Version Notes 2016 3 09

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 3/9/2016

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Full visual pass on DM-Chill.


  • Full visual pass on DM-Chill.


  • Fixed weapons firing through wall in certain cases.
  • Fixed failed link pulse sometimes pointing to 0,0,0.


  • Reduced size and length of victim message, and remove it when player respawns.


  • Moved shock combo visuals to the physics vortex which is now a replicated actor so that the combo appears more reliably when the client has high ping and the shock ball is close to walls.
  • Fixed HTTP Progress delegates being called at too late a stage.
  • Workaround for servers that know that they can't report results to get rid of log spam.


  • Updated Flak audio, with better timings on shot to match new fire interval.
  • Separated flak primary fire from shell fire from reload, so each is a separate sound.
  • Flak has 2 different reload audio files (primary and alt).
  • Fixed non-visible bots not playing footstep sounds.
  • Don't play water sounds for non bWaterVolume pain volumes.


  • Added hit react anims for enforcer and dual enforcer
  • Re-exported imported rifle hit reacts to get rid of the strange arm posing that shouldn't be there.


  • RequestExit force is probably a bad idea for non-fatal errors, could be causing linux issues.

Effects and Rendering

  • Sharpening is turned on only if temporal AA is used.
  • Workaround for shield belt material not showing up sometimes.


  • Renamed Team Showdown to Showdown, Showdown to Duel Showdown.
  • Fixed weapon priority settings not being utilized on a baked build until you opened the Weapon Priority Settings window and clicked "Ok" each time you launched the client.
  • Fixed the end of match XP bar to always show any unlocks you received.
  • Fixed K/D ratio not showing fractional value in highlights.
  • Make sure to close quick chat on server travel.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed teleport issues where players could get stuck in walls or fall through geometry.
  • FFA uses both Chill and Outpost23 for quickplay.
  • Reduced default DM max count to 8.
  • Fixed no camera volumes

Hubs and Server Browser

  • Only rank check non-spectators when they join a match
  • Display a warning when a beginner creates a match that becomes auto-locked because they are a beginner.
  • Fixed the Join buttons not respecting the player counts in a match.

Custom Content and Mod Support

  • Avoid possibility of duplicate redirect entries being sent to clients for the same pak file.
  • Partial workaround for engine teleportation bug being triggered by the translocator.

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