Version Notes 2016 5 12

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 5/12/2016

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Updated to Unreal Engine 4.12, with improved performance and new features.
  • Preliminary party system support.
  • HUD and scoreboard improvements.


  • Chill
    • Collision and visual fixes.
  • Pistola Battlegrounds
    • Collision and visual fixes.
  • Facing Worlds
    • Collision and visual fixes.
  • CTF-BigRock
    • Fixed elevator gap.
    • Lowered ledge in low base near rocket to make it easier to get on top of.
  • DM-BioTower
    • Replaced enforcer with pulse rifle.
    • Removed all the small character only lights and replaced with a single directional (with shadows off).
    • More lighting and material tweaks.
  • DM-Lea
    • Fixed bad playerstarts.
  • DM-Kapow
    • Playerstart and weapon layout updates.


  • Fixed edge case where projectiles can get stuck in air.
  • Bio Launcher starting ammo 10, max ammo 30
  • Redeemer missile takes 35 damage to destroy. Redeemer does full explosion when shot down.


  • Separate slide button bound to Left Shift by default.
  • UI controls option changed from "slide from run" to "Crouch while moving slides", still enabled by default.
  • Fixed broken lift behavior when it encroaches on the last frame of movement before stopping.
  • Fixed lifts getting stuck indefinitely if a flag underneath them fails to return upon being encroached.


  • New “caused damage” indicator around crosshair, with size indicating amount of damage. Crosshair no longer turns red when causing damage.
  • Fixed orientation of received damage indicators on HUD.
  • Updated quickstats HUD widget, with flag and powerup indicators.
  • Improved quickstat armor icon.
  • No powerups widget if quickstats widget is enabled.
  • No team color on team score widget, since confusing.
  • Increased scale of RL locked on indicator.
  • Fixed ShowHUD and cinematic mode can disable UT HUD.
  • Added a Pre-Alpha watermark to the HUD.


  • Show translocator on weapon bar again.
  • Offscreen in-world CTF indicators stay on same side until player has turned 270 degrees.
  • Removed minimap from CTF HUD.
  • Picked up flag icon stays in center of screen for longer.
  • Fixed crash in AUTHUD::DrawMinimapSpectatorIcons().


  • New layout leaving center of screen open.
  • Show minimap in center of screen during gameplay.
  • Removed ScoreFont from HUD to save texture memory.
  • Auto bring up scoreboard after 2 seconds of death.
  • Skip prematch intro when only one player.


  • No pain sounds for hits from teammates.
  • Lock sound for target acquisition by guided redeemer.


  • 1st person taunts must be properly flagged for players to be able to walk while playing them.

Preliminary party system support

  • Friends can now party up in the main menu of the game.
  • Party leaders can bring their friends with them into hubs and dedicated servers.
  • In the future, parties will matchmake together in quickmatch and ranked queues.


  • New announcement display and prioritization system
  • Added ability to emphasize parts of the message in announcement text.
  • Emphasis used in victim messages, countdown messages, team messages, killer messages, and CTF messages.
  • Weapon switches and pickup messages now displayed right under crosshair.
  • Added "you have the flag" announcement.
  • Flag cap denied announcement plays for everyone.

Bots and AI

  • Fixed overcharge powerup not getting linked to navmesh.
  • Made UTGenericObjectivePoint complain in the editor if it's off the navmesh.


  • Updated to Unreal Engine 4.12, with improved performance and new features.
  • Updated to latest social plugin, and updated UT social Style.
  • Razer Chroma support improvements
  • Fixed Crash when launching UT Editor on Mac.

Effects and Rendering

  • New link beam effect.
  • Blood effects use fixed relative bounding box.
  • Added Redeemer screen overlay while flying guided.
  • Static fade on guided redeemer explosion.
  • Changed offset of flag light components.


  • Added DropCarriedObjects key, bound to G by default.
  • Got rid of some shared pointers in slate that were causing leaked references.
  • Removed unexposed input settings from cloud saving.
  • Resolution Change Fix. On a Native Res of 1920x1200 changing the resolution to 1920x1080 Full Screen the resolution will set fine, but then when the game is re-launched the resolution was defaulting back to Native Res (1920x1200).

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed team doors not consistently replicating door state.
  • No damage or deaths during intermissions.
  • Timelimit is no longer config.
  • Don't award points for showdown draw if nobody did anything (prevent unattended xp exploit).
  • Simplified and fixed issues with remaining time calculation.
  • Fixed RoundKills incrementing and made it replicate.
  • Fixed handling all out of lives cases on team switch, including swap.

Hubs and Servers

  • Fixed crash connecting to Hub with overlong MOTD by clamping MOTD size.
  • Fixed multiple entries appearing in server browser from the same instance if it gets restarted.
  • Added support for ?RconPassword=xxxx to URL options.
  • Fixed Hub browser breaking after joining a hub match before refresh is complete.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Server's GUID wouldn't get processed in time and interrupt a join session on the hubs.
  • Instance bans are now persistent, so banned players can’t rejoin after a map change.

Custom Content and Mod Support

  • Exposed some match start properties to UTGameMode blueprints.
  • Added Blueprint access to the Replicated Map Infos.
  • Exposed UTCharacter properties bSpawnProtectionEligible and TauntCount to blueprints.
  • Tweaked GetAllBlueprintAssetData() to better support plugins.
  • Made UTWeapon::PlayImpactEffects() blueprintable.
  • Added flag that can be set to indicate recharging ammo on weapons; disables certain behavior like auto switch on out of ammo.

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