutes.
  • Team Showdown: reduced ammo boost to 1.5x.
  • Show mouse cursor during entire Showdown spawn selection phase, not just when it's the local player's turn.
  • Showdown map now has a preview image when hovering over a spawn point and the map has a white border when it's the local player's turn.
  • Increased time to pick spawn point.
  • Minimap uses new spawn point indicators that show direction.
  • New minimap icons for pickups.
  • Can now hover over minimap PlayerStarts to show a 3d preview.
  • Can now hover over minimap pickup icons to show name of item.
  • Showdown no longer excludes additional spawn points based on previous player's spawn point.
  • Added UTPlayerStart with a flag to exclude the start from Showdown.
  • Added Team Showdown to rulesets.
  • Overcharge pickup grants some ammo.

Capture the Flag

  • Moved flag capture detection to a new collision component on the flag base instead of reusing the flag's collision, which fixes some order of operation and queued movement related issues causing erroneous captures
  • No longer tell players they are in advantage time if overtime starts with a held flag.
  • Drop flag if killed while flying redeemer.
  • AdvantageDuration is no longer command line configurable.

Effects and Rendering

  • Fixed anti-aliasing not being able to be set via system settings.
  • Added flag returned effects.
  • Fixed sniper tracer being dim/invisible when fired at long distances.
  • Blob foot shadows improvements and fixes.
  • Fixed orientation of player landed effect.
  • Added ground effect for impact hammer boosts.
  • Added ground footstep effects for running characters.
  • Landed effect plays more.
  • Limit frequency of playing water entry effects.

Offline Challenges

  • Fixed earning XP bonus for failed challenges after having beaten them previously.
  • Fixed EarnedStars and RosterUpgrade message carrying over to challenge failures.
  • Fixed match summary roster upgrade text display.


  • New Weapon Config dialog with support for configuring weapon selection groups.
  • F9 works for screenshot in release build
  • LocalBinds array can be set up in ini that isn't modified by cloud.
  • Fixed setting and saving weapon priorities and selection groups.
  • Fixed completion checkmark not showing up for game mode tutorials.
  • Allow dialogs to skip world rendering for performance.
  • Added foliage scalability setting.
  • Show default match badge if custom image not available.
  • Removed "you have earned xxx total stars" box from offline challenge menu.
  • Fixed input getting cleared when certain match states change even if match summary is not up.
  • Fixed wrong country flag displayed right after loading profile.
  • Fixed crashes if subclass of UT game modes try to remove certain configurables from the menu.
  • Added an MCP controlled new content message for the frag center.
  • Show XP bar when finishing a match on a trusted server.
  • Make sure cursor is in right place when player starts typing message in chat panel.
  • Escape now toggles the menu in the match summary screen.
  • Fixed player card showing wrong info when switching from one profile to a completely new, never before played profile.
  • Fixed the HUD menu closing the hub menu when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a crash with the popup overlay if the game wasn't started yet.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Added game speed mutator.
  • Removed Halloween seasonal content.
  • Don’t allow cheats and team changing in basic training.
  • Fixed issues with leader hat when join in progress.

Hubs, Servers, and Match Finding

  • Quickmatch restructured to have instance selection done by instance, allowing significant improvements to decision making.
  • Fixed joining the game from the browser not respecting some of the match restrictions.
  • Spectators are allowed to join spectatable matches that aren't join in progress.
  • When you connect to a passworded server the password used is cached for the session.
  • Changed how ping is calculated for hubs so reported value is representative of instance pings.
  • Made creating a "LAN GAME" via the menus actually create a "LAN GAME".
  • Fixed team chat not filtering correctly when in a pre-game hub lobby.
  • Don't show the lock icon on rank locked instances if your rank is within the range.
    • Also added a display in the popup to say what the allowed ranks are. Very WIP.
  • Fixed the start match button not respecting the state of there are no matches.
  • Tweaked min and max player counts for various standard rulesets.
  • HUB instances no longer time out when no players are playing but some are pending connection (e.g. because they are downloading mods).
  • Enabled LAN server finding.
  • In the case of port collision, made the exit graceful to avoid potential crash dump issues on Linux.
  • Made sure the listen port check checks for people using -BeaconPort=xxxx.
  • Integrated UE4 Perf Counters and HTTP Query code for UT Servers. This is needed for ops and the UT team to track down some more specific edge cases with servers and server states.
  • Fixed Mapvote on a Dedicated instance hooked to a hub.
  • Updated the mapvote dialog to use the new UTButtons that properly work instead of the older combo buttons.


  • Quickmatch should never fail. Will fall back to less optimal hubs, including non-Epic hubs, if no good match is found.
  • Quickmatch CTF will now randomly choose between Titan Pass, Facing Worlds and Spooky Face.
  • Beginners using Quickmatch will create rank locked matches on non-beginner servers.

Mac Performance

  • Improved compressed 2D texture streaming on Mac OpenGL to reduce hitching during streaming.
  • On OS X 10.10.5 or later disable OpenGL.UseMapBuffer when using MTGL to improve performance (at memory cost).
  • When orphaning an OpenGL buffer during a write-lock that will use glBufferData to update the contents the initial discard can set the buffer size to 0 and avoid a redundant attempt to allocate backing storage. This is a marginal performance improvement on AMD's OS X drivers which don't optimise this away and could plausibly benefit other drivers too.
  • Optimised away unnecessary changes to GL_TEXTURE_BASE_LEVEL & GL_TEXTURE_MAX_LEVEL.


  • Win32 chunking support, in preparation for Win32 launcher.
  • Fixed issue where material nodes do not keep their connections when copied to another material.
  • Disable load warnings for cosmetics on dedicated server (so users can't cause log spam), enable on clients (for debugging)
  • Static mesh lod bias by way of distance scalar, only on low end.

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