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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 2/29/2016

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Significant performance improvement for medium and high end systems.
  • Bug fixes and stability focus.
  • New Bighead mutator.
  • Elo and ranking system overhaul, with beginner badges.
  • Weapon balance and movement tweaks.
  • Bot AI improvements.


  • CTF-Pistola
    • Nuked blue emissive planet of death from skybox; skylight uses cube instead of overbright skymat.
  • DM-Focus
    • Tweaked sniper health alcove.
  • CTF-TitanPass
    • Various bug fixes in Titan Pass for visibility and spawning.
  • CTF-Face
    • Fixed translocator collision around tower entrances.
    • Fixed simplified collision on various meshes.
  • Bug fix pass through all maps to address effects of player scale change.


  • Slightly decreased minigun shard damage and momentum imparted.
  • Slightly increased minigun primary spread.
  • Improved head hit detection for hitscan weapons.
  • No special case for udamage headshots - Helmet can now block, since damage that can be doubled is still done.
  • If a translocator disk lands on a lift moving upwards it is now properly attached to the lift instead of being destroyed for encroachment
  • Fixed translocator disk trajectory by increasing max speed.
  • Slightly slower rocket.
  • Slightly slower Flak shard.
  • Slightly wider Flak shard initial spread.
  • Reduced flak shell speed (and therefore range).
  • Reduced Flak shell damage radius.
  • Slower Flak cannon firing rate.
  • Reduced center shard close range bonus.
  • Reduced Flak shard damage after bounce and increased randomness of bounce.
  • Decreased main Flak shard overlap sphere on bounce.
  • Link pull does some damage.
  • Don't allow link primary fire until after link pull has cooled down.


  • Increased first person footstep/bob speed.
  • Slightly increased air control.
  • Increased dodge speed.
  • Increased walking braking, and decreased ground friction.
  • Decreased wall run gravity (slightly longer wall runs).
  • Reduced acceleration while floor sliding.
  • Slightly increased floor slide duration.
  • Increased max floor slide speed (now separate from sprint speed).
  • Reduced character capsule radius.


  • Damage indicator direction now indicates actual direction shot came from, rather than angle to the hit location on the capsule.
  • Damage Indicators last longer for large amounts of damage.
  • Fixed red flash on screen edges when hit.
  • Fixed crosshair positioning, added OffsetAdjust property to UTCrosshair to allow tweaking individual crosshair positioning.
  • Redesigned HUD Settings menu to have 3 tabbed sections (General, Weapon Bar, and Notifications).
  • Added settings to disable kill skull icon and/or kill stinger.
  • Added Damage Type Icon to centered death messages
  • Fixed HUD weapon bar settings not applying immediately when adjusting with the HUD settings menu.
  • Fix Weapon Bar scaling to remain centered on screen
  • Separate hud widget scaling from hud message scaling.
  • Keep "you are on team" message up longer.
  • Made HUD flag taken status indicator bigger with yellow player.
  • Fixed weapon colorize HUD option.
  • Made weapon ammo bars on bigger and more clearly colored based on amount of ammo left.


  • Possible fix for name not updating on scoreboard right away on name change
  • Don't let pre-match timer go below 0.
  • Fixed scoreboard kills header.
  • Ready system clean up.


  • Improved bot aim error calculation, with bot now interpolating enemy velocity changes.
  • Reset aim offset error after enemy large direction change.
  • Improved high skill bots strafing evasively when moving and not directly engaging in combat.
  • Experiment with having low skill bots stop and look around when they pick a new path in a different direction.
  • Fixed bots not aiming at feet with splash damage.
  • Reduced bot link pull frequency.
  • Changed bot speech config option to be 3 settings: all voice/text, status text only, none - allows disabling taunts while still allowing bots to tell players about powerup respawn timings.
  • Fixed bot meshes floating slightly in standalone.
  • Fixed bot logspam when a guided Redeemer they are targeting blows up.

Enhanced Spectating System

  • Fixed spectator slide out stats not updating when selected player changes.
  • Don't show powerup list selector on spectator slide out if no powerups.

Player Card

  • Support for showing character holding favorite weapon in playercard - currently only works for bots.
  • Fixed total challenge stars not showing up on player card correctly in SP
  • Removed "skulls collected" from player card (from halloween event).
  • Display Player Card Unavailable in the menu when you can't load the player card.
  • Added additional text to the player card to represent that your rating is provisional when you are a beginner.


  • Made shock combo hit notify be reliable to improve success rate in lossy network environments.
  • Limited max adjustment of combo location to max distance projectile could possibly travel within max allowed prediction ping time.
  • Added Network HUD widget, showing ping, bandwidth, and packet loss stats. Displayed using console command ‘netstats’.
  • Fixed cases where fake translocator disk might stick around in netplay.
  • Fixed movement events not replicated if same event occurs at the same location twice.
  • Fixed landed sounds for other players not playing on clients.
  • Possible fix for rare flag replication issue.
  • Fixed server crash.
  • Hooked up /DumpGame to the stats port to allow improved server monitoring.
  • Added a stub for dumpsession for the stats port.


  • Updated Sniper Rifle and Flak Cannon reload sounds.
  • Link beam sound changes when damageable target is hit.
  • Fixed amplifying pain sounds caused by local player for better hit feedback.
  • Amplify own weapon impact sounds.
  • Reduced "sliding along wall" sound volume.
  • Reduced default music volume.
  • Moved Match Intro Stinger to Announcer group.
  • Footsteps can now key off physical materials.
  • Limit number of simultaneous redeemer raise and lower sounds.
  • Increased rocket explosion sound radius.
  • Updated wall slide sound for better looping.
  • Moved Kill stinger from UI to Announcer sound category.
  • Lowered volume of Impact Hammer switching audio.
  • Added footstep notifies to idle to run transitions.
  • Made sure all character audio files were in SFX instead of Character Group.
  • Fixed out of range audio playing delayed.
  • Fixed link beam not causing pain sound.
  • Made default sound concurrency handling "stop quietist".
  • Updated attenuation settings on a few sounds.


  • Added a quickchat window and UTChatBar widget for quickly managing chat.
  • All chat spaces now reference a single widget that is passed around (means your chat is persistent).
  • Fixed a number of instances where the player controller would blow out focus .
  • Added a "first focus" mechanism so that we can toss focus to the proper widget when we want to.
  • Added the ability to directly route chat to a single player.
  • Updated the UTChatMessage to clean up the [] issues and handle directly.


  • Don't let new players spawn in during an intermission.
  • Increased Showdown powerup duration from 15s to 20s.
  • Overcharge powerup through-walls effect properly goes away when the pickup is respawned and in view.
  • Track kills per round.
  • Annihilation reward for player that kills all enemy team in a round of team showdown.
  • Fixed bad view location for winning player(s) in Showdown.
  • Added experimental Team Showdown option to give players the nearest weapon on spawn.
  • Fixed weapon still stuck firing at the end of a Showdown round in some cases.
  • Team Showdown in dedicated servers has default player count limit of 8.

Elo and Ranking

  • Elo now stored on the backend instead of in cloud files.
  • Calculated individual MMR and team Elo Individual elo > mmr in backend technology. * Moved rank badge code to playerstate/gamemode..
  • Fixed rank display in TDM and duel scoreboards.
  • Rank should now be properly checked when joining a match/instance directly from the browser.
  • Fixed rank badges and remote player info.
  • Fixed prelogin to use RankCheck and reject out of range players.
  • Added a RankCheck which is a flat version of the Badge index and the stats level. This will be used for all checks.
  • Max Rank is based on the host, not the average of everyone in the match to stop rank creep
  • When attempting to connect to a server, look up the game type you are trying to connect to and if possible pass the proper RankCheck
  • Updating the server-side receive rank functions to support beginners.
  • Replicate updated elo back to client at end of match, used for match highlights.

Effects and Rendering

  • Slightly adjusted visibility on sniper trail.
  • Fixed alignment of CTF flag effects.
  • Tweaked character rim/distance shader to improve character visibility.
  • Created team colored versions of Green Unreal Helmet that swaps depending on team assignment.
  • Tweaked particle counts and bounds for respawn/despawn flag particle effects.


  • Make sure temp UI worlds are always cleaned up when UI is closed - fixes big performance regression
  • Preload custom crosshairs at game start to minimize loads during gameplay
  • Never choose Epic settings in auto-detect.
  • Lower Screen Percentage on Low/Mid end hardware that has a high resolution ( > 1080p).
  • Suppressed more engine log message categories.
  • DX12 implementation in progress, still has issues.
  • Disable auto detect settings when in game, since game rendering affects results.


  • Stats viewer lists recent players and friends in the drop down again.
  • Removed LAN game button since need different binaries for server now.
  • Fixed comboboxes not releasing mouse capture when they should
  • Only force the UI to repop up the map vote dialog if the player hasn't voted yet.
  • Fixed the menus not regaining focus after a dialog closes, so you shouldn't have to click somewhere before you can press ESC again.
  • Switched to using the slate mouse position to fix mouse clicks being in the wrong place.
  • Fixed the mouse not getting recaptured when going into interactive mode.
  • Fixed the ugly focus brush showing up on some of the menus.
  • Removing bar flicker in Player Settings menu when you change the FOV.
  • Fixed Portugal country flag colors, and added new flags. Thanks _Lynx
  • Fixed challenges showing up in completed tab when not logged in.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Added Bighead mutator.
  • Don't allow weapon throwing in tutorials.
  • Let's Bounce mutator now replaces jump boot pickups in the level with bounce boots.
  • Added spread cheat command for tweaking weapon spreads.
  • Camera doesn't go into KillZ volumes, below KillZ, or into NoCamera volumes.
  • Improved team balancing using player Elos, and current team score for join in progress.
  • Fixed helmet not blocking headshot bonus damage. (Still does normal damage).
  • Fixed crash in CTF end game.
  • Show correct fractional KDR in match highlights.
  • Removed local xp.
  • Real fix for XP issue when player rejoins a server.
  • Added new "Select Translocator" keybind to just switch to translocator instead of toggle it.

Hubs and Server Browser

  • Fixed the Hub browser not showing players in instances in their player counts.
  • Show a lock icon on the match # if it's locked.
  • Put a maximum character count on the server filter.
  • Fixed the join button not disabling on the match panel if you can't join the match due to rank locking.
  • Fixed hubs in the server browser not getting updated map information from hubs.
  • Added a 30 second auto-refresh to the currently selected hub/server in the browser.
  • Fixed Rank badges in the hub.
  • Fixed returning to a hub sometimes throwing you back into the match.
  • Always display if a match is a beginner match or rank locked
  • Fixed spectators not being able to join beginner and rank locked matches if they were out of rank.
  • Fixed rank not showing up right on the player list.
  • In the match browser, the Rank shown in the max rank allowed in the match now.
  • Added a server's RankCheck to the online settings.
  • Adjusted the ServerInstanceData so that we have access to the game mode class and RankCheck where we need it.
  • Delayed the auto-join functions until after rank is received.
  • Changed LobbyMatchInfo::UpdateRank to use the instance generated AverageElo when the match is in progress.
  • Wait longer before starting quickmatches to allow them to fill up.
  • Added TimeLimit, GoalScore and AverageElo to the FMatchUpdate.
  • Added more match info to the general server ping.
  • Bans are now passed to the instance so that you can't backdoor your way in.
  • Fixed a case where the match panel was showing a match was locked but it wasn't.


  • Improved Shock Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Flak Cannon fire and reload animations.
  • Limited when a hit reaction can start if you are already in a hit react animation. Must be 80% of the way through the current hit anim to be allowed to trigger another hit.
  • Added new aimoffset poses for dual enforcers that support turn in place.
  • Merged stop transition and change direction transition into one state with a blend by bool.
  • Improved state machine rules during rapid directional changes to keep transition states from half way triggering.
  • Added turn on IK notify to sniper fire montage.
  • Added new bool if sniper fire animation is playing to force out of sliding state when firing.
  • Blending improvements for stop and change direction transitions.
  • More direction change blending improvements..
  • New lean system implemented. Now when beginning to start movement from idle, rather than go right to start transitions the character will lean up to 35 units and then begin to run after 35 units.
  • Use leans in conjunction with ADADAD setup to help smooth out rapid movement look.

Custom Content and Mod Support

  • Paks that are put into the main content directory now get MD5s added to the list so redirects are applied properly.
  • Specify an empty checksum in the redirects list to have it determined automatically (eventually this will be the default all the time but work needs to be done to make sure it doesn't impact instance startup time)
  • Made DefaultBaseEyeHeight editable.
  • Exposed AUTInventory functions GetHUDText() and HUDShouldRender() to blueprints (merged Pull Request 216).
  • Call blueprint OnJumped() event when UTCharacter jumps.
  • Removed 'editfixedsize' from firing states array.

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