Version Notes 2016 3 31

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 3/31/2016

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • New Bio Tower deathmatch map with full visual pass. A fun little arena for some goo craziness.
  • New “quick stats” HUD elements to improve display of critical information.
  • New Bio Launcher weapon converted from blueprint prototype and polished. Optional replacement for the classic Bio Rifle, with bouncing goo canisters and web alt-fire.
  • Movement and Weapons tweaks.


  • DM Bio Tower
    • Fun new visually complete “gimmick” map.
  • DM Chill
    • Visual and collision bug fixes.
  • CTF Facing Worlds
    • Fixed players not being able to translocate up to light structures in base.
  • CTF Titan Pass
    • Fixed hole where TL could fall out of world.
    • Turned off collision on large objects that had duplicate BV collision.
    • Deleted a few objects which had duplicates that were z fighting.
  • CTF Pistola Battlegrounds
    • Visual and collision bug fixes.
  • DM Outpost 23
    • Fixed collision on some static meshes that was causing warnings.
  • DM-Solo
    • Added helmet.
    • Added new shortcut.
  • CTF-Blank
    • Fixed visibility of water.


  • New Bio Launcher weapon converted from blueprint prototype and polished. Optional replacement for the classic Bio Rifle, with bouncing goo canisters and web alt-fire.
  • Removed link/web functionality from classic bio rifle.
  • Reduced overlap radius of all projectiles.
  • Slightly increased shockball radius for being shot (32->33).
  • Slightly reduced shock combo radius (520 -> 500).
  • Reduced Link projectile damage (24->22).
  • Increased initial spread of Flak shards, reduced spread over time.
  • Flak fire interval back to 1 second.
  • Faster max speed for Flak shell, to keep arc from getting flattened.
  • Slightly slowed down Rocket projectile.
  • Reduced rocket burst interval for loaded rockets
  • Fixed weapon switch sync issue.


  • Use flat base for floor checks, so characters move more like cylinders rather than capsules.
  • Reduced ground friction (11.0 -> 10.5).
  • Smarter wall dodging when using standalone dodge button - tries to find a valid wall dodge direction if not currently pressing out from wall.
  • Don't allow pawn to turn when frozen.
  • Fixed jump pad velocity being stored while in feign death.


  • Added quickstats HUD widget (displays critical information near crosshair).
    • Menu options to toggle it, adjust position, or turn off bob.
  • Fixed death message widget not drawing non-death message types.
  • Show number of loaded rockets on RL crosshair.
  • Fixed positioning of kick vote information on scoreboard.
  • Show proper key bind for translocator.
  • Fixed orientation of damage indicators on HUD.
  • Higher res image for directional damage indicator.
  • Misc. pull requests from RattleSN4K3 and Roman-Dzieciol for HUD and menus.
  • HUD settings now stored in profile.
  • Fixed HUD Scale resetting to default value after the game has been closed and reopened.


  • Show outline of your teammate that is flag carrier in CTF to make him easier to track.
  • In world flag/base icons now have off screen indicator.
  • CTF HUD has minimap
  • Added option to disable or scale CTF Minimap to HUD Settings.


  • Fixed for lifts sometimes not updating to correct position on client after stopping.
  • Improved impact hammer auto-hit in net games.


  • Added deathsounds, played when character dies or feigns death.
  • Damagetype can override the playing of death sound or do something else in OverrideDeathSound().
  • Headshot plays a different sound for death.
  • Set physical materials on all material assets so can have surface specific footstep sounds (and potentially other effects).
  • Added character footstep sounds for various surfaces, hooked them into DefaultCharacter.
  • Wall running plays footstep sounds depending on wall physical material.
  • Increased sniper bullet whip volume.
  • Increased volume of shock primary whip.
  • Improved special sound amplification so it doesn't get incorrectly occluded.
  • Fixed audio crash.


  • New Taunt animations.
  • Added new headshot death animation.
  • Changed blending rule in idle state machine to not allow blending to lean state while crouching.
  • Fixed incorrect 3p weapon switch anim when queueing a weapon switch while charging the current weapon.
  • Merged "UT-3132 Taunts do not go to 3rd person when a weapon is not equipped" by roman-dzieciol.


  • Use team colors in FFA by default for better character visibility.. Character Content DMSkinType specifies which skin color to use.
  • Fixed bug that was causing some character heads not to have team shaders
  • Boosted emissive on Necris female/coat to match other player levels.
  • Added team skin for missing Necris character
  • Head Team shaders for Thundercrash and Skaarj teams.
  • Moved characters to lighting channel 1 so we can put character only lights in maps.

Bots and AI

  • Added "TestPaths" cheat that spawns and spectates a bot to run through the special move paths in the level.
  • Fixed some LD-placed wall dodges not working even though they built correctly in editor.
  • Bots that fail certain special move paths get back on track more quickly.
  • Optimization for path building when recast generates polys inside geometry.
  • Fixed rare bot AI crash.


  • Quickmatch bot skill level is determined by rank of player starting the match.
  • Improved waiting for enough players to join match (now wait a little longer to try to get more players in if necessary).
  • Servers fetch MMR from backend instead of relying on client RPC.
  • Make sure to always send logout stats for players at the end of match.
  • Work in progress on party system, ranked matches, and leagues. Not yet enabled.


  • Refresh bookmarks every 30 seconds on live replays.
  • Fixed player card showing all 1's for ranks during a replay.
  • Fixed bug where Replay Spectator shows up on the server list on dedicated servers with replays turned on.
  • Removed personal player stats from player card during replays.
  • Resolved issue where you would show up as "Replay Spectator" when viewing your player card in a Replay. Changed to Account name.


  • Playerstart actor factory now always makes UTPlayerstart.
  • Possible fix for component physics state crash.
  • RecreateClothingActors() no longer does work if bDisableClothSimulation is on (fixes hitch when CTF flag returns).
  • Razor Chroma keyboard support.
  • Team color chroma support for mouse/mousepad/headset.
  • Linux: more robust UserDir/ApplicationSettingsDir() implementation. Fixes frequent warning in UT (users running servers don't seem to have $HOME set, xdg-user-dir is missing as well).
  • Linux: Fixed mismatched new/delete in SCW.

Effects and Rendering

  • Moved up high GPU goalpost to avoid nvidia 660 being marked high when discovering default settings.
  • Tweaks to character materials for visibility, team identification, and visual quality.
  • Softer brightness curve on ambient occlusion.
  • Adjusted brightness, color, fresnel on shield belt overlay to make it more distinct from rim shader.


  • Fixed Portugal flag and added other national flag options.
  • Fixed default country flag is displayed in the Player Card until the Player Settings menu has been opened.
  • Disabled Player Card Button while a pending MCP Data load is occurring. This should fix the issue where the player card has incorrect information.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the chat bar would close the window.
  • FriendSay now works.
  • Display Translocator in weapon settings menu.
  • Made light a bit brighter in Player Preview environment (Character selection screen).
  • Fixed Characters other than Taye always appearing blue in the Player Settings and Player Card.
  • Fixed pressing the DOWN arrow on the keyboard while in mid-game menu results in crash.
  • Fixed users noy receiving an on screen toast notification after collecting all 60 skill tokens in basic training.

Pre-match Intro and Post-match Summary

  • Removed TacCom for match summary mouseover highlight. Made a new "Selected" material overlay (thinner, brighter).
  • Fixed preview worlds scaling based on the Screen Percentage value.
  • Don't show team buttons in non-team games and added quick buttons for red and blue.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Work in progress on new round based CTF/objective variants. In the build, but very early.
  • Support for per-player respawn times.
  • No suicides during intermissions.
  • Fixed Basic Training Skill token and Finish line blueprint animations spinning too fast with unlimited frame cap.
  • Fixed check for player standing on flag when it can be taken.
  • Don't destroy pickups that fall on lifts when we can base on it instead.
  • Added console commands to set gamepad sensitivity.
  • Ignore playerstarts with bIgnoreInNonTeamGame in team games that don't use team starts.
  • Doors now properly close when the last pawn inside the proximity check dies.
  • Fixed head scale being disregarded during weapon switch anim (with Big Head mutator).
  • Removed auto grant weapon option from showdown that didn't work out.

Hubs and Servers

  • Fixed hubs not pulling down MMR
  • Instance to Hub communication now works.
  • Spectators no longer show up on the server browser player list.
  • Fixed the hubs sending the map file name instead of the map name after it creates an instance.
  • Fixed bug that caused all player cards to show Taye character in HUBs.
  • Fixed server browser continuing to refresh the last selected server after it has been closed via successful connect.
  • Fixed having to double click to select player menu options in hub.
  • Fixed bug regarding rejoining servers by IP failing when you change the connection string to modify/remove the "?password=" option.
  • Removed ? options from showing up in the IP UI.
  • Changed cached passwords to be indexed by only the IP and not the IP plus ? options.
  •  ?ServerName="xxxxx" will now set the server name via the command line.

Custom Content and Mod Support

  • Better message than "Package Missing" when missing custom content.
  • Fixed issue preventing redirects from working consistently.
  • Added UUTGameplayStatics::GetFloatOption(). Thanks RattleSN4K3.
  • Fixed plugins causing warnings from RattleSN4K3
  • Exposed UTTeamInfo::GetStatsValue() to blueprints.
  • Made CurrentWallDodgeCount BlueprintReadWrite.
  • Fixed setting UTWeapon.DefaultGroup in blueprint having no effect.
  • Added ModifyDamage() to TransDisk.
  • Merged "Fix crashes due to missing WITH_PROFILE guard" from roman-dzieciol.
  • “Fix crashes due to null UTProfileSettings" from roman-dzieciol.
  • Fixed UUTCheatManager::McpGetVersion() wrapped with WITH_PROFILE. Thanks roman-dzieciol.|}

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