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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 10/18/2016

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Updated to use Unreal Engine 4.14, with many improvements and new features from 4.13 and 4.14.
  • Halloween seasonal content, including Spooky Facing Worlds, special challenges and items to unlock.
  • New Enforcer.
  • New Grenade Launcher work in progress.
  • Many changes and tweaks to weapon functionality and balance.
  • Improved networking with high packet loss.
  • Tutorial polish pass, and bring new players straight into tutorials.


  • Spooky Facing Worlds
  • Tutorial polish pass with new announcer.
  • DM-Sand materials and meshes updated.
  • Titan Pass reflections tweak.
  • Underland post process and lighting update based on newer engine version.
  • CTF-Pistola bug fixes.
  • DM-Vortex fan fixed.


  • Reduced size of hop before slide.


  • Projectiles are always centered on crosshair. Visual effect starts off translated so it looks like it is coming out of the gun.
  • Enforcer
    • New enforcer mesh.
    • Reduced interval between enforcer bursts 1.3->1 second.
    • Increased enforcer starting ammo 20->40.
  • Minigun
    • Reduced minigun primary spread and damage per shot, Minigun damage/bullet 14->12, spread 0.0675-> 0.055.
    • Minigun alt redesign experiment, low damage wide overlap shot for long distance suppression.
  • Grenade Launcher
    • Bio Launcher prototype is now the grenade launcher.
    • Grenade launcher prototype weapon mesh
    • Tweaks to grenade launcher primary fire.
    • Experimental grenade launcher alt fire with sticky grenades, grenade jumping support.
  • Link Gun
    • Link primary fires 10% faster..
    • Reduced link proj damage 22->20.
    • Link gun primary now stops firing during cooldown rather than slow firing.
    • New Link gun overheat indicator.
    • Disabled link gun teammate linking.
    • Reduced max link gun ammo (130->120).
  • Redeemer
    • Longer redeemer equip and put down times.
    • Reduced Redeemer explosion expansion time.
    • Reduced Redeemer max damage radius from 4000 to 3700.
    • Adjusted redeemer explosion centers up to avoid having floor irregularities block explosion damage.
    • Redeemer weapon now has emissive parts and is larger, easier to see.
  • Flak Cannon
    • Flak shell damage 90->95. Radius 300->330.
    • Increase flak shell initial velocity, increased flak gravity scaling.
    • Increased momentum imparted by flak shards by 20%.
  • Rocket launcher
    • Disabled grenade mode in rocket launcher.
    • Reduced rocket launcher 3 rockets loaded grace period 0.75->0.6 sec.
  • Impact Hammer
    • Removed from free for all deathmatch and FlagRun.
  • Shock Rifle
    • Reduced shock primary momentum imparted: 110000->90000.
  • Translocator
    • Fixed telefragging (now easier/more consistent to pull off, especially when enemy runs over disk).

Armor System

  • Helmet is gone, replace with small +25 armor. No special headshot bonus.
  • Improved armor team coloring and difference between shieldbelt and regular armor overlay.

HUD and Scoreboard

  • New crosshairs for all guns but the redeemer.
  • Weapon bar polish.
  • Can disable team swap request made during game by selecting "switch team" again.
  • Fixed scoreboard positioning/overlap issues with minimap.
  • Reduced flag indicator opacity near crosshair
  • Scale held flag icon on HUD up and down. Keep centered flag picked up icon around longer.
  • Don't show player nameplates through the scoreboard,
  • Move boost and flag icons under crosshair if not showing health/armor in minihud.
  • Overtime status is now shown in non CTF mode HUDs.
  • Fixed showing 16 characters of name on scoreboard.

Player Naming

  • Always allow players to change their name to their Epic account name, even if someone else is using it.
  • Fallback to Epic account name instead of "playerX" if desired name is not available.
  • Force account name for playername if attempt to use illegal characters.
  • Highlight on scoreboard player namess using their unique Epic account name.


  • Scaled up various weapon first person muzzle flashes.
  • Reduced minigun shard trail brightness.
  • Improved blast effect for the rocket launcher
  • Sniper headshots that do not kill a player because of any armor always trigger the special blocked headshot effect and sound.
  • Materials and post process tweaks for characters visibility
  • Improved link pull fail effects
  • Rocket smoke trail is off at low detail, does not change between medium and high detail.
  • Minigun shard trail at all detail levels, reduce number of particles at lower details.
  • Clear decals on round change
  • Tweaked Redeemer static to show the world for a little longer and fixed it snapping off the static before the camera view changes.
  • Make sure redeemer explosion effects are visible to player piloting it.
  • Updated rocket with team colored emissive for better visibility.
  • Moved damage screen flash to draw behind the HUD.
  • No more ragdoll constraints for stinger shards.
  • Removed extra light on the flak cannon muzzle flash
  • Show red screen edge effect while dead at 50% intensity
  • Sniper first person tracer has shorter lifespan.
  • Hooked up new link gun beam to 3p attachment.
  • Adjusted failed link pull effect.
  • Team colored grenade trails.


  • Prioritize "you've got the flag." announcement.
  • Refactored announcement interruption system.
  • Fixed cancelling announcement based on currently playing announcement.

Mod Support

  • Made AreMenusOpen() blueprint callable
  • Added IsSystemMenuOpen() and make it blueprint callable
  • Fixed mesh scale set in weapon blueprint not being applied correctly

Bots and AI

  • Added AI support for team doors.
  • Changed some pathfinding functions to split the requesting Controller and Pawn to better support bots querying paths for somebody other than themselves.
  • Fixed bots getting stuck on the cannon in DM-Cannon
  • Improved bots evaluating pickups, especially super pickups, and fixed prediction of enemy powerup goal using the wrong AI data when the predicted enemy is also a bot.
  • Don't try to notify AI of sounds made by unpossessed Pawns.
  • Cut down on bot taunting.
  • Fixed bad bot message tags.
  • Fixed hunting bots trying to intercept the enemy at the bottom of a jump pad and getting stuck.


  • Updated to use Unreal Engine 4.14, with many improvements and new features from 4.13 and 4.14.
  • Fixed various crashes seen on public build.

Warm up and Pre-Match

  • Replaced "you are on deck" with "match is starting" when warm up ends.
  • Fixed powerup timers during warm up.
  • Switch back to startspot view when match is starting.
  • Change viewed start on team change if using team starts.
  • Fixed player state after leaving warm up and changing teams.
  • Kill the character as well if player leaves warm up while guiding a redeemer.


  • Removed some maps from default rulesets (still available in custom matches): DM-MorbiasTest, DM-RGB, DM-Overlord, CTF-CrashSite, and CTF-Mine.
  • Made Underland a default DM quickmatch map.
  • CTF quickmatch uses new matchmaking system for creating/destroying instances
  • Quickmatch through matchmaking disallows team switching because too much piping is required to organize it with the beacon right now.
  • Quick match should get initial team assignment from beacon.


  • Handle firing RPC replication reliability in game code rather than using reliable functions. Keeps from having really delayed shots (although some may be skipped entirely if bad PL), and improves weapon firing behavior with high packet loss.
  • Improved prioritization of resending dodge/slide/shoot/jump as important moves. Reduces likelihood of losing this move/ getting corrected with high packet loss.
  • Added client->server communication for link pull to increase success rate in laggy conditions.
  • Slightly longer lifespan for client-side fake projectiles to improve synching with larger ping variance.
  • Fixed taunt speed client/server mismatch.
  • Fix for rare issue where client weapon selection gets out of sync with server
  • Fixed rare carried flag positioning replication issue.
  • Weapon stay pickup status is now replicated for the owning client so it's no longer possible to locally trigger a weapon pickup without actually getting it


  • Fixed Showdown "Number of Combatants" UI option not working.
  • Don't start with 25 armor in Showdown.
  • Disable all HUD actor overlays when in Showdown spawn selection.
  • Replace "you are on deck" with "select your spawn" in showdown spawn selection.


  • Changed enforcer fire sound.
  • Added player spawn sound.
  • Fixed the sound of the shot that killed you not being amplified for the victim.
  • Added held flag ambient sound.
  • Adjusted pain sounds used and their volume.
  • Rocket loading sounds follow player locally.
  • Increased range and volume of occluded footstep sounds.
  • Increased volume of various weapon firing sounds
  • Increased Bio Rifle blob plop sound volume.
  • New shock rifle primary fire and reload sounds.
  • Added warning sound after the third rocket load.
  • Added link pull failed and succeeded sounds.
  • Reduced max concurrent number of projectile flight sounds to keep from using all available sound channels.

Intermissions and End of Match

  • Don't increment powerup stats during intermissions or match ended.
  • Fixed placing dead players around flag at end of match.
  • Fixed timed powerup sounds playing during intermission.
  • Fixed unwanted announcements during intermissions.
  • Improved disabling of characters during intermission.
  • Turn off respawned players at end of match.


  • New player onboarding work in progress. Bring new players straight into movement tutorial.
  • Improved identification of community maps and WIP maps in match creation and map vote screens.
  • Show marketplace maps you don’t have entitlement for, and send you to the marketplace if you try to start a match with it.
  • Disabled full-screen movies for now to fix threading crashes.
  • Login dialog updated, shows status and is modal during connection.
  • Changed UI references to "quickmatch" to "quickplay"
  • Switched order of 'main menu" and "exit game" in quit menu.
  • Can no longer double bind same key in primary and secondary binding boxes of an action.
  • “Show menu” no longer bindable, always on ESC.
  • Pressing ESC while setting a key aborts it
  • Warn if user tries to leave bindings menu with anything unbound.

Misc. Gameplay

  • CTF respawn wait time reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.
  • If autoswitch weapons, auto-switch after current weapon stops firing if run over better weapon while firing.
  • Can suicide while flying guided redeemer.
  • Death cam focuses on killer.
  • All projectiles provide momentum to dead bodies.
  • Don't allow weapon switches if bDisallowWeaponFiring is true.
  • Fixed dodge on gamepad.
  • Reduced lifespan of really fast projectiles.
  • Disabled bCanBeDamaged on a few decos so projectiles will bounce off them rather than being absorbed.

Custom Content Support

  • Can now add a custom map to the default map vote selection of a standalone dedicated server
    • Add the maps in the UserMapRotation array that get's combined with the MapRotation values.
    • +UserMapRotation=PathToYourMap in the appropriate game mode section of your Game.ini.
  • Fixed Custom Content being checked against the wrong NetworkVersion Number.
  • Unified the download content path.
  • Fixed User declines CC download from dedicated server, download prompt occurs but doesn’t start, user must cancel.
  • Fixed Custom Content Warning message will appear even if you already have all the content.


  • Fixed chat messages on console.
  • Fixed showing full UTEngineMessages on console.
  • Show team and local message types prefixes.
  • Fixed wrong destination tags on some chat messages.


  • Fixed visual issues first person spectating the link gun when the user rapidly switches between modes.
  • Fixed showing weapon bar for spectators.

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