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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 2/01/2016

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine version 4.11. This includes the engine changes in version 4.9, 4.10, and 4.11.
  • DM-Sand is a new playable Deathmatch shell.
  • Increased character scale by 15%.
  • Improvements and polish for Showdown and Team Showdown.
  • Weapon balance tweaks.
  • Improved and streamlined pre-match intro and post-match summary.
  • Improved skill ranking calculation and display.
  • Fixed various networking issues, including double shock core shooting crash.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to spectating and replay viewing.


  • DM-Sand is a new playable Deathmatch shell.
  • CTF-TitanPass
    • Reduced post process in blue base by about 75%.
    • Re-lit blue base with lights instead of post process to compensate and improve player visibility.
    • Fixed several bugs with holes in the world.
    • Significantly reduced overall actor count as perf optimization.
    • Added some textures to skybox assets so they don't look quite so temp.
  • CTF-Plaza
    • Swapped sniper with mini.
    • Tweaks and bug fixes.
  • DM-Tuba
    • Swapped redeemer lift with jumppad.
  • CTF-Quick
    • Layout tweaks.
  • DM-DeckTest
    • Fixed slime post process overlapping flak platform.
  • CTF-Dam
    • Fixed translocator disk collision.
  • DM-Lea
    • Desaturated ambient cubemap and lighting per Neil's request.


  • Slightly increased rocket splash radius.
  • Slightly reduced rocket projectile overlap radius.
  • Slightly increased sniper fire interval.
  • Slightly decreased sniper damage.
  • Changed sniper max ammo limit.
  • Fixed direct hit of flak shell doing double damage.
  • Tweaks to flak shard overlap radius and flak cannon spread.
  • Reduced Flak center shard max bonus but increased its effective range.
  • Increased link pull refire time to 0.7 seconds, and increased link pull ammo cost.
  • Reduced link pull strength.
  • No damage from link beam while in link pull recovery.
  • Decreased minigun default and max ammo.
  • Fixed rocket launcher not firing the correct number of rockets if the user presses a weapon switch key while in the middle of the burst fire sequence.
  • Translocator now has fast first translocation (so can do one short hop).

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Reduced default HUD scale.
  • Play stinger when kill enemy and show skull icon.
  • Show centered flag icon when pick up flag. Removed "enemy has flag" status.
  • Selected weapon icon is always colored.
  • Use translucent weapon icons rather than outlines for non-selected weapons on weapon bar.
  • Ammo bars on weapon bar are always full opacity.
  • Reduced max scale in of icon kill messages.
  • HUD graphics tweaks.
  • Fixed weapon stats page layout.
  • Added a context menu to the scoreboard.
  • Tweaked font sizes for CTF game messages.
  • Fix for timers showing hours unnecessarily.
  • Highlight your name if you show up in the team stats.
  • Fixed empty "leads!" in CTF timer messages.
  • Changed speedhack message.
  • Tweaked some crosshair sizes.
  • Don't display (wrongly attributed) death messages on client which does not yet have PlayerState replicated.
  • Support per gametype custom scoreboard goal score strings without overriding scoreboard functionality.


  • Fixed some bots not getting the correct character set.
  • Fixed bots not correctly finishing routes to certain objects like dropped pickups.
  • Fixed bots unsuccessfully spamming translocator fire when disk is disrupted.
  • Improved bots using jump boots to reach ledges from points close underneath.
  • Fixed bots sometimes getting stuck on teleporters.

Enhanced Spectating System

  • Adjusted player name position on spectator slideout.
  • Fixed spectator slide out weapon stats display.
  • Limit view pitch for spectators in first person.
  • Improvements to rotation and position smoothing for first person spectating.
  • Fixed first person spectator camera staying too low after viewed player slides.
  • Fixed showing non-respawning pickups on spectator slide out.
  • Fixed spectator slideout crash with too many cameras.
  • Removed obsolete spectator message "Press [ENTER] to view camera binds."
  • Fixed spectator camera rotation control.
  • Fixed "team led by" spectator message at end of team matches.
  • When spectating, pressing either mouse button will toggle between spectator and menu mode allowing you to easily look around or pick menus.
  • Fixed selecting players to view as spectator in DM.


  • Fixed seeing current viewtarget’s beacon in replay in first person.
  • Fix multikill replay bar messages not stopping at monster kill.
  • Don't show unwanted messages during demo playback.
  • Fixed youtube dialog not going away if first time sign in.
  • Only show personal messages when viewing a replay if view target is the target of the message.
  • Fixed user being unable to return to the Main Menu while watching a replay.


  • Increased character scale by 15%.
  • Tweaked direction change speed by slightly reducing ground friction.


  • Fixed double shock core shooting crash.
  • Fixed character movement smoothing in net games.
  • Fixed client adjustments which changed movement mode from falling not clearing falling state flags.
  • Fixed translocator networking bugs.
  • Fixed playing landed effect for other players in net games.
  • Fixed broken flag rotation on clients in some cases.
  • Fixed taunts not working on reconnect.


  • Made StopFarthestThenOldest the default resolution rule for too many concurrent identical sounds playing, instead of PreventNew.
  • Added foley sound when your character is sliding along a wall.
  • Added Skaarj effort sounds and set up skaarj male character type for audio.
  • Updated Sniper Audio with more reverb.
  • Pre and Post match musical stingers now duck out level music so they don't stomp one another.
  • Make sure no footstep sounds played while crouched.
  • Turn off character's ambient sound when unpossessed or at round intermission.

Custom Content and Mod Support

  • Redirected package checksums on the server are now determined automatically if possible.
  • On client, older mod versions should be successfully replaced when autodownloading a different version provided the pak file name doesn't change.
  • Fixed users being returned to the HUB menu if map transition occurs within match while user is still downloading the map redirect.
  • Hooked up Blueprint match state change notify.
  • Fixed alignment of tutorial weapon with panini shaders.
  • UTLocalMessage functions should be blueprint callable.
  • Most UTLocalMessage functions are pure, RattleSN4K3 suggestion.
  • Added name and author info to Marketplace Cosmetics.

Social Features

  • Updated to new version of social systems (friends, chat, etc.).
  • Added in game notification if someone sends you a message from the social menu.
  • Chat now does not minimize in overlay making it easier to read.
  • To prevent joining private instances through social menu, no longer allow presence invites/joins to private matches (hack until can fix correctly).


  • Added skip option to tutorial intros.
  • Added a panel that allows us to use UMG in our slate based UI.
  • Moved Sid's tutorial page to use the new system and removed all of the hacks that used to be needed.
  • Only record best time for picking up all tokens.
  • Misc. tutorial fixes.

Pre Match Intro

  • Improved ready up system. Accept ready up by only 60% of players after 1 minute of waiting.
  • Faster pre-match intro.
  • Reduced countdown time for all gametypes (since have pre match intro).
  • Don't show inactive players in pre match intro, and don't show inactive players with no score at end of match.
  • Intro music not controlled by music volume (always want it to play).

Post Match Summary

  • View whole winning, team, not all individuals, with top highlight shown for each of top five players on the team.
  • Sort and position post match summary view players by score.
  • Don't show any individual winner summaries.
  • Character summary screen fixes and polish.
  • Track total damage done, added total kills and total damage highlights.
  • Fixed the Summary pausing the game thus breaking the state progression.
  • When you open the menu after closing the summary, don't auto-open the summary again and don’t load everything (causing a hitch) until it's needed.
  • Fixed handling of match highlights ties.

Characters and Animation

  • Tweaks to character material function to make characters slightly brighter and more colorful at distance, and kick in rim shader at slightly closer range.
  • Purpose built team shaders for all Thundercrash, Necris male, and all alt skins.
  • First pass turn in place animation system (rifle only currently).
  • First person taunt support (WIP progress, only with certain weapons).
  • Added first pass 3rd person weapon switch anims and hookups.


  • New Showdown individual scoring system. score for damage done, 100 pts for kill, -100 for death, +100 at start of each round.
  • Showdown respects UTTeamPlayerStart team assignment for spawn selection.
  • If available, use UTGenericObjectivePoint for Showdown overcharge powerup locations.
  • Showdown time remaining messages now indicate the team that will win if time runs out.
  • Fixed teamkills in Showdown affecting team score incorrectly.
  • Don't allow switching to dead players when spectating Team Showdown since they're not coming back until next round
  • Team Showdown players drop ammo boxes on death containing all ammo not associated with a dropped weapon.
  • Improved icon selection on showdown minimap.
  • Added sounds for showdown spawn selection.
  • Improved playerlist and timer display for showdown spawn selection.
  • Added backdrop to minimap text.
  • Added announcements for showdown when down to last player on either team.
  • Special announcement for final round in showdown.
  • Added some showdown reward messages.
  • Don't show "press fire to respawn" message in showdown.
  • Updated armor icons for minimap and spectator slideout timers.
  • Track damage done per round and display in scoreboard between rounds.
  • Persist kill messages in showdown.
  • Use scoreboard for showing showdown health/armor status.
  • Added stingers for all team showdown kills.
  • Added pips to team showdown HUD showing how many players are alive on each team.
  • Spectator slideout works (with limited functionality) for showdown dead players.
  • Don't draw most HUD widgets during match intermission.
  • Adjusted playerstart preview position on showdown spawn selection screen.
  • Move player's spectator position to currently selected spawn point in Showdown.
  • Fixed spectator binds not working when dead in Showdown
  • Fixed weapon firing and powerup sounds after Showdown round ends
  • Fixed overcharge powerup reducing player health > 200 to be 200
  • No countdown for showdown, since go to spawn selection map.
  • Reset first blood message between team showdown rounds.

Capture the Flag

  • Adjusted CTF flag offset so that collision capsule overlaps all of the cloth part of the flag.
  • Flag does not inherit velocity of player when dropped by translocating.
  • Fixed CTF handling of timelimit=0.
  • Fixed cap not being immediately awarded if friendly carrier is standing on base when the flag comes back
  • Added hit effect when hit translocator after image to clearly indicate that damage was done.
  • Flag pickup sound is louder.
  • Don't auto switch from scoring summary at CTF half-time.
  • Never go into advantage time at end of second half (go straight into if game is tiedovertime, otherwise end).
  • Possible fix for very rare case of flag state getting messed up when multiple players are against the flag when it gets dropped.
  • Unified implementation for how intermissions work. CTF halftime is now a type of intermission used by round based games.
  • Round based CTF WIP.
  • Fixed edge case where player touches flag collision through world geometry and doesn't pick it up if the player gets away from the world geometry without leaving the flag's collision.
  • Adjusted held flag position.

Effects and Rendering

  • Updated Berserk material.
  • Tweaked bio death effect/ momentum imparted (no forced Z).
  • Fixed instant hit tracers that start behind the local player not being consistently rendered.
  • Tonemapper quality increase to be in line with 4.11 version of the cvar.
  • Enable vignette intensity for tonemapper in high and epic.
  • Translocation warp streak is more visible.
  • Rocket explosion shockwave indicates radius.
  • Rocket grenade explosion now uses same effect to better indicate range.
  • Fixed helmet hit effect offset.

XP and Offline Challenges

  • Moved challenge progression out of the profile so it is not cleared if settings are reset to defaults.
  • Started moving profile items from old hacky stats system to new profile/inventory system
  • Update player’s challenge star count immediately at end of challenge match.
  • Fixed player card to show more accurate XP numbers for the local player
  • Fixed XP display on profile viewed from scoreboard
  • Fixed Challenge menu tabs not showing the correct number of stars earned.


  • Team showdown is now a quickplay option and highlighted on the main menu.
  • Say and TeamSay now bring up the full in-game chat system
  • Added a special menu for quickly picking, quit game, return to hub, or main menu.
  • Added skip GPU buffering option in graphics menu - reduces input latency at some cost to average frame rate.
  • Don't return to the main menu just because the password dialog is cancelled.
  • Added Challenges to the drop down menu under play.
  • Slate style rework.
  • Menu bar rework.
  • Added Minimize/Fullscreen/Windowed buttons.
  • Changed navigation (back is now pretty much back always).
  • Fixed the login dialog.
  • Removed the create game button from the challenge menu.
  • Fixed the various displays when the challenge list is empty.
  • Fixed the filter tabs highlighting.
  • Don't show the CHANGE TEAM button during the player intros.
  • Fixed credits panel not using SUTWebBrowserPanel
  • Set mouse lock to viewport in UI and Game+UI input modes, still not 100%, but requires two off window clicks to break it.
  • Added idle animation to player preview in settings menu.
  • Relit player preview environment using Per's lighting rig from website.
  • Fixed duplicate link gun entry in the menus.
  • Added a sign-out button to your player card.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when you sign out.
  • Fixed crash when selecting the back button on a chromium page.
  • Fixed crosshair changes not being applied until the game restarts.
  • Fixed multiple menu bar buttons can remain highlighted after button click is released.
  • Fixed case where HUD settings changes weren’t being saved.
  • Fixed Join-in-progress players and spectators being shown as "Not Ready" on the map vote screen.
  • Fixed mid-game menu getting stuck on screen if up during transition.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Pulled in and improved death cam.
  • Added new mutator: "Let's Bounce" ( players spawn with jump boots).
  • Track AppliedDamage when UTCharacter is damaged, not just resulting Damage (AppliedDamage is total before inventory like armor reduces the final result).
  • Add slight randomness to playerstart selection in case of multiple starts with no enemy player considerations.
  • Fixed not getting pickup announcement for inventory if already fully stacked with it.
  • Fixed proximity door lock icon not hiding correctly on join in progress;
  • Fixed armor pickups using powerup base.
  • Health now has 20 second respawn
  • Health pickup size and collision tweaks.
  • Health pickups now rotate.
  • Added bob movement to health vials.
  • Fixed starting in behind view in certain situations in standalone/PIE games.
  • Added property to UTGenericObjectivePoint to allow LDs to hint at best usage.

Server Browser

  • Server browser UI polish, new icons.
  • Fixed spectate/join buttons disappearing from server browser in some cases.
  • Fixed Spectate/Abort/Join buttons not disabling once enabled.
  • Moved Connect via IP to the server browser.
  • Changed the browser lists sort to stablesort to cut down on jumping
  • No longer show “invited” on the badge after being invited and banned from a private match.
  • Fixed size of hub server text in the browser, and alignment of the badge.
  • Fixed match list updating when viewing the hub browser while connected to a hub.
  • Fixed selecting spectate on a server that has it disabled will cause you to join as a player.
  • Fixed updating hub status when reselect it in hub browser.
  • Fixed issues with setting up passwords for hubs preventing spectating with instances.
  • Fixed match info box remaining visible over the loading screen after double clicking a badge to join an instance.
  • Fixed Match badge info cannot be displayed after failing to join a match.
  • Fixed only 1 LAN server visible in the server browser when multiple are present.

Match Creation

  • Added competitive CTF ruleset (8-10 players, require ready, no join in progress, no mercy rule, no bots). Removed CTT rulesets.
  • Re-ordered game categories in match creation UI.
  • Made Create a Game go to Create a Game.
  • Fixed mutator configuration window remaining visible when the game settings menu is closed.
  • Auto generate ruleset descriptions for match creation.
  • Fixed a case where you could start a match even though the game was telling you you needed players.
  • Valid rulesets need to clamp the optimal player counts by their max players setting.
  • Added Mercy Rules as an option for custom match set up.
  • Fixed "OK" button being unclickable after configuring a mutator.
  • Force respawn is no longer an URL option.
  • Clear saved team choice from a hub when returning to the main menu so it doesn't pollute later games.

Skill Ranking

  • No longer calculate average rank - use best game specific rank instead.
  • Replicate whether Elo is valid (enough matches) for each Elo type.
  • Added showdown ELO support.
  • Scoreboard shows Elo for gametype being played currently instead of old average rank.
  • Fixed rank locking beginner hubs and ranked lock matches in all cases.
  • Playercard ranking display improvements.
  • Tweaked Elo adjustment vs bots.
  • New ranking badges
  • Show XP level on ranking badge with stars (one star for each 10 levels of XP)
  • Don't consider players who join late for Elo calculations.
  • Fixed messages when failed to join match due to skill differential.


  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine version 4.11. This includes the engine changes in version 4.9, 4.10, and 4.11.
  • Added an event path that detects when the MCP kills a session behind the scenes (for whatever reason) and attempts to have the server restart a new session at the earliest possible point.
  • Strip password from the log if entered via commandline.
  • Strip password when uploading to crash reporter.

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